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At a Glance

  • Model: Pinemeadow Golf PGX Putter
  • The white finish makes an excellent contrast against green grass
  • Headcover can be customized
  • Allows easy and smooth alignment for player
  • Tour-weight
  • Comes with a ball picker

Do you want to purchase a putter but the cost of it bothers you?
Are you one of those golfers who’s tired of spending another penny just to help their ball shoot in the hole quicker?
Are you budget-conscious?
If all of these fit you, then the Pinemeadow Golf PGX Putter got your back!

Almost all putters are designed to look like premium, high-end brands. This means that if you want to get the fancy look, impressive feel, and maximum performance, the cost is usually high.

Now, for the Pinemeadow PGX Putter, it is a mallet putter that is designed for mid to high handicappers. If you are having tough luck with a blade and also don’t want to spend a lot seeking out a mallet, this putter could be the perfect one for you.

But will it really be a good fit and assistance to your game? Find out more as you read further.

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Pinemeadow Golf PGX Putter Review

Technology Used

Pinemeadow Golf Men PGX Putter Review

Details and functionality for each is discussed further in the review.

  • Precise white finish
  • Tour-weighted (additional 40 grams) weight mallet
  • Includes the signature PGX headcover
  • Alignments lines for easy focus on the target


Pinemeadow Golf Men PGX Putter Review

The Pinemeadow Golf Men PGX Putter features a sharp-looking white finish, making it easily noticeable on the course. This design is also perfect for golfers who are in need of a sharply defined contrast that will help with proper stroke and alignment.

This alignment feature works by improving the golfers’ position as they perform their strokes. It can also help retain your putter within the target.

This putter comes with a 34-inch length in standard. And given the fact that it is a value brand, there’s no way you can purchase them at a golf club's custom. So if you want a different length, you have to ask the local retailer to make it for you.

To detail the benefit of the adjustable head cover, you’ll have the choice to design what you would want your putter’s head to look like.


For amateurs, at first, they may find this putter heavy. But with consistent practice, they will eventually get used to it.

Weighing 380 grams, plus 40 grams for the mallet’s head, the Pinemeadow Golf Men PGX Putter weights 420 grams in total. And for a very long time, golfers have been seeking a putter that is tour-weighted. Great thing this putter is here to attend to their wants.

 You will never find a putter that has satisfactory quality, lower than the Pinemeadow Golf Men PGX Putter. This is assuredly a best value-price option for mid to high handicaps, but not ideal for low handicappers.
Pinemeadow Golf Men PGX Putter Review

The Pinemeadow Golf Men PGX Putters’ weight makes it highly suitable for faster greens.

In terms of choosing the best putter for your game, of course you would want one that provides assistance for alignment likes. There are plenty of brilliant golfers out there that still have troubles when it comes to alignment.

So this is where the Pinemeadow Golf Men PGX Putter comes in. It is packed with sufficient aiming lines, located on its white finish. The lines are carefully extended across the club head’s entire top. This is very beneficial for those who have straight through putting stroke, as well as those who have a straight back.

Sound & Feel

Pinemeadow Golf Men PGX Putter Review

Even though the Pinemeadow Golf Men PGX Putter comes at a low price, the sound it produces is above average. It’s not clunky but doesn’t click much like a Scotty Cameron either.

A mallet putter feels a little stronger upon impact, compared to a blade. Same goes to the Pinemeadow Golf Men PGX Putter.

Price Point

Pros & Cons


  • Very affordable
  • Has trendy style
  • Provides quality performance
  • Headcover can be adjusted


  • The painted exterior could bring imperfect shots
  • May be too heavy for lightweight putters or newbies
  • The white color can be stained easily


Q. What makes a PGX a good brand?

PGX is a brand that is as good as anything on the golf market nowadays. You can get the almost similar level of performance, feel, and forgiveness as the premium brands, but at a more affordable price.

Q. What is a mallet putter for?

Mallet putters are known for their large heads that come in a variety of sizes and shapes. The most ordinary mallet putter head shapes are the semi-circle or square design, which is also called the half-moon shape. Whilst, the traditional mallet putter features a rounded back or square look.

