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At a Glance

  • Model: Titleist Velocity Golf Ball
  • Higher compression for more distance and greater ball speed
  • Surlyn ionomer cover
  • Spherically-tiled dimple design feature
  • Perfect for low spin drives and long iron shots

Titleist Velocity Golf Ball is called a velocity golf ball for a reason. This ball is perfectly made for golfers who are looking for something affordable with excellent playable distance.

This ball two-piece multi-layer ball is made to swing fast through the air, which delivers extra power that is beneficial for those who have high handicaps and slow swing speeds.

At first look, the Titleist Velocity Golf Ball may look like a typical golf ball. But experts know that this ball is both a combination of high-quality core and cover, as well as competent aerodynamics. Both of these can contribute longer and controllable long shots.

Let’s know more about this marvelous golf ball, shall we?

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Titleist Velocity Golf Ball Review

Core Construction

The core of the Titleist Velocity Golf Ball is called the ‘Larger Higher Speed LSX Core’. It is large enough to deliver a powerful and solid launch so that the ball can fly high enough to execute more distance.

The higher the speedcore, the more ideal it is for the ball to create faster ball speeds within the given added length.

Furthermore, the large core is the key reason why this golf ball performs at an incredible velocity, speed, and distance. When it launches in the air, it creates an initial speed so that the ball can travel a far distance, while maintaining a low spin for a long, consistent flight.

The LSX larger core will also assist you in every swing you’re going to make. This is because when doing short-range swings, the large core will execute an increased spin that helps the ball stop firmly on wherever spot it may land.

However, of course, you cannot 100% make this happen every time because golf ball landing is very unpredictable. But at least, the Titleist Velocity Golf Ball will travel at an impressive distance with a weight that makes an excellent stop as well.

Design & Performance

When you want to give up the green-side performance, then the Titleist Velocity Golf Ball is perfect for you because it won’t spin too much when around the greens. And if you love playing with colors, you canopy for the matte green, orange, and blue.

Colors are not just designs, but they actually help with the game too! Because the color you choose can represent your personality, outfit, and style. Plain, white colors will you that classic golf ball vibe. But experimenting with vivid colored balls can bring more fun to your game. Plus, these bright colors are easier to find on the course.

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Some golfers care about their golf ball’s ability to control and spin when doing short games. While golfers of long games care about their golf ball’s feel and long-range trajectory. Now, how can the Titleist Velocity Golf Ball help? This velocity of this golf ball will launch the tee in both low and high spin enough to make the ball travel further.

And with every feature and design of Titleist Velocity Golf Ball - its compression, tile design, core, dimple, and cover, all are made to perform downrange distance high flight, which can still make possible playability on the green.

Cover and Dimple Design

The Titleist Velocity has Surlyn ionomer cover, which does the job to protect and harden the ball. This cover is what helps the ball with speed and lowered RMP spin for longer shots. Engineers really did their best to make a cover that is beneficial for a long and consistent flight.

In terms of dimple design, the Titleist Velocity Golf Ball has a spherical, 350 octahedral dimple design for more distance, aerodynamics, and higher trajectory.

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Golf balls have solid cover and touch, but this change in the lens of a slow-motion camera. These cameras can show how your club gets in contact with the compression of your balls.

And the use of the compression on your golf ball serves as the energy for the ball to propel forward. You can also feel your ball’s compression too. How? By how softer or harder it feels. Softer balls have less compression, while harder balls have more compression.

Lower compression golf balls will have further travel in an effortless manner. They have the ability to make more impact as soon as your club hits the ball, which will create more energy.

Higher compression golf balls, on the other hand, have distances that are harder to get but provide easier control. Fast swing golfers will benefit more from this.

The Titleist Velocity Golf Ball’s compression is located in the middle range. It is designed to be like this so that it feels not that soft, and not too hard either. Just the perfect balance of speed and distance.

Price Point

The price of the Titleist Velocity Golf Ball is pretty reasonable. For the performance it offers and game improvement this golf ball is worth the money.

