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At a Glance

  • Model: Pinemeadow Wedge
  • Sleek Design
  • Affordable Price
  • Larger Face Profile
  • Wide Sole
  • Dark Tumble Finish

Whether you’re an amateur or a pro in golf, looking for a new wedge that will match your skill and suit your style can be difficult. There are thousands of options in the market and it would really take some time and practice before you understand each concept, such as the grind and bounce. And not just time, choosing the most fitting loft can be a trouble too.

That’s why the Pinemeadow Wedge is here to make your buying decision easier and your time valuable.

The Pinemeadow Wedge is pretty straightforward. It has clean & simple looks, very forgiving, and comes in plenty of lofts to choose from. It offers a reasonable price too.

But what about its technology and performance? Is it worth buying? Well, to give you a bit of a background about the company, Pinemeadow has long been manufacturing golf clubs, and they have already built thousands of golf equipment every year.

They belong to the top 10 in demand golf club makers in the US, and Pinemeadow Wedge is one of their best.

This company is doing an excellent job at building clone clubs. That’s why they offer affordable price ranges, which are perfect if you’re on a budget. Clone clubs are similar to premium and brand name ones like Titleist and Callaway.

Let’s dig deeper at what more the Pinemeadow Wedge offers.

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Pinemeadow Wedge Review

Technology Used

Dark Tumble Finish

The black finish of the Pinemeadow Wedge is ‘the Dark Tumble’ and is combined with a sweet spot, making the Pinemeadow Wedge more reliable and successful.

High Quality Steel Shaft

The Pinemeadow Wedge is built with high-quality standard procedure from the steel Apollo®. This is a 125 grams shaft that produces low to mid kick points, perfect for amateur to average players.


The Pinemeadow Wedge features a black, sleek finish. Some golfers find this a drawback since the finish may wear off easily compared to other standard wedge-finish in the market.

But don’t worry because Pinemeadow is known to be one of the reputable brands that supplies high-quality and durable wedges.

This club has a classic and basic design. Perfect for those who are after a no-frills wedge. So whether you’re a tight-handed or a left-handed, a man or a woman, you will definitely make the most out of the Pinemeadow Wedge.

Standing out if this club is the bold, yellow logo that contrasts to the light black / dark grey color of the clubface.

It too has a glossy look that makes it appear more sleek and professional. Best fitting if you’re looking for a more professional-looking wedge.

Its stainless steel shaft is also shiny and glossy and also feels smooth to touch. Overall, you’ll get a classically stylish look on this wedge.


Since the Pinemeadow Wedge has a larger face profile, it can make the toughest lies appear easy and normal. This will absolutely up your performance and add confidence to your game.

This is because technically, the larger surface the face has, the more area golfers can hit. This is also hugely beneficial if you’re a newbie.

The wide sole of this wedge has a tested and proven bounce design and shape. Thus, helping you shape your shots and providing more accuracy in any kind of lies.

With this, you can effortlessly get under the ball in order to gain an ultra high loft, and you can still have enough of the club to help you have better control of the ball, even the roughest and sandiest bunkers.


The Pinemeadow Wedge’s face area is sturdier and sizeable compared to almost any wedges out there.

It has a 68 degree loft, which is a rare find, because some wedge companies already stopped making lofts of 60 degrees. But some still make 64, while very few makes 68.

Golfers would love the 68 degree loft, particularly those who have difficulty getting over the bunker’s lip. The substantial loft amount on this wedge is enough to supply great forgiveness and is quite easier to get out.

Sound & Feel

Generally, every time you head on the lower priced wedges, the feel gets affected. The equipment doesn’t feel extremely bad. It’s just they don’t perform as well as the Pinemeadow Wedge.

If you are only playing with a pitching wedge and lack a good wedge in your bag, having a 56-degree wedge will be a tremendous help in terms of sound, feel, and performance.

The Pinemeadow Wedge has a firm feel and pleasing sound. Try comparing to other wedges in the market so you will know the difference.

Loft Options

The Pinemeadow Wedge has five different lofts that you can choose from. It is also available for women’s shafts.