Mallet putters help golfers to gain a good balance and stability in their strokes. They also assist in the weight distribution to be provided over the larger area. The more modern or newer design of the mallet putter features a larger, flat-stick head. The size also authorizes a more detailed look for aiming aids.

Q. Which is better, a light putter or a heavy putter?

In the world of golf equipment, the lighter the club is, the easier it can be used, which also makes it better than heavier ones.

But when it comes to putters, the heavier one is better than the lighter one. A putter’s head weight is also its swing weight. This allows the sufficient feel of a putter, which is an essential and major factor for distance control.

So if you’re ever caught up deciding which one to choose, opt for the ‘too heavy’ rather than the ‘too light’.

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Q. Are expensive putters more preferable than cheaper ones?

Majority of the expensive putters provide a more innovative technology and advanced performance, like greater forgiveness and stability for off-center hits. After all, they are expensive, that’s why they offer that kind of performance.

Most cheaper putters have basic technologies, with less high-tech features. Of course, the performance is not that outstanding compared to the high-end models.

But, great news is, there are putters that come at a very affordable price but with almost similar techs, looks, and performance as the expensive ones. You can start with the Pinemeadow for that matter.

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Final Thoughts about Pinemeadow Golf PGX Putter

If you want to keep your game-improving experience cost down, but with the consistent mallet-style of a putter, then the Pinemeadow Golf Men PGX Putter is for you.

This putter offers a premium consistency, weighting, and feel that every golfer has in mind. You’ll never go wrong having one, especially to the customizable head cover and superb features.

The Pinemeadow Golf Men PGX Putter truly proves that there’s more to it than meets the price. It will assist you through high-loft wedges, while giving that impressive tour-weight highlight. All the features of this putter generate a responsive swing each time you execute a stroke around the greens. With it, you’ll feel confident, skilled, and empowered.

Also, the Pinemeadow PGX is very versatile, making it a splendid choice for beginners. If you’re new to golfing, this putter greatly helps in alignment. There is only a minimal chance that your ball won’t be in that hole.

And since you’re a beginner, playing could be new and tough for you. But as soon as you’re used to the ropes, you will gain the best low score when using the Pinemeadow Golf Men PGX. It won’t be that tough to realize the obstacles you may see during the game.

Alternatives to Consider

Choosing the best putter for you is not an easy thing to do. We understand that you may want to look for other alternatives that match the performance of the Pinemeadow Golf Men PGX Putter. So here are our top 2 most recommended:

Odyssey White Hot OG Putter

The Odyssey White Hot OG Putter has been innovated together with aesthetic looks and remarkable improvements, with of course, keeping the White Hot look and feel.

This premium putter is equipped with the Stroke Lab Shaft that provides the combination of modern style and counterbalanced feel that you’ll surely love.

Odyssey’s engineers make use of surface milling and PVD finish to blend a more sophisticated and high-end look to the classic lines on this putter’s head.

If you’ll use premium golf balls, the Odyssey White Hot OG Putter will produce its signature solid, yet soft feel each impact.

Cobra King Vintage Sport-60 Putter

The Cobra King Vintage Sport-60 Putter highlights its traditionally-classic blade that matches golfers with notable arc putting strokes, who are also rooting topmost control on short and long putts.

It has an adjustable weight system, a 304 stainless steel body, and SIK Face tech that helps generate that decent feel and tuned stability, combined with roll consistency.

Furthermore, the aluminum face insert that is in this putter presents a Descending Loft Technology to help supply straighter and excellent feel for more consistent putts.

A consistent launch of 1.5 degrees that is helpful for every type of stroke is also being credited to the SIK Golf’s patented Descending Loft Technology. Meaning, whether you have a descending, ascending, or neutral attack angle, each put will still give you that consistent trajectory and launch.

The best part about purchasing in Cobra is having the advantage to use the Arccos Caddie Smart Sensors. Each putter has this feature and embedded sensors that will sync on your smart device when being downloaded from the Across Caddie app.

All you need to do is to pair your putter with the app, and you will receive in-depth gained analysis for your strokes.

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