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In the world of golf, golf clubs and golf balls are considered to be the most important equipment to have great performance in the course.

Your golf ball is the most overused tool in every shot you make and every round you take. Having a reliable golf ball that will provide you a decent feel, better control, respectful distance, and right confidence. All of these aspects will help you unlock your best potential to have the most incredible performance you can give on the course.

Moreover, it’s also vital to choose the most suitable golf ball that you will use on a daily basis. When you finally find one, it will give you that consistent performance each time you tee it up.

To better save your time and effort, we will introduce you to the best Wilson Staff Golf Balls. They offer a wide array of golf balls, each with diverse benefits, that will suit your game individually.

Wilson Staff Golf Balls - Overview

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Wilson Tour Velocity Golf Ball

Wilson Tour Velocity Golf Ball

Wilson Staff Duo Soft+ Golf Ball

Wilson Staff Duo Soft+ Golf Ball

Wilson Ultra 500 Golf Ball

Wilson Ultra 500 Golf Ball

WILSON Staff Fifty Elite Golf Ball

Wilson Staff Fifty Elite Golf Ball

WILSON Smart Core Golf Balls

Wilson Smart Core Golf Ball

Wilson Ultra 500 Distance Golf Ball

Wilson Ultra 500 Distance Golf Ball

WILSON Staff Zip Golf Balls

Wilson Staff Zip Golf Ball

Wilson Staff Golf Balls - Reviews

Wilson Tour Velocity Golf Ball -  Best Overall

Wilson Tour Velocity Golf Ball

The Wilson Tour Velocity Golf Ball is considered to be the ball that has the best distance amongst the Wilson Staff golf balls.

This golf ball has an aerodynamic dimple pattern and a two-piece construction that works together to supply that optimized flight and remarkable distance. Its compression core provides an excellent feel for golfers, while assisting in creating faster ball speeds.

It has a strong ionomer cover that prevents the ball from easily marking up. Meaning to say, even though the cart path seems a little odd, it would still look good as new. As long as you keep your strikes narrow and straight, you’ll last each round.

The Tour Velocity’s dimple pattern also has been innovated and made better to deliver a greater trajectory. This ball had a lower compression of 70, allowing players to have better control around the greens. And has a handy alignment that works best for every golfer.

You may need time before you get used to the chipping since this ball will come right off the face hotter. It also won’t bite too much on shots where you may anticipate more grabs around the green.

But that’s just a normal experience. Because for any new balls that you use, you have to keep practicing before you get used to grips and distance control for anything that is shorter than a full shot. And lastly, the spin is also very satisfying.


  • Affordable and valued for money
  • Gives impressive eye-popping distance
  • Durable and strong Ionomer cover
  • Low compression with great feel


  • Feels too soft and firm when around the greens
  • May feel off the putter face

Wilson Staff Duo Soft+ Golf Ball - Best Distance

Wilson Staff Duo Soft+ Golf Ball

Wilson stated that the Duo Soft+ Golf Ball is one of the softest golf balls that is being sold in the market nowadays, which has a compression rate of 35.

They also mentioned that this ball is the longest premium golf ball that is 2-pieced. And when it comes to price, the Duo Soft+ is sitting just right under the Wilson Triad golf ball (made from a three-piece urethane cover). Both of these balls are made to deliver a solid-rounder performance, with extra spin control if you’re about to hit onto the green.

The Wilson Staff Duo Soft+ is super worth it and valued for money. That’s why players love it. Its core is made from polybutadiene, together with the enhanced zinc pentachloro thiophenol for better transfer of energy coming from your distance swing and into the distance.

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Most of the golf balls have a speed limit on the upper area that can have low compression balls to be taken to great advantage. Therefore, if your driver can generate a swing speed under 90 miles per hour, then the Wilson Staff Duo Soft+ golf ball will work best for you.

It is also a low spinning ball that makes it easier for players to get the distance they want once they launched the ball high. The 302 dimple pattern feature also contributes to this performance.

