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At a Glance

  • Model: Odyssey Golf Eleven Putter
  • New sole design
  • Has three alignment options to choose from
  • White Hot Insert
  • Lighter and steadier Stroke Lab Shaft
  • Graphite steel composition

Starting with a trivia: did you know that the higher the number of the Odyssey Putter is, the easier it can be used and the more forgiving it can be?

The Odyssey Ten Putter last year became big and successful, and this year, the Eleven Putter came up. Continue reading to know further details about it and what makes it worth purchasing.

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Odyssey Golf Eleven Putter Review

Technology Used

White Hot Insert

The Odyssey Golf Eleven Putter has been given a mallet technology restyle. The microhinges that are placed on the face’s insert that are seen in the 2-Ball Gen Putter have been replaced by the revolutionary White Hot Insert.

This putter has a square shape, which is inspired by the TaylorMade Spider, but still looks flat, like the Ten model.

Three versions are at hand for you to choose from where all are designed around aim and alignment:

1. The Triple Track Callaway that shows white, blue, and red stripe alignment aid built with two hosel preferences.

2. The Standard that has a slanted hosel with a clean head.

3. The Tour Lined that has a white and single horizontal line, with three different hosel preferences.

The 21-year-old technology — urethane White Hot Insert is known as the most popular putter face. It is packed with all the original sound and feel that every golfer would love and appreciate.

Updated Red Stroke Lab Shaft

The more innovated Red Stroke Lab Shaft shows a shortened steel section that allows Odyssey’s engineers to save seven grams of weight. While the shaft has improved to a stiffer version for added stability in the strike and swing location.

The center of gravity is pushed forward to roughly ¼ of an inch more than other leading mallets. This development greatly increases the inertia, which also favoured the dispersion and performance of the blade.

A more Lightweight TPU Insert

Since the weight is not needed for the sole, the lighter weight of the TPU Insert allows the center of gravity to be set to a more optimal area, while amplifying the sounds, which can produce a more high-pitch tune to the mallet head.

Crowned Design

The front of the crowned style is wider, then trails off to the head’s back. It also has square lines, rather than a more rounded head like the 2-Ball. Whilst the black and blank crown gives ample space for the Triple Black or Tour Lined alignment aid.

To conclude, the Odyssey’s Golf Eleven Putter is packed with more advanced technologies than the Ten and lower models. The mallet’s unique shape is built to frame the ball easily upon the address. And the added perimeter weighting and larger shape make sure you are properly squared to your target line and boosting the forgiveness.


The Odyssey Golf Eleven Putter has a quite similar look to the TaylorMade Spider, which seems lower to the ground and flattened.

It has a matte black color and you can see the TPU sole insert that is color white, alongside the Odyssey and Eleven logo printed  when you flip the head over.

The design of this shape permits the mass to be evenly distributed to the areas that are needed the most. You can also notice the weights being screwed at the front section of the head in the toe and heel, plus at the center of the rear too.

The Triple Track version has the same head as the Eleven, however, has blue, red, and white lines situated at the crown. There’s also an oversized grip that can be beneficial in terms of forgiveness and alignment. All these will improve dispersion so that the ball will get on the starting line accurately. 

As previously mentioned to the technology section, the Eleven Golf Putter has a White Hot Insert that weights 365 grams. This design is the same as last year’s Toulon Design Mallets and OG 2-Ball.

Since the microhinge on the face is gone, it has been replaced by the urethane insert, on which improves the sound and feel consistently.

The Eleven has a square and wide shape that visually looks to swing back. But in terms of performance, the stability is amazing. That’s why it can be quite laborous to make this head sway off and rotate to the aimed swing arc.

If you’re a player that frequently uses a mallet, swinging equipment at a large area will need more to get used to, and can be distracting sometimes. But if you practice consistently, you’ll eventually get used to it.


As per Callaway’s research statistics, 70% of golfers (or even more than) tend to face the right of the target and aim their feet when performing a putting.

This mostly happens because their right eye is more dominant (or vice versa for lefties). This is where the alignment designs like the 2-Ball and the Triple Black come in, which can be really helpful, too.

To hole the putts successfully, there are three major components you should know — starting the ball on line, reading the green, and the speed.

The Odyssey’s alignment aid, together with the reliable face and lower center of gravity, will greatly help you with points 2 and 3. You just need to read green properly and be familiarized with it so you can make more putts.

Just a heads up, it may take you more time to get familiarized in looking down the flat and big head of the Eleven, most especially if you spend many years using a blade putter. But surely, once you get over this hurdle, it will highly improve your performance.

Sound & Feel

Aside from the performance it brings, the red Stroke Lab Shaft and White Hot Insert ensure great feedback and a pleasing feel.

The super lightweight TPU Insert that is being equipped to the putter’s sole helps fine-tune the sound and feel, without the need to add a lot of weight to the middle of the club’s war.

The Odyssey Eleven Golf Putter also feels consistent and soft with each putt. Most players that have hit a putter equipped with the White Hot Insert technology will definitely know its signature feel. So expect this putter to have a consistent and soft feel, alongside the muted sound each time you’re on the green.

Price Point

The Odyssey Eleven Golf Putter comes at a reasonable price that is also close to the price range of other best-performing putters out there.

Pros & Cons


  • Nice grip
  • Shape is confidence-inspiring
  • Great alignment options
  • Outstanding stability
  • The Stroke Lab Shaft supplies sufficient forgiveness
  • White Hot Insert is a big win


  • Some players prefer the darker head for the other models
  • The big footprint may not appeal to every golfer


Q. Who is the Odyssey Eleven Golf Putter aimed for?

The Odyssey Eleven Golf Putter is not aimed for one particular type of player only. If you are selecting what head you prefer, the more you have difficulty in lining up your putting head, the more alignment aid you may need.

And since the Eleven putter doesn’t have an option for left-handed golfers, it will only be untended for right-handed ones. So if you’re a leftie, you have to choose the Triple Pack or the Tour Lined model instead.

Q. What makes the Odyssey Eleven Golf a good putter?

The Odyssey Eleven Golf Putter has prominent features and looks. For its size, it is strikingly nimble. The new sole design aids in putting the weight forward in the toe and heel to aid the putter’s face to square through the impact.

The three alignment options are a big help too, while the White Hot Insert possesses a responsive and soft sound & feel upon impact, which Tour players would absolutely love.

The Stroke Lab Shaft that is more stable and lighter, