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At a Glance

  • Model: Odyssey Red Ball Putter
  • High contrast color scheme
  • Red Ball for easier alignment
  • Greater forgiveness from a mallet shape
  • White Hot feel and sound

For the past few years, Odyssey continues to innovate by using a wide array of technological and visual development to create a putter that has better aim. So, starting from the DART, to more Versa-colored projects, their engineers never failed to think outside the box. And Odyssey Red Ball Putter goes a deeper improvement by combining the goodness of set-up position and aim.

The Odyssey Red Ball Putter brings another contribution to the world of putters. It is created to enhance your alignment and set up, all thanks to its very forgiving head.

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Odyssey Red Ball Putter Review

Technology Used

The Odyssey Red Ball Putter features a classic White Hot Material, combined with the mesh pattern style to make it feel and sound slightly softer compared to the flat White Hot. This tech is fairly firmer, as some golfers said it is.

But if you’re familiar with all the Odyssey Putters, then you may say that it is softer than those White Hot Microhinge faces, or the EXO models.

Odyssey Red Ball Putter Review

But just a heads up, the mesh-like blades may get caught up a little in the grass. So if you have OCD, this may bother you, and all the cleaning.

The Versa technology is also part of this putter, which greatly helps in the alignment. Whilst the Metal-X Milled range assists in providing a genuine roll-off the milled face.

In addition to that is the classic 2-Ball design that contributes to the stability weighting.


Having the precise alignment is surely one technique to execute a good putting. That also means your eyes must be in the right place and your posture is flawless. And this is where the Red Eye design comes in.

Although Odyssey is not the only brand to have this, they surely made this feature visually simple and attractive. The sole of this putter highlights a little red ball that is also seen through a round scope at the address.

Odyssey Red Ball Putter Review

So if you get your eyes over the ball and your posture correctly, the red ball will pop up impeccably at the center of the scope.

The Odyssey Red Ball putter features a neo-mallet that is rounded and slightly triangular. While its middle flange has been pulled out to reduce the weight and increase the moment of inertia.

Moving on to the aiming capability, this putter has a white top line that is thin and surrounded by a raised, white horshoe. The flange’s read also has a white strip that looks thick, which copies the whole Versa look.

The Red Ball is located on the flange, with a black ring inside the horshoe and elevated just on top of it. So if you surround the ball around this ring, you’ll achieve the right address position.

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The crown of this putter is also packed with another form of Versa design that assists players to align the putter properly upon the address. This look is quite a continuation of the white perpendicular line, located along the sole of a cutting-edge putter, by and Callaway would just innovate in their Red Ball.

And even though this putter has a 3° loft, its face is more noticeable upon the address. This can be because of the hosel position. Yet, the whole Red Ball visual aspects will provide you everything you need at its best, to have the confidence you need.

All in all, this putter feels exceptional at impact, together with its well-balanced look and stability.

Sound & Feel

The head of the Odyssey Red Ball Putter has a mallet with a moment of inertia, which is an extra of 5300 g/cm2. And similar to the Odyssey EXO Range, that utilizes the empty space in the design’s middle area to transition the weight to the head’s edge to provide a stable feel. This also gives a delightful sound upon impact.

Odyssey Red Ball Putter Review

And since this putter also makes use of the White Hot RX Insert, its feel is very accommodating and familiar to plenty of players. This White Hot RX is very firm for an insert. But this is not something to be bothered at all.

Because of the stable head and the firm insert, a very little feedback is felt in terms of the stroke quality. Therefore, if you strike the ball all the way on the toe or heel, you will feel a slight twist. Yet, don’t worry because the minor mishits are still covered up.

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The Odyssey Red Ball Putter is one of the simplest and fun alignment systems in the market. If the red ball went to the front or back of the circle, then that could be the hand position, rather the head position. That means the whole ball position and posture package can be potentially worked with this putter.

Yet, I will still advise that you should assure the position of the sole’s putter on the ground. It should be laid flat before you align your eyes, because it is feasible to align your eyes and cheat the process on a putter that is faced toe up. Or that will be bad.

