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At a Glance

  • Model: Taylormade Stealth Fairway Wood
  • Speed Pockets for enhanced performance upon low face impacts
  • Laser Etched Face Stripe for accuracy and confidence
  • Twist Face for straighter shots
  • Thru-Slot Speed Pocket Design for better forgiveness

The impressive performance and technology of the Stealth drivers continue once again to the powerful combination of TaylorMade Stealth Fairway Wood and Stealth Plus Fairway wood.

At first impression, you will see that both of these duos don’t have a red carbon fiber face, unlike the Stealth drivers. This is because the faces of these Stealth Fairway Woods are too small to be equipped with the technology of carbon fiber. Although some golfers find this shocking, there is actually a benefit behind it. Know more as you read further.

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Taylormade Stealth Fairway Woods Review

TaylorMade ‘Stealth’ Fairway Wood

Taylormade Stealth Fairway Woods Review

Technology Used

Stealth’s 3D latest carbon face crown produces maximum forgiveness and playability. There is also a highlighted directional alignment so that golfers will have a more accurate aim and confidence, all thanks to the advanced laser alignment.

The Stealth Fairway Wood can also assist in improved turf interaction and consistent optimal launch. And with the Twist Face technology, the corrective face angles will help golfers create straighter shots and decrease the possibility of mishits.

And once again, there is that additional forgiveness upon low face strikes and greater ball speed because of the highly versatile Thru-Slot Speed Pocket design.

Taylormade Stealth Fairway Woods Review


The V stole of the Stealth Fairway wood is what contributes to better turf interaction, launch, and versatility.

Its Twist Face (which is also equipped in the 2018 versions of M3 and M4 drivers) is built to supply straighter and consistent shots on your mishits. It also features a Speed Pocket to boost the forgiveness on low face strikes and topmost ball speed, from which amateurs will greatly benefit.

Design & Performance

In terms of performance, expect an accurate setup because of the Advanced Laser Alignment. These supplies a proper balance between the crown and the face.

The Stealth Fairway has a noticeably bright and silverish PVD sole, combined with a darker silver crown. Specifically designed to encourage greater performance on clubhead’s slower speeds.

Taylormade Stealth Fairway Woods Review

Sound & Feel

The Feel of the TaylorMade Stealth is the same as those steel faces that TaylorMade has been creating for many years. Meaning to say, if you already love the sound and feel of all TaylorMade’s fairway wood models in the past, assuredly, you will also love the Stealth.

In terms of mishits, the Stealth’s sound and feel are said to be way better than the Stealth Plus. Because the Stealth Plus edition produces a higher pitch sound upon thin shots, on which some golfers don’t like.

TaylorMade ‘Stealth Plus’ Fairway Wood

Taylormade Stealth Fairway Woods Review

Technology Used

The 80G V Steel Sole Design is specifically engineered so that golfers will experience improved turf interaction and remarkable forgiveness.

The Titanium Zatech Twist Face has innovative technologies for pleasing ball speed and straight shots.

You’ll also have precise aim and excellent confidence because of the directional advanced laser alignment that is also equipped in this fairway wood.

The Stealth Plus’ 175cc head is uniquely shaped to assist golfers and expert players experience game improvement. And even though the head is 12% larger than the SIM2, the same address is still retained for impressive shot-making and playability.

Additional forgiveness on low face strikes can also be achieved because of the Speed Pocket design.

Taylormade Stealth Fairway Woods Review


Since the Stealth Plus has a 175cc size, the face is larger by 12% and also with a gain of 12% moment of inertia than the SIM2. There is also good forgiveness on low face strikes and good ball speed.

Therefore, expect a neutral flight with a mid-launch upon low spin when you use the TaylorMade Stealth Plus Fairway Wood.

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Design & Performance

The Stealth Plus has a thin face that is made of Zatech titanium. And this is the reason why titanium heads are always popular in the fairway woods industry because even though the head is smaller, they provide better shot control and workability.

The Stealth Plus has a twist face technology for straighter shots and maximum ball speed. In addition to that, it has an 80g of V Steel Sole Plate that is crafted in a clever fang-shaped style, located at the front of the head. This design provides better spin control.

Taylormade Stealth Fairway Woods Review

Sound & Feel

The Stealth Plus is also known to have a punchy feel, with a pleasing thwack sound. It is quite similar to the Stealth edition, but it slowly decreases on mid-strikes and produces a higher pitch than what most golfers would expect.

Although you may feel a few mishits, the Twist Face won’t be too much. It will still give you that excellent feel even if you weren’t able to strike the golf ball perfectly.

Price Point

There’s a bit of a gap between the price compared to the Stealth and Stealth Plus because these fairway woods have unique designs: carbon crown and titanium face.

TaylorMade Stealth vs. Stealth Plus - What’s the Difference?

Taylormade Stealth Fairway Woods Review
Taylormade Stealth Fairway Woods Review

The Stealth and Stealth Plus Fairway Woods both have Speed Pockets to enhance the performance upon low face impacts. Plus, they are also equipped with Infinity Edge Carbon Crowns for that extra freed-up weight for better forgiveness.

