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At a Glance

  • Model: WILSON Infinite Putter
  • Great technology
  • Double Milled Face
  • High MOI
  • Aesthetic and classic design
  • Counterbalanced technology

The Wilson Staff isn’t really the brand that is known for being the best putters. However, the Infinite lineups are those that received widespread applause since it was launched in the year 2018.

And one of the latest additions to their putter family is the Wilson Infinite Buckingham Men’s Golf Putter. It is named like the other models from a landmark or neighbourhood somewhere in Chicago, where the company’s home city is.

If you are in need of a new mallet putter, the Wilson Infinite Putter will surely turn your heads. And it will put you in a good situation where numbers won’t lie. Putting stats will never be complicated since you will either successfully make a putt or not.

Know more about the Wilson Infinite Putter as you read further.

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WILSON Infinite Putter Review

Technology Used

Counterbalance Weighting

The Counterbalance Weighting technology is specifically designed for the balance point to be closer to the hands. It also consists of a heavier grip weight and head. So, from stroke one, it is evident that the counterbalancing combination of the thicker grip and the high moment of inertia on the head clearly works.

Infinite Line

The Infinite Line features an anti-glare finish in color black that accentuates the sight lines. It has been stripped back to enhance the overall alignment upon the address.

Double Milled Face

The Double Milled Face that gives a consistent toll, distance control, and impact is also equipped with the popular Wilson Staff Shield in modern and striking appearance.


The Wilson Staff Infinite Putter features a mallet-head design that looks really similar to the TaylorMade Spider. It also has a higher moment of inertia and a double milled face that helps generate consistency, while allowing all handicap players to gain better control and distance.

The perpendicular and parallel sight lines are truly a stand out. Although there are different reviews about them, they still help in brilliant overall control and better alignment.

And although traditional golfers may be put off by the futuristic design, all the technologies that are equipped in this putter’s design will help supply a more consistent and smoother stroke.

The head of this putter possesses an anti-glare finish that helps repel the sun and stresses the three white sightlines of the flange, where the alignment aid is also placed.

Lastly, all the headcovers of this putter have the ‘Infinite’ branding for the detail highlighted and standout attention to the brand’s Red and Black colourway tradition.


The alignment lines of the Wilson Staff Infinite Men’s Golf Putter are very helpful for shorter putts. However, some players feel they are very distracting. But for the overall performance, all is good for those lines.

Some golfers even mentioned that the more they practice or keep using the Wilson Infinite Putter, the more they get better with it. Because the comfort they had at setup and the amount of control they have with the Wilson Staff Infinite, both bestow significant performance.

Additionally, this putter’s head weight helps a lot in supplying a pendulum-like motion, whilst the low point is very consistent from green to green. Plus, there’s an impressively twist-resistant and highly stable capability through the strike. Both of this encourages confidence over the ball, particularly if you’re in the lineup of testing a six-footer. And this even gets better with longer putts when things get awry and when strokes get longer.

It is also worth noting that heavy mallet putters are generally popular for being an asset from close to the hole, however, known weaker from long range. But for the Wilson Infinite Putter, that’s not the case. For multiple rounds, it can cosy 30-foot-plus putts to the hole, which is obviously better than a usual flat stick.

Sound & Feel

Additionally, perhaps one of the most impressive characteristics of this putter is the smoothness of its tempo.

The putter’s face feels quite hot for some golfers, which gives them a quite harsh feel. But to some, it isn’t a big deal after all.

The feel from the double-milled face is very nice. It produces a softer and gentler thud, rather than the high-pitched ping.

Price Point

Honestly speaking, the overall technology and feel of the Wilson Infinite Golf Men’s Putter are a bit basic and nothing too revolutionary. Particularly in weighting, technological advancements, and shaft technology. But all factors these keep the price down.

All things considered, this putter provides tangible performance benefits that all come at a very reasonable and attractive price point. This reason makes it ideal for players of different skill levels, especially amateurs.

Pros & Cons


  • Consistent upon impact
  • Easy to see alignment aid lines
  • Stable and smooth strokes
  • Dark, anti-glare finish
  • Fair price point
  • Parallel & perpendicular sight lines
  • Inspired by Chicago
  • High moment of inertia shape that gives confidence


  • The modern head shape may not be for everyone’s taste
  • Feels a bit harsher upon impact


Q. Does Wilson manufacture good putters?

Wilson created the Wilson Infinite Men’s Golf Putter, which scored nearly perfect accuracy in terms of five feet testing in the 2022 mallet putter test. This makes the Infinite Buckingham a high valued putter.

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Q. What makes a putter worth investing in?

Putters that fall under the price range of $100 to $200 are considered to be a great value, which provides impressive consistency and a great feel. These factors make it easier for the golfers to hole more putts. And as putters get more expensive over time, warranties also differ. But for the Wilson Infinite, you won’t have to break your bank just to get the performance you want.

Q. Are the Wilson Golf Putters appropriate for low handicap players?

Wilson designed their putters for golfers who are seeking high-performance ability at an affordable price. So regardless of the handicap, the Wilson Golf putters are your best find.

Q. Is the Wilson Infinite Putter face-balanced?

Yes. The Wilson Infinite Putter is face-balanced, making it best-fitting for players that have a straight putting stroke.

Q. Who are the pros that use the Wilson Putters?

As of now, 3 PGA Tour players (who belong to the top players in the world) are using the Wilson golf clubs. Gary Woodland, Kevin Streelman, and Brendan Steel are included in the lists.

Q. What is the length of the Wilson Infinite Golf Men’s Putter?

The Wilson Infinite Golf Men’s Putter features a head shape, mallet style, with a high moment of inertia. The standard loft has a 71.00 lie angle and sits at 3.0. Its standard length measures 34 inches.

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Final Thoughts about WILSON Infinite Putter

For putters that have good value for money, they can be hard to find nowadays. The Wilson Infinite family clearly stood out as being a budget-friendly putter that won’t sacrifice the good looks and performance.

The Wilson Infinite Golf Men’s Putter has a very impressive performance and good numbers at such an affordable price. It costs three times less than other premium putters, without sacrificing the looks and performance.

In all, this putter is classically good-looking and high-performing, and won’t spend your entire paycheck. For the price it comes at, you can’t ask for anything more.

Lastly, just for your reference, the Infinite Family has eight models, which you can undoubtedly find yourself wanting a more classic and traditionally shaped mallet or blade.

Alternatives to Consider

Cobra King Vintage Putters

The family of the Cobra King Vintage Putters has great moment of inertia too, like the Wilson Infinite Putters, both at a competitive price range.

The SIK Face Insert tech that is equipped in this putter makes it one of the best and most reliable classic putters. The simplicity it brings is really nice and less busy to look at.

With the technologies and performance the Cobra King Vintage offer, you’ll never go wrong deciding to have it in your bag. And the 7 putters are very versatile and will be excellent choices for all golfers of skill levels.

TaylorMade Spider S Putter

The TaylorMade Spider S Putter has an excellent level of forgiveness that is truly irresistible. If you can easily find compatibility and confidence for this putter’s oversized head and odd shape, then you will definitely enjoy reaping the impressive results this putter’s face has to offer.

Although the Spider S Putter is a bit costly, unlike the Wilson Infinite Golf Men’s Putter, the performance is impressively consistent all the way through. And for the whole season, you can still find added forgiveness that will be extra helpful to gain massive confidence on the greens.

The TaylorMade S Putter is a great alternative you can consider, most especially if you’re a mallet and TaylorMade fan. The hallmarks of the Spider Model that are equipped in this putter, alongside the Pure Roll Insert, both provide a higher moment of inertia, like the Wilson and Cobra King Vintage putters offer.

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