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At a Glance

  • Model: TaylorMade Kalea Premier Driver
  • Very forgiving
  • High launching
  • Made from lightweight construction
  • Increased moment of inertia
  • Shaped for speed

TaylorMade’s goal for the latest Kalea range is to manufacture the best clubs possible for women that will match their every game style and skills.

This idea was being ran across various countries, asking opinion and survey from women golfers as to what they are seeking in a club to better improve their game. TaylorMade even made an advisory panel where the female PGA pros are there. All these, as a result, became the company’s one of the best drivers for women.

The TaylorMade Women Kalea Premier Driver is one of the company’s newest women’s set that is built to be easy launching, highly forgiving, and with great forgiveness. Plus, combined with the innovative and advanced technology, this women’s driver will give you the performance you need to match your skill and game.

The company made sure that every club is supported by fully fashioned and Tour-proven technology to provide better big drives off the tee and to generate more clutch putts. Know more about this brilliant driver as you read further.

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TaylorMade Kalea Premier Driver Review

Technology Used

Inverted Cone Technology

This technology depends on the pinpoints performance and the thickness of the face where players needed them the most. And with the optimized and sweet spot, most of the common impact areas are well covered.

Shape In Motion

The Inertia Generator is angled through perfect strategy in order to enhance the aerodynamics from the downswing. Thus promoting an increased clubhead speed, while keeping the optimal moment of inertia.

Thru-Slot Speed Pocket™

TaylorMade's speed pocket™ is tailored to boost ball speeds, while encouraging extra forgiveness on low-face strikes.

Forged Aluminum Ring Construction

Combining the carbon sole together with the saving carbon crown, plus the steel back rear weight that weighs 22 grams, the Women Kalea Premier Driver is built for higher launch and increased forgiveness in order to generate low center of gravity and high moment of inertia.

Twist Face™

The Twist Face™ encourages optimal consistency for those common mishit areas, particularly in the high-toes and low-heel regions of the face.


The TaylorMade Women Kalea Premier Driver has 12 degree loft for the standard size, which is assembled in pieces together with the very lightweight carbon sole and crown.

The 22 grams of steel back weight will also help you get the ball up in the air higher. The Speed Pocket technology can be seen behind the face, which helps increase the sweet spot so you can have the extra boost you need for the ball speed, as well as the extra level of forgiveness for low face strikes.

The all in all weight of the Women Kalea Premier Driver is 10 grams lighter compared to Kalea 3 driver, which is its predecessor. This makes it easy for slow swingers to acquire more yards when off the tee.

When aesthetically speaking, the TaylorMade Women Kalea Premier Driver has many design resemblances to the SIM2 drivers. But it’s not really on the negative side, since it only shows how consistent the company is with their visual elements.

The color of this club is also looks exquisite with the vivid dark blue head. There’s also a bold white finish, alongside the accented edging lines that will assist you in accurately focusing your eye when aiming this driver.


The launch capability of the TaylorMade Women Kalea Premier Driver can be described as height, with a great draw-bias flight. Because of this, you can gently shape the ball, whole adding more distance.

Another awesome feature of this driver is that it can be customized to any grip and shaft options that you best prefer. As well as the capability to tweak a lie and loft. Since nowadays, women golfers are becoming more meticulous in choosing clubs just like men. And some players feel that the one-size-suits-all drivers won’t do justice in their games.

Feel & Sound

The TaylorMade Women Kalea Premier Driver has a very light feel, with an impressive balance of weight, making it very smooth and easy to swing. Its large head sits in a sophisticated manner behind the golf ball. And not only does it look good, but it also makes you impossible to miss. A very reliable and perfect golf club if you want to increase your confidence over the ball.

This club makes a satisfying impact sound that makes you want to hit the club again and again. All thanks to the cleverly made design and features in the head.

Mishits on all face’s corners still launch at a decent distance. And most especially, even if you have made a bad swing, you can still keep the ball in good play. This will help you steer clear from long roughs.

And lastly, the enchanting tacky grip is ideal for women that have smaller hands. It’s like everything you want in a driver for women is in the Kalea Premier.

Price Point

Even though the TaylorMade Women Kalea Premier Driver comes at a premium price, it is certainly a great value for money and a fantastic investment, especially for women golfers who want to go to a higher level in their game performance.

When engineers moved the Inertia Generator towards the club’s heel, more spin rates and optimal launch were produced. This also helped with extra distance for golfers that have slow swing speeds.

Pros & Cons


  • Nice looks
  • Impressive distance
  • Fully customizable
  • Reasonable price
  • Easy to hit


  • The crown’s glossy finish is too glary in the sunlight


Q. Is the TaylorMade Women Kalea Premier Driver worth investing in?

Absolutely! Aside from the simple, yet sophisticated design if this club, it also help provides a good amount of distance, ball speed, and versatility that will make lady golfers happy and confident in their game.

Q. What is the material of the TaylorMade Women Kalea Premier Driver?

The Women Kalea Premier Driver has an alloy steel material and silver blue color.

Q. What year did the TaylorMade Women Kalea Premier Driver came out?

In the year 2022, TaylorMade released their Women Kalea Premier Driver.

Q. What is the manufacturer of the TaylorMade Women Kalea Premier Driver?

Aside from the obvious TaylorMade being Kalea Premier’s manufacturer, Adidas golf company is also part of it.

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Final Thoughts about TaylorMade Kalea Premier Driver

When talking about innovation and upgrade for women’s golf clubs, the TaylorMade Women Kalea Premier Driver took it to the next level.

It is beautifully designed and delicately crafted to generate precise performance and accurate distance that will suit the majority of the lady golfers. Surely it’s a kind of driver that will capture your eyes with aesthetic styling and impressive performance.

Many golfers find this driver long, but nevertheless supplies a soft draw, while feeling powerful when struck from a large area.

Alternatives to Consider

Callaway Rogue ST Max Driver

The Callaway Rogue ST Max Driver was one of 2022’s best releases in drivers. For women golfers, it provides a good stability at impact and higher ball flight.

It also has the highest moment of inertia that TaylorMade has manufactured for lady golfers. Thus, providing slower swing speeds, they need to acquire the right forgiveness, without sacrificing the ball speed.

And with all the buzz regarding the Tungsten being equipped in golf clubs, Callaway engineers also decided to put this is their Rogue ST Max Driver. This repositions the 26 grams of weight deep and low in the club’s head, resulting in greater stability and more speed at every impact. As per lady golfers, they experienced excellent distance results. There are also a variety of shafts and lofts for them to choose from.

Cleveland Launcher XL Lite Driver

The Cleveland Launcher XL Lite Driver provides excellent performance for lady golfers as well as senior women golfers too. The company makes use of the driver’s weight in order to provide optimal forgiveness.

This club is also lighter compared to the previous models, making it smoother to release and turn the club at each impact. This is also one of the reasons why it makes a great alternative for women. The Launcher XL Lite also has a larger head. So if you’re the type of player who gets bothered about missing the clubface’s center, this driver makes a splendid choice.

The Cleveland Launcher XL Lite Driver has some interesting technologies too, like the new binded hosel. This helps give a highly lightweight performance, which makes it beneficial for women golfers to add additional distance. Its accuracy is also noteworthy. The lower weight will give ladies a better idea about where the face is, in order to provide a fuller and more complete swing for overall accuracy.

Price value speaking, this club wins the value content for being one of the most reasonably priced driver for women. With this much technology, it will be difficult to find a driver at this price point.

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