You may refer to this putter as a face balanced edition. But going with the trend nowadays, the Odyssey Red Ball Putter features a slight toe hang that assists golfers who only have a few arcs in their strokes. It’s also easy to enter the ball in the ring, but quite difficult to win it right. But not to worry because with the Versa paint scheme, the aim will feel easier.

Odyssey Red Ball Putter Review

It is highly important for players to get the proper lie angle and length, or else the Red Ball will automatically force them into a different or wrong spot. But if it’s well-fit, the Red Ball will serve as a tremendous tool for accurate positioning.

Hence, if you want to take the Odyssey Red Ball Putter to the course, you have to have focus and discipline on your goal in making the right putt.


One of the things you can assure for the Odyssey Red Ball Putter is that it is very forgiving. As a result, if you strike the ball in any place near the middle of the face, it will go to the hole in a line, closer to what you’re aiming for.

Lastly, one of the things you need to consider is whether this putter will match your stroke. If you have an arcing stroke, you must examine carefully whether your alignment is worth utilizing the Odyssey Red Ball Putter or if it will go against your natural tendencies.

Price Point

The Odyssey Red Ball Putter has a competitive and reasonable price for the features and performance it offers.

Pros & Cons


  • Serves as an excellent putter
  • Red Ball really works in the alignment aid
  • Has impressive looks
  • Very forgiving
  • Feel is very good upon the address
  • Weight is good
  • Value for money


  • Head may be too big for some golfers
  • May take more time to get used to the alignment aid


Q. When did the Odyssey Red Ball Putter come out?

The Odyssey Red Ball Putter was launched in the UK and US on July 20, 2018.

Q. What are the lofts available for the Odyssey Red Ball Putter?

The Odyssey Red Ball Putter is available in 3° left and right-handed lofts. Mallet is also its putter shape, with a moment of inertia of 300g/cm².

Q. What is the club length of the Odyssey Red Ball Putter?

34-35 inches is the club length of the Odyssey Red Ball Putter.

Q. What is the shaft type and grip of the Odyssey Red Ball Putter?

Steel is the shaft type of the Odyssey Red Ball Putter, while Odyssey DFX is its grip type.

Q. Is Odyssey a worth it putter?

Odyssey Putters are the number one putter in golf, and rated as the number one Putters on Tour. The company supplies a brilliant selection of putters for golfers to choose from. The Versa range helps with the stability weighting too, giving excellent performance.

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Final Thoughts about Odyssey Red Ball Putter

The Odyssey Red Ball Putter is especially designed to improve two of the most important things: proper alignment and set up.

Having the correct alignment and setup is highly essential for every golfer. And with this putter’s innovative design, you can properly position over the ball.

The company also put the distinct Red Ball inside the putter’s scope for the purpose of easy alignment of the face for the deliberate starting line on each putt. And alongside the white and black framing from the powerful and high contrast Versa technology alignment, this very forgiving mallet will surely win a spot in your golf equipment.

Alternatives to Consider

Wilson Staff Infinite Buckingham Putter

The Wilson Staff Infinite Buckingham Putter is known for its popular and noticeable head shape. This putter is equipped with counterbalance technology, alongside the heavier grip weights and head. Moving the balance point near to the hands for a more controlled and smoother putting stroke.

It also features an oversized grip that is helpful for golfers who want to engage in the claw technique, or for those who are looking for a softer feel. The Wilson Staff Infinite Buckingham Putter comes at a competitive price with a premium design.

Scotty Cameron Phantom X 12.5 Putter

The Scotty Cameron Phantom X 12 Putter is one of the most forgiving putters in the updated lists of the year. And just like the premium Phantom range, it too is a wingback mallet, built for stability all throughout the putting stroke.

It has a very large head with a black aluminum face, which is being assisted by the heavier silver steel wings. This generates topmost forgiveness and moment of inertia, being an easy and light putter to use.

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