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At a Glance

  • Model: Srixon Z Star Golf Ball
  • FastLayer Core for maximum distance and speed
  • New 338 Speed Dimple Pattern
  • Topmost distance and ball flight
  • New Spin Skin with SeRM coating

The Srixon Z Star Golf Ball is one of the best preferences in the market nowadays. It has already established its reputation since 2009, and golfers still love its performance, ball flight, material, and compression.

This golf ball has an impressive stopping power on the greens, and an excellent penetrating ball flight for long shots. Pro tour player Hideki Matsuyama used the Z Star for his 2021’s master win. A game in which he plays higher and longer shots.

With that being said, is this golf ball worth the buy? Does its compression match the performance you’re aiming for? Is the price valued for money? Know the answers as you read further.

Srixon Z Star Golf Ball Review

Technologies Used

The Srixon Z Star Golf Ball is loaded with brilliant technologies that will give golfers a game-improving experience. Here’s a brief explanation to each:

Srixon Z Star Golf Ball Review

New 338 Speed Dimple Pattern

The New 338 Speed Dimple Pattern helps maximize the overall distance and consistency of the ball flight, performing well even in windy conditions.

New FastLayer Core

The Z Star’s latest FastLayer Core is built to be soft in the center, then gradually becomes around the edges. This innovation allows the high-speed players to gain plenty of ball speed and exceptional feel for extreme distance.

New Spin Skin with SeRM

The Srixon Z Star has an updated, thicker thermoplastic cover that is made of urethane cover. This update features a Spin Skin SeRM coating that is highly durable and flexible with molecular bonds. A technology that helps the ball dig deeper into the iron grooves and wedges to optimize better control, maximum spin, and more stopping power.

Core & Cover

Of course, there are previous versions, but the 2021 model has quite a thicker cover that assists in better greenside control. Its cover is 0.01mm thicker for better spin and control around the greens.

The 2021 Srixon Z-Star’s cover is 0.1mm thicker than its predecessor, the 0.6mm cover providing enhanced spin and control around the green.

Srixon Z Star Golf Ball Review

The brand say that when it is paired with the revolutionary FastLayer Core it dramatically increases ball speed to deliver maximum distance and offers unparalleled feel. The Srixon Z Star is a three-piece golf ball that has urethane cover and soft feel.

There is also a FastLayer Core in the centre of the ball that features a soft material, alongside the former edges that helps improve the ball distance and speed, while maintaining a low spin. This also supplies an unparalleled feel.

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When it comes to durability, you can also rely on the Z Star as one of the long-lasting golf balls. It may not be the ‘most’ durable, but surely there is nothing to worry about the cover splitting or chipping quickly after being bit numerous times.

Engineers have equipped a fourth-generation technology into this golf ball called the “Spin Skin Technology with Slide-Ring Material” or SeRM. This feature is the urethane compound that coats every cover of the Z Star.

Fun fact, the Srixon Z Star Golf Balls were the first in the world to be equipped with the SerM. The intention is to absorb the unrivalled levels of cutting forces, without ruining the ball’s molecular bonds. Srixon mentioned that this feature lets the ball dig deeper into the iron and wedge grooves for a more developed friction and greater spin. It also allows players to have more stopping power and control for every strike.

Distance & Spin

As previously mentioned, since the Srixon Z Star Golf Ball was used by Hideki Matsuyama in his higher and longer shots, it means that this golf ball’s distance doesn’t travel so far. But players are stunned by its impressive mid-flight and long game capabilities that will help you gain a more penetrating ball flight.

When talking about the greenside spin, the Z Star offers a terrific spin with sufficient stop and grab on the second bounce, even with well-used wedges.

Its mid-flight characteristics prevent the ball from ballooning on you. Rather, it gives a brilliant ball flight that launches well even in windy conditions. Something you can expect from a premium golf ball, but keep in mind that the Srixon Z Star comes at a very affordable price. And the latest edition is said to give the highest green spin amongst any other Srixon golf balls.


Off the tee

For the performance off the tee, the Srixon Z Star shines like a star. If you’re going to perform a full practice on the round, this ball will give you a decent launch and better control on your spins. If I’m going to rate the performance of this golf ball, I would say above average. It has that modest spin and superb penetrating ball flight.

It means that your misses will be much more manageable and you won’t find yourself wandering far from your aimed target line. It’s like a straightforward ball that’s more of a point and shoot. The side spin and backspin are also controlled smoothly and more accurately.

Srixon Z Star Golf Ball Review

On the approach

On the approach, the Z Star golf ball performs quite differently depending on the iron selection. If you use a five-iron type, this ball’s flight will be lower and more penetrating. But with a seven or higher-type of iron, the ball will easily launch into the air with no difficulty or issue.

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Generally, it still results in great spin with irons, with a combination of excellent stopping power and higher ball flight. And even with the driver, the Z star provides a straight flight.