Not just that, these fairway woods also have Laser Etched Face Striped to supply excellent setup accuracy and maximum confidence.

They don’t have carbon faces like the Stealth Drivers since their faces are too small. But, their toe and heel are wrapped with a high-tech 3D carbon fiber crown. This is said to pull the mass from the club’s high toe area so it can be positioned properly at the further back area, therefore supplying an ample amount of forgiveness benefits.

TaylorMade stated that golfers can expect an increase of 5%-13% upon the moment of inertia compared to the previous models of SIM2 and SIM Max fairway.

These are just of the few things both are similar at. But the Stealth and Stealth Plus fairway still have slight differences in technology used, forgiveness properties, and performance. Here are more details about it:

Pros & Cons


  • Both the TaylorMade Stealth and Stealth Plus fairway woods breed great ball speed for golfers of different skill levels
  • The Speed Pocket enhances top-level speeds for low on the face shots
  • Face stripes make setup easier
  • Provides consistent ball speed and flight
  • Has better forgiveness and stability compared to the SIM2 Max
  • The Twist Face technology assists in straightening mishit shots
  • Infinity 3D Edge Carbon Crowns for better forgiveness (for the Stealth)
  • Durable Zatech Stainless Steel Crown (for the Stealth Plus)


  • The standard black and white contrast crown appears too plain to some players
  • The price gap can be too overwhelming for some golfers, especially the newbies


Q. Are the TaylorMade Fairway Woods adjustable?

Only the 175cc Stealth Plus is adjustable, and not the Stealth. And the Stealth Plus has a laser-etched technology on its alignment at the top part of the club’s face. And this is for every golfer’s easier lineup. Although you won’t use them as much as you expect in every round, once you finally need them, they bring excellent performance.

Q. Are the TaylorMade Stealth Fairway Woods worth investing in?

If you’re a golfer who is rooting for a good combination of workability and distance, then yes, the TaylorMade Stealth Fairway woods are worth it. People who have tested these clubs stated that the toe shots are nearly as far as when the golf balls are hit out of the middle.

Q. Will the fairway woods soon become obsolete?

This is one of the primary concerns of golfers. And although it’s safe to say that nothing is permanent, fairway woods are durable and will age gracefully. So obsolescence is quite far from the picture. And TaylorMade Stealth and Stealth Plus fairway woods will always be your most reliable clubs over time.

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Final Thoughts about TaylorMade Stealth Fairway Woods

Golfers are still willing to invest in TaylorMade’s Stealth Plus Fairway Wood because of its titanium face, which breeds brilliant performance. However, more players still opt for the Stealth version since they feel it is more powerful and forgiving.

The Stealth is more forgiving than the Stealth Plus, which also has mid-spin and high launch. The Stealth Plus, on the other hand, is adjustable and good for high launch, as well as mid to low spin.

The Stealth Plus has a re-engineered 80 grams of soleplate for good turf interaction. And it supplies great distances through its low spinning style. Although it is not as forgiving as the Stealth edition, golfers can use the advantage of its adjustable head for an additional spin rate.

The Stealth has a bigger head than the Stealth Plus, which is why it is more forgiving. Although these two fairway woods have similar ball speed results, the Stealth (190cc) has a bigger profile than the Stealth Plus (175cc). So anticipate a mid to high launch, combined with mid to low spin, all with natural flight.

When it comes to feel, both the Stealth and Stealth Plus are similar. But the Stealth is best suitable for amateur players, and the Stealth Plus can be best for tour golfers.

Alternatives to Consider

Here are the top two choices of alternatives on which you can also have a look:

Callaway Epic Max Fairway Wood

If you’re looking for a cheaper find that offers more forgiveness and with a mid-launch spin, the Callaway Epic Max Fairway Wood can be a great alternative. The Callaway Epic Max Fairway Wood has a loud impact sound. Nore of like a metallic, high-pitched sound.

The Callaway Epic Max Fairway Wood has higher launch characteristics and an excellent level of forgiveness too. There is also a fair amount of ball speed and each shot can make great trajectories upon launching.

Expect to have a mid to high launch with an above average spin as you make good contact. Furthermore, the launch and spin are adjustable through this fairway wood’s two weight ports.

Overall, this club is best for golfers who want maximum forgiveness, together with confidence and comfort. It’s cheaper compared to the TaylorMade Stealth and Stealth Plus clubs. It can be a great alternative if you’re looking for a cheaper club alternative.

TaylorMade Sim Max D Fairway Wood

The fairway woods of the TaylorMade are one of the best and most reliable clubs in the market right now. If you’re a golfer who can hit at a decent distance, the TaylorMade SIM Max D is the right choice for you. This club has long been in the spotlight and is favored by many players for many years due to its extravagant performance and design.

And if you’re opting for an innovative and latest club in your equipment, the SIM Max D gives a sturdy frame, outstanding motor, and excellent quality shafts for optimized driving distance.

Furthermore, this club can assuredly handle any type of shoot, including those of off-center hits. It comes at an average and affordable price that golfers would love to have.

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