When pitching around the greens and on the fairways, the ball’s mid to high flight is very discernible. The landing angle that is steeper will also provide the full stop rather than performing the spin. Since the Wilson Staff Duo Soft+ is a low spinning ball, it will give you that distance upon launching high, all thanks to the 302 dimple pattern.

Check out the detailed Wilson Staff Duo Soft Plus Review here.


  • Valued for money
  • Very soft
  • Has low spin
  • offers good distance
  • Had decent control when around the greens


  • Doesn’t have a good sound upon impact

Wilson Ultra 500 Golf Ball - Best for Newbies & High Handicappers

Wilson Ultra 500 Golf Ball

The Wilson Ultra 500 Golf Ball provides good distance. It’s a two-piece, white color ball that has a firm structure, with a spin rate belonging to low-medium.

It is equipped with a high-powered titanium and cut-proof ionomer cover that is strong and helpful for inconsistent swings. Additionally, the Wilson Ultra 500 is best suitable for high handicappers who are aiming for further distance when off the tee. This performance makes it the most in-demand choice for municipal courses, offering good distance over control at a cheap price.

Aside from the high handicappers, the Wilson Ultra 500 is also perfectly suitable for newbies or short hitters, who are looking for a golf ball that delivers additional boost when off the tee. At the same time, this ball is cheaper compared to Titleist and Callaway golf balls. You can even find a 15-pack that will only cost less than $1 for each ball.

A straightforward opinion, the balance of accuracy and control will depend on the player’s control. The Wilson Ultra 500 is deemed as a long ball in golf. And that’s what players play - the price for the finesse and distance shots.

Of course, no golf ball is 100% flawless. For this one, it lacks the sufficient spin on most greens, and is really demanding to control in terms of soft surfaces. But don’t worry, because the Wilson Ultra 500 will definitely add yardage to your drives while taking away the accuracy off your fairways and on your tee. This ball is the one of the cheapest you can find that breeds maximum distance.


  • Delivers ultra-long distance performance
  • Very affordable
  • A very robust and good quality golf ball
  • Has topmost initial velocity


  • Some players may not find the feel of the ball upto the mark

Willson Staff Fifty Elite Golf Ball - Best Feel

WILSON Staff Fifty Elite Golf Ball

The Wilson Staff Fifty Elite Golf Ball has a two-piece construction, with an ionomer and rubber core. It is equipped with a 302 dimple pattern and low compression.

If you’re wondering what the ‘fifty’ stands for, it means the compression. It is built for golfers who have a driver swing that is less than 95 miles per hour. And for those who struggle in maximizing the distance for golf balls that have 90 or higher compressions.

Since Wilson is known for their innovation in golf balls, they have found the trend in today’s popularity of super soft golf balls. Aside from the Fifty Elite golf ball, they also produce other models that have quite similar features, but with different price points.

The Fifty Elite comes in colors of traditional white, and vivid orange & yellow.

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In terms of the clubface, this ball surprisingly sticks. And off the tee, it can impressively increase the driving distance for golfers that have slower swings and for seniors. The Wilson Staff Fifty Elite can amazingly swing at 80 to 85 miles per hour, while maintaining its launch beauty.

When on the rough or fairway, this golf ball truly exceeds the expectation. For this low price, it still provides that full stopping power. Although frankly, the spin doesn’t balance the softness, it still supplies an excellent control on the greenside.

Golfers also love its sweet spot. However, some said that it lacks more aggressiveness in order for the stroke to reach the hole. But this is just a normal issue for golf balls that have low compression.

To conclude, the Wilson Staff Fifty Elite golf ball provides outstanding performance and feels at a considerably affordable price.


  • Has a very soft feel
  • Durable and responsive cover
  • Low compression
  • Affordable price
  • Has top spin on greensides
  • Offers maximum carry


  • Questionable durability
  • Insufficient rebound compared to other soft golf balls

Wilson Smart Core Golf Ball - Best Control & Accuracy

WILSON Smart Core Golf Balls

The Wilson Smart Core is a golf ball on which the distance simply reacts to a golfer’s swing speed. It is packed with a smart core technology that gives impressive spin, distance, and control upon short shots, while maintaining the accuracy balance for long-range.

