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At a Glance

  • Model: TaylorMade SIM Driver
  • Inertia Generator for improved aerodynamics and maximum launch
  • Progressive Face Height for a more appropriate sized face
  • Asymmetric Shape for increased club head speed
  • Speed-Injected Twist Face for maximum ball speed, assisting in distance

TaylorMade has finally decided to change to Shape in Motion (SIM) clubs after several generations of M-drivers have passed. But TaylorMade still retains the Tour Model feature, which is the weight in a sliding track.

But just a heads up, the adjustability of the TaylorMade SIM Driver had been leveled down compared to the M5 edition.

Is the TaylorMade Driver worth buying? Is there anything exciting about this driver? Find out more of its features and specifications as you read further.

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TaylorMade SIM Driver Review

Technology Used

Other than the mentioned features above (the Inertia Generator and Progressive Face Height), the SIM Driver is also equipped with past game-improvement technologies. The Inverted Cone Technology, the Twist Face, and the Speed Pocket are all included in the bill.

TaylorMade stuck to these revolutionary technologies because they are proven to be very helpful for golfers and for successful game improvements, as well as the pleasing forgiveness and ball speed they offer.

Apart from these revolutionary technologies, the SIM Driver also has a Speed Injected Twist Face technology. It is a combination of Twist Face and Speed Injection to assist the COR to bring it right up to its legal limit, which is 0.83.

There is a special resin is injected into the driver’s two blue areas, located low on the face, which helps stiffen the face to make it less flexible.

All of these provide the legal speed limit of the driver’s face, more distance, and the maximum ball speed.

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An Adjustable Sliding Weight is also part of the technology which allows you to shift the weight to the toe or heel, with 20 yards of fade bias or draw. A Multi-Material Construction is included for a higher moment of inertia and less spin, located in the low and back of the head.


The TaylorMade SIM Driver features a carbon fiber crown, with the white lining being the most noticeable design, and a few touches of blue hues.

The crown is the club’s most noticeable part. It is where people can tell if it has a lot going on, or is just too plain to notice. 


The SIM Driver has that common framing on its face which golfers like because the look is not too complicated. The crown also has that SIM name written in the hosel, plus a web design.

Upon the address, the SIM driver looks common to a typical modern driver because it has that simple, compact side. And if we’re going to compare the SIM l to the SIM Max and the SIM Max D, it has the shortest face that is the shortest from its front to back. It too has divergent top-line masking which makes it look more open upon the address.

When flipped over, the SIM driver’s sole also has an asymmetrical design which grabs the golfers’ attention and is a resemblance to the M Drivers in the past. However, some golfers find the white crowns, asymmetrical sole, and some of the unique details easily overlooked once this driver performs.

TaylorMade also makes further improvements to these drivers in order to give golfers a club that can help them make enhancements without the need to change the head. So the company made thorough research on building a head shape that has more aerodynamics.

The SIM Driver also went into a redesigned process to provide golfers with a club that can produce more speed. And with their newly shaped head, they can easily move the weight a little further back, which was observed to have lesser drag since it generates more clubhead speed.

This club also has an asymmetric design of wonderful airflow streamlines that are strikingly noticeable during the swing. Furthermore, it produces a momentous impact on your swing’s most critical parts. Thus being said, you can count on it as a driver that has the greatest speed impact.


The reason as to why the SIM driver gained popularity is because of its balance between forgiveness and aerodynamics, together with the maximum launch condition and forgiveness.

All thanks to the carbon composite material that is placed at the back of the club’s sole, which is called the ‘Inertia Generator.

TaylorMade’s Inertia Generator feature has distinct differences from some of the similar technologies offered in the past. This feature sits on the sole of the head at a 20 degrees angle. It was made to lessen the drag on the golfer’s downswing. This Inertia Generator is also said to link the player’s swing through an arc which is acquired from where the clubhead is located at the time of the golf swing’s final third.


Some golfers noticed that the TaylorMade SIM driver is more forgiving compared to the M5 model since it had better ball speed in its central area and upon misses. Although honestly, the forgiveness is not elite, this driver is equipped with a more solid upgrade than the previous tour drivers. And in terms of spin and launch, the SIM supplies that slow-spinning and launching.

The SIM driver has that sliding weight that is channeled near its face. It also has less adjustability compared to the M5, which has two weights channeled from heel to toe and front to back. This sliding weight is said to allow 20 yards of fade or draw bias. You may also notice that the weight makes a difference in terms of extremely centered strikes, but is not sufficient enough to preserve a hook or slice.

The Progressive Face Height is another of the SIM driver’s latest features. TaylorMade carefully examined the relationship between impact locations and handicaps. Then all of the three drivers are individually designed to have appropriately sized faces.

Compared to the SIM MAX and the SIM MAX D, the SIM Driver is the smallest of them. And if you put them all right next to each other, you’ll obviously see the difference between them. Visual preference is one of the reasons why golfers choose a club to play. The SIM drivers surely won’t disappoint you with their sophisticated looks.

For the performance, the distance on off-center hits is probably one of the best you can count on the SIM Driver. You can also make use of its movable loft sleeve and weights to maximize the ball flight and distance even more.

SIM Driver will definitely look great in your golf bag while providing you with better performance.


Sound & Feel

A quiet, mid-pitched, and solid sound is what the SIM driver produces, even when indoors.

Mishits are quite difficult to hear but have a reasonable feeling. The impact sound gradually becomes hollow on each miss, yet the pitch doesn’t change drastically. The unique sound and feel all come from TaylorMade’s unique modern-day noise.

The sound and feel of the club are one of the keys to gaining confidence in the course, which the SIM driver also offers.

Playability & Trajectory

The SIM Driver gives a low spin but is, however, counteracted by the center of gravity which is located at its back. This results in a firm mid-ball flight.

But honestly, this will still depend on what kind of swing you’re having. Players that give high swing speeds don’t have trouble maintaining the ball down. So if you feel like you lack trajectory on your every shot, you may have to experiment with different settings of loft speeds.


Some golfers also didn’t notice much bias in terms of ball flight. The SIM Driver is very workable, but the sole’s sliding weight didn’t shoot shape that much. So bear in mind that if you’re having difficulty in a bad slice, you may not stay in the fairway if you keep sliding the weight all through the heel.

On the Course

Playing golf is unpredictable, especially when you’re on the course. Most of the time, the weather is tolerable. But sometimes, it’s windy or rainy.

For the SIM driver, upon impact in wet conditions, the golf ball may seem to run out. But it will still show that distance and accuracy you’ve been aiming for. You may have little fades even if you did not try, but if you want a draw, you may struggle more. But don’t worry because that’s where the assistance of the sliding weights l come in. You can also change the settings before you play each round.

Price Point

TaylorMade’s SIM Driver costs a fair price for a club that is made with excellent technology, providing topmost performance and feel.

Pros & Cons


  • The functional and modern design of the SIM driver appears to do the job as it promises
  • The excellent feel, pleasing sound, and satisfying performance, are the highlights of this club
  • It also delivers topmost performance along the way
  • There’s an obvious distance and ball speed
  • High launching and low spinning


  • The performance it provides is just fairly marginal compared to the M5 and M6 editions, but will still vary on the golfer
  • Some players may need ample tweaking before they receive the topmost results


Q. Is the SIM Driver adjustable?

Yes. Adjusting the SIM driver is easy and simple with the use of the TaylorMade’s torque wrench. Use it to loosen the screw, which you can find in the middle of each weight. After you locate it, just slide these weights into the area you prefer so you can lock it in place. For the finishing work, tighten the screw in place until you hear an audible click sound from the wrench.

Q. Is the SIM Driver worth investing in?

There are plenty of new drivers released. That’s why golfers look for one that offers superior performance compared to the previous editions. The SIM Driver is the model you can count on, especially if you have just the right amount of budget. You won’t regret buying it because of its premium technologies and overall performance.

Q. When did the SIM Driver come out?

The original TaylorMade SIM Driver was first released in the year 2020, January. And from that, TaylorMade always develops the cycle and improvements to the next coming models. SIM2 driver was released in February 2021, then followed by the SIM2, SIM2 Max, and SIM2 Max D.

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Final Thoughts about TaylorMade SIM Driver

The SIM Driver probably is one of the drivers that produce the best distance among the rest. Its weight track and forgiveness are slightly better than the M5 model. However, some golfers find the asymmetrical shape a bit unusual, but this will soon go away once this club performs.

If your swing fits on the low launching spinning profile, you’ll enjoy this club’s sliding weight technology. The ball speed is also remarkable, and it doesn’t sacrifice the accuracy even so.

This club also has impressive looks that are impressive, all at a competitive price. All things considered, the SIM Driver will suit every golfer’s style.

Alternatives to Consider

If you’re looking for other alternatives to consider, here are the top 2 that will suit your preferences best:

TaylorMade SIM MAX Driver

The TaylorMade SIM MAX Driver is best suitable for golfers who are rooting for ample launch and forgiveness, while still maintaining that high impact. 

Larger club face tends to help reduce mis-hits, provides faster ball speed, and maximum distance. High MOI and low CG allows better forgiveness than most clubs.

The price of this club is cheaper than the SIM Driver.

Callaway Mavrik Max Driver

Callaway is one of the well-known companies that also produce impressive clubs. And the Mavrik Max provides a whole new level of optimization and solid sound. The head is also individually crafted to look beautiful with every hit of the ball.

The shape is bigger and gathers attention - all in a good way. Everything in this club, starting from forgiveness and performance to sound and feel, is incredible. Mavrik Max is designed for golfers who are looking for an easier hit and more forgiveness.

There’s no doubt that the Callaway Mavrik Max Driver will look great in your bag and provide you with better performance. A club that is worth investing in, because it can produce an impressive ball speed that is better than other drivers.

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