Around the greens

Normally, around the greens is where golfers start to get particular and meticulous. When it comes to performance, predictability is the most crucial, especially in a short game club. And the Srixon Z Star golf ball will do exactly that. It will assist you in generating sufficient spin, or even a higher spin if you need to. Particularly for short game players that just want to sit and hit, or stop and hop on wedge games.

Meaning to say, you won’t have any problem fighting the ball as hkw as you need it. And even on short or mid-range shots, the Z Star will perform just as how you expect it to.

Dimple Pattern

The Srixon Z Star Golf Ball features a 338 Speed Dimple Pattern. A design that is created for less drag and more lift so that the ball can perform at its peak distance, while keeping a straight flight even on windy conditions.

Price Point

The Srixon Z Star Golf Ball comes at a reasonable price. Some golfers even wonder if there are any sacrifices with the performance because there is a lower price point. But no there isn’t. This golf ball performs tremendously well in every area.

Pros & Cons


  • One of the best valued golf balls in the premium lineups
  • Performs impressively in every department
  • Provides better control
  • Has consistent ball flight


  • May not be suitable for players that have low ball flights


Q. Where is the Srixon Z Star Golf Ball manufactured?

The Srixon Z Star Golf Balls are manufactured mostly in the Srixon factory in Japan. Then the Q Star Tours are tested in a company plant somewhere in Indonesia. Although there are differences between the two factories in terms of quality, you can still look forward to the best performance of this golf ball.

Q. Are the Srixon Z Star Golf Balls any good and worth purchasing?

Over the years and until now, the Srixon company has been making high-performing and top quality golf balls that come at competitive prices. The 2021 Srixon Z Star golf balls are made to be faster, softer, and more responsive. With this, it can fit with any golfers’ skill and game type.

Q. What type of golfers are most suitable for the Srixon Z Star Golf Ball?

The Srixon Z Star is one of the softest golf balls in the market that produces the highest spin rates. That’s why it is suitable for players with a swing speed of at least 90 miles per hour. Most of the recreational golfers are also a great fit to this versatile golf ball.

Q. Who are the pros that used the Srixon Z Star golf balls?

The Srixon Z Star golf balls are highly popular among the PGA Tour Players. Three of the tour pro players (Shane Lowry, Hideki Matsuyama, Keegan Bradley) are mostly carrying it in their bag every game.

Q. Is the Srixon Z Star Golf Ball suitable for high handicappers?

Yes. The Srixon Z Star golf ball is good for high handicap players. In fact, many of them appreciate it better since the features and performance are made for them. Like its softer compression level of 90 that makes it a perfect choice for high handicappers since it generates higher launch, better distance, and balanced velocity.

Q. How good is the compression level of the Srixon Z Star golf ball?

As previously mentioned, the Srixon Z Star golf ball has a compression level of 90, plus a three-piece construction. This makes it a mid-launching golf ball with a fairly low driver spin and highest greenside spin.

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Final Thoughts about Srixon Z Star Golf Ball

In conclusion, the Srixon Z Star golf balls are truly a game-changer. The feel is absolutely perfect, the flight is consistent, and the control is brilliant. It is also impressively predictable around the greens, and the price point is surprisingly good. With this golf ball, you can’t ask for more.

Whatever you’re looking for in a golf ball in terms of feel, performance, compression, technology, and price, the Z Star will surely fit the bill. All you need is to give it a shot and maximize it as much as you can.

Alternatives to Consider

The Srixon Z Star Golf Ball is undoubtedly one of the greatest golf balls out there. But if you’re scouting for other alternatives, or wanting to try a different brand, here are my top 2 recommendations:

Bridgestone E6 Golf Ball

When you buy the Bridgestone E6 Golf Ball, it comes in 2 colors of vivid yellow and traditional white. One of the good things about this golf ball is that it comes with a low price point too. It is cheaper in price than the Srixon Z Star but definitely not softer. However, both have high-quality materials.

In terms of performance, the Bridgestone E6 Golf Ball is also designed for mid to high handicap players just like the Z Star, who are also in need of better control and decent ball flight. Not to mention, it makes a great option too for newbies and weekender players.

This golf ball has a three-layer construction too that helps increase your distance off the tee and lowers the sidespin. It has a dual dimple feature and surlyn cover for maximum distance, increased spin, and lower distance.

If you’re a player that is scouting for a golf ball that will assist you in improving your accuracy, distance, consistency, and speed, then the Bridgestone E6 golf ball is for you.

Vice Pro Plus Golf Ball

Second to the alternative is the Vice Pro Plus. This golf ball will provide you a solid performance due to its stable cover that also gives solid control, specifically when you’re about to attempt a powerful shot.

The Vice Pro Plus’s cover is equipped with thin urethane material, which will help you in having a more comfortable feel and hit during short games. This cover type is also durable and long-lasting, therefore withstanding repeated hits by clubs.

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Another of the best qualities of the Vice Pro Plus is its alignment aid. This assists golfers to gain better swings and confidence on their target while on the course.

Furthermore, this golf ball is flexible enough with every club you have in hand. And performs well even in windy conditions.

Talking about the price, the price range is not very far from the Srixon Z Star, but similarly gives excellent performance.

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