It has a durable ionomer, just like the previously mentioned golf balls, making it long-lasting. Plus, the Wilson Smart Core also gives great feel and playability around the greens.

So if you’re rooting for a golf ball that combines excellent performance on every shot, this golf ball could be your best find.

Its compression rate is 85, which means it belongs to the category of medium soft golf ball, intended for players that swing speeds of low to average. This is an outstanding golf ball for players who seek more spin around the green with a softer feel from chip shots or rough shots.

The Wilson Smart Core also has the capability to slice more than other golf balls that have a harder compression rate of 90 and up.

Additionally, this golf ball has 432 dimples, therefore reducing the drag to provide more lift for more distance. Its patented smart core feature was built to react to the golfer’s swing speed, generating enough spin for short shots. This overall supplies topmost distance with better control for long shots.

The Wilson Smart Core’s ionomer cover is what gives robustness upon various conditions, alongside the firm reaction when off the tee. And these factors are what will give you that extra feel and maximum power around the greens.

Overall, the Wilson Smart Core will provide you a pleasingly soft feel, but with excellent performances like increased spin and greater control when you’re putting near the edges of the holes, or when chipping from roughs.


  • Soft inner core for better compression
  • Has firm outer layer for great distance and accuracy
  • Supplies minimal spin but excellent distance on irons and driver shots
  • Has durable ionomer cover
  • Has medium compression
  • Valued for money


  • The spin may be too much for short games
  • Long hitters may find this golf ball too soft
  • Only comes in white color 

Wilson Ultra 500 Distance Golf Ball - Most Affordable

Wilson Ultra 500 Distance Golf Ball

Aside from the Wilson Tour Velocity, the Ultra 500 is your second choice for a golf ball that provides impressive distance. That’s why it’s called Ultra 500 ‘Distance’ golf ball.

Everything about this golf ball delivers maximum length, strength, and performance, making it an all-around golf ball. But just a heads up, it’s not your best choice for maximum spin and feel because the Smart Fifty Elite and the Smart Core have that. Yet, you can still count on it for that reliable spin and feel.

Although the Tour Velocity tops the Ultra 500 for distance, this golf ball is known for being the first golf ball of original distance. It is equipped with a high energy core that allows it to give the maximum initial velocity.

So if you want a ball that’s going to provide you with impressive ball speeds upon each impact, the Wilson Ultra 500 is what you need.

In addition to that, these golf balls come at a fair price. Most players pay a higher amount of money just to buy a golf ball that provides great distance, but for the Wilson Ultra 500, you don’t have to.

Read our Wilson Ultra 500 Distance Golf Ball Review here.


  • Has ultra-durable cover
  • Provides excellent long distance performance
  • Made of advanced two-piece construction
  • Delivers great velocity
  • Has a fair amount of spin and feel
  • Offers an all-around performance


  • May lack control for some players

Wilson Staff Zip Golf Ball - Best Value

WILSON Staff Zip Golf Balls

Lastly, the Wilson Staff Zip Golf Ball is similar to the other magnificent golf balls mentioned earlier.

It is built from a two-piece construction, with an ionomer cover, and 302 ‘Panhead’ dimple design.

Surprisingly, before, it was originally a three-piece golf ball. But the current model right now is made to be a two-piece rubber core, offering zero compression and a remarkable soft feel.

However, there has been research saying that this golf ball will end its production. But don’t worry, because there’s a great alternative to it which is the C:25, offering the same performance.

The Wilson Staff Zip has unique PhD ‘panhead’ dimples, which is 50 percent shallower and flat-bottomed compared to other Wilson golf ball models. But this unique feature supplies the most impressive stability and penetrating trajectory at a low price.

Although some low-compression balls are suitable for golfers who have a slow side of less than 90 mile per hour of swing speed, low-handicappers are in deep awe of the Wilson Zip. It has that cotton ball-like feel but has a solid impression when you strike it firmly.

Mid range swing players of 90 to 105 miles per hour may find it difficult to look for another hard-pressed longer ball. Players of the same category who have tried the Wilson Zip have experienced a profound distance that is good for 5 to 10 yards.

And you don’t have to worry about the accuracy. Because the Wilson Staff Zip manages to provide stable distance without sacrificing the accuracy. Its low-spin movements help the ball to fly straight.

This golf ball is also a great competitor for those cavity-back irons that are oversized and fly high with remarkable stopping power. And for short games, the Wilson Staff Zip displays an impressive hop and stop action, alongside its affordable price.

In conclusion, the Wilson Staff Zip is the best priced golf ball in the market that offers brilliant performance and feel.


  • Impressive performance
  • Very affordable price
  • Valued for money
  • Good distance
  • Provides good accuracy
  • Has exceptional spin control when around the greens


  • May soon start wearing off
  • Lacks a bit of feel


Are the Wilson Staff Golf Balls worth purchasing?

Yes, absolutely. Although Wilson Staff golf balls are one of the underrated golf balls in the past, the company still continues to innovate to help players who are on a strict budget, to still get the performance they deserve from high-quality, affordable golf balls.

That being said, the Wilson Staff golf balls are becoming more popular nowadays, and professional tours globally are enjoying these amazing golf balls.

Who are the pros that used Wilson golf balls?

Kevin Streelman, Gary Woodland, and Brendan Steele, and Padraig Harrington are the pros that are seen using the Wilson Staff golf balls.

What’s the difference between the Wilson from the Wilson Staff?

Most golfers are confused between the two. The Wilson Staff to all intents and purposes, are just like the Wilson premium. However, the Wilson staff is best recommended for serious players and pros.

Where are the Wilson Golf Balls manufactured?

These outstanding golf balls are made from Taiwan.

Things to Consider before Buying the Wilson Staff Golf Balls

Now that you know the unique characteristics of the Wilson Staff Golf Balls, it’s time to divert your attention to knowing how to choose the right golf balls for you.

Choosing the most suitable golf ball for your game will be your best experience and performance when on the course. And in order to choose properly, the key element is to know what kind of player are you:

The Improving Amaeteur

Every professional once began as an amateur. These kinds of players have beginners’ (low) confidence.

If you belong to this category, it means that you most prefer to have fun in the course than be serious about playing. But you still want to perform best and achieve great scores at the end of the day. Of course, this is what all players want.

You also most likely focus on hitting the ball correctly and enhancing your greenside skills, as well as shot-shaping capabilities. Your average score ranges from the mid-70s to 80s, with a generally 275 yards drive on the ball.

As you improve, you will firstly get used to your wedge game, while mastering your spin. If this is you, the Duo Soft+ and the Ultra 500 works for you best, since it has that smooth distance and spin that newbies will find very beneficial.

The Casual Golfer

The casual golfer evidently has a skill higher than the amateur one. And since these players gained quite confidence, they love to play golf with their friends every weekend and showcase their skills  

If you belong to this category, then it means accuracy, and hitting the ball right is your key priority. You want to get the ball in the air and land it with enough distance when off the tee. And you have an average score of 90s and higher, with a 250 yards drive on the ball.

For this case, you’re best recommended to use the Wilson Smart Core or the Wilson Ultra 500. They have that soft-controlled feel, with great accuracy and overall performance.

The Pro

Well, the name Pro says it all. These players have advanced and conditioned skills in all aspects of golf play. They are the people who typically score from 60s to low 70s, with 275 yards or further drive the ball.

If you belong to this, it means you’re looking for a golf ball that can shape your iron shots properly. You want better control in your short games, while prioritizing on how to put spin on the wedge.

The Wilson Tour Velocity will match your style. It has the best distance, therefore offering outstanding stability and maximum distance.

The Final Thoughts

The Wilson Staff Golf Balls offer a wide range of choices that will suit every golfer’s playing style and needs. It’s about finding the right one that will help you give your best shot in the course.

Assess, evaluate, then improve so you will know what type of golfer you are.

There’s also nothing wrong with trying out multiple golf balls to check what works for you and what will not. After all, the Wilson Staff Golf Balls are highly durable and valued for money, so your money won’t go to waste.

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