There are other affordable golf balls out there, but if you want impressive results for your game, you should definitely buy this pack!

Pros & Cons


  • Valued for money
  • Comes with available bight colors for you to choose from
  • Has excellent balance of compression
  • Made with durable and top-quality cover
  • Impressive mid-air trajectory and aerodynamics
  • Flies at high speed and stop quickly


  • The lower spin and firm feel is not suitable for chipping and putting
  • Lesser spin on the green


Q. How soft is the Titleist Velocity Golf Ball?

The LSX cover of the Titleist Velocity Golf Ball is softer than other golf balls that are being sold in the market. They deliver speed and distance, which is why they are made to have balanced softness and compression.

Q. Is the Titleist Velocity Golf Ball makes a good ball to buy?

The Titleist Velocity Golf Ball is one of the best and most reliable golf balls in the market. Even though they don’t spin as much as the others, they travel a great distance and their features do the job well inti improving your game.

So with that being said, the Titleist Velocity Golf Ball is an excellent ball you can rely on that doesn’t cost too much.

Q. Is the Titleist Velocity Golf Ball the farthest traveling ball?

As previously mentioned, the Titleist Velocity Golf Ball is the best ball that travels at a great distance in a fair amount of time.

And compared to others, this ball travels further. All thanks to its aerodynamics feature.

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Final Thoughts about Titleist Velocity Golf Ball

The Titleist Velocity Golf Ball is perfect for golfers who want to improve their game, which aims for better, higher speed, as well as drives that go further than they used to before.

Because this golf ball is designed for speed and distance priority. Yet, both still come with more practice, time, and effort. And your performance will still depend on how comfortable your feel is on the ball, and what part of your game you want to improve.

As much as this golf ball has all the benefits, it has a downside too. If you’re having problems with distance, this ball will truly help bring back that old driving range of yours. But if you’re already confident in the performance of your swing speed but want more control for short games, the Titleist Velocity Golf Ball may not be for you.

And on the green, it can take away the natural precision of your short game due to its chief advantage and power in distance and speed. Yet, it’s not much of a big deal because the greater performance outweighs this minor disadvantage. So rest assured, the Titleist Velocity is something worth buying for.

Alternatives to Consider

Here are two of the alternatives you can consider aside from the Titleist Velocity Golf Ball. These golf balls offer the same speed and distance as the Titleist Velocity Golf Ball.

TaylorMade Tour Response Golf Ball

The TaylorMade Tour Response golf ball is one of those popular golf balls that offer great feel, impressive spin around the greens, and distance off the tee. It comes at a more reasonable and affordable price compared to other top-rated range golf balls in the market.

The TaylorMade Tour Response is constructed with a urethane cover that gives more control and consistent flight, even in windy conditions. And this feature is what makes it suitable even for amateurs, so they can have better spin control.

This golf ball has an ultra low-40 compression to give you a better and softer feel when around the greens. Plus, the energy it transfers will produce greater distance and rebound at impact.

In terms of speed and cover, the TaylorMade Tour Response is designed to deliver fast ball speed with an enhanced shear resistance cover for greater durability. It also has a firm second layer to surround the soft inner core, which also produces an increased ball speed, with an incredible transfer of energy.

Srixon Soft Feel Golf Ball

The Srixon Soft Feel Golf Ball is just like the Titleist Velocity and TaylorMade Tour response that offers a soft feel and further distance in the long game. Plus, another set of golf balls that are affordable and valued for money.

Discussing its construction, design, and performance, the Srixon Soft Feel Golf Ball is made of a soft and thin ionomer cover. It is also a two-piece ball that is made from a FastLayer Core. But even though it only has two layers, it still gives a better feel and further distance, just like the other three to four-layered golf balls in the market.

It feels very soft in both short and long games. It also has a 60 compression and 0.063-inches thick cover. Just the perfect golf ball you need to improve your game.

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