52 degrees is the standard gap wedge, 56 degrees is the sand wedge, and 60 degrees is the lob wedge. You can purchase a set of three wedges of 52, 56, and 60 if you feel they’re the right set for you.

Price Point

The Price of the Pinemeadow golf wedge is too hard to believe. It  costs lower than other wedges in the market if you’re going to look at its technologies.

This is why some golfers worry if the materials lack quality due to the price. But actually, the black head finish is all you need to worry about. Other than that, the grip, shaft, and clubhead are all good.

Pros & Cons


  • Plenty of loft options
  • Perfect wedge preference if you’re on budget
  • User-friendly
  • Great for newbie to average golfers
  • Simple and classic looking


  • The black finish may wear off a bit faster
  • Some golfers complain that it’s a heavy wedge


Q. Who is the Pinemeadow Wedge aimed for? 

The Pinemeadow Wedge is built for mid to high handicappers. This is because the grooves are not that high-performing and the shafts are not heavy enough for scratch players.

Q. What is the shaft of the Pinemeadow Wedge?

The shaft of the Pinemeadow Wedge has a mid kick point with a 125-gram steel shaft, which is great for beginners, since it isn’t too light. As a newbie in golf, you’ll need more weight on your wedge to assist you in striking down and through the golf ball.

Q. How forgiving is the Pinemeadow Wedge?

Using the Pinemeadow Wedge around the greens will certainly help you enhance your short game. But in my honest opinion, forgiveness is not that much. You can still find other wedges that have better forgiveness, but you will surely pay a price for that.

Q. Is the Pinemeadow Wedge a good value for money?

The Pinemeadow Wedge is your best find due to its affordable price and good looks. Yes, you may acquire the same results as other wedges, but the price won’t be as affordable as this one.

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Final Thoughts about Pinemeadow Wedge Review

Looking back at all the details mentioned in this review, clearly the Pinemeadow is not a bad purchase. It is a great value for money and you can get brilliant performance out of it.

However, if you are looking for a wedge that has tour-level performance, this wedge may not be the best for you. Because in the world of golf equipment, generally, you will get what you paid for.

If you are seeking your first wedge, the Pinemeadow is a great first choice. It is easy to use and very affordable. Then you can work your way up to TaylorMade, Callaway, or Titleist whenever you’re ready.

Alternatives to Consider

Cleveland Golf CBX 2 Wedge

The Cleveland Golf CBX 2 Wedge has that traditional blade-style wedge look. It has that noticeable wider sole and significantly larger face.

In terms of full shits, this wedge can beautifully launch the ball in the air promptly. From the fairway or the rough, with the help of the CBX 2 Wedge, your well-struck shots can get really high.

The Cleveland Golf CBX2 Wedge has a stunning, zippy-looking mill pattern that helps create high-spinning shots.

The CBX2 produces a crisp ‘tock’ sound, whereas the feel is really nice. It may not be as buttery soft like those blade-style wedges that are forged. Because of this, the feedback on strike location is clearer and the ball will smoothly roll out to the greens.

This wedge is also very simple in terms of loft, grind, and bounce preference. Plus, it’s a highly versatile club that you can easily use, just like the Pinemeadow Wedge.

Wilson Harmonized Golf Wedge

The Wilson Harmonized Wedge is perfect for mod to high handicap players. It has aggressive grooves and brilliant forgiveness, suitable for golfers in want of greater confidence for shots around greens.

The look of this clubhead is neat and sleek, specifically built for versatility and forgiveness. Its black finish helps players gain the best look for their shot and provides less glare around the greens. And because of the aggressive grooves, bounce angles have become more versatile.

The Wilson Golf Harmonized will work with any kinds of golf shots. If you’re a lower handicapper, just like the Pinemeadow Wedge, this club is for you. It has massive forgiveness that you will struggle with when it comes to dialling in shots that will be highly required in your game.

This club also features a wedge flex that is made of standard steel — a mid-weight steel material that is as stiff as a robust, traditional steel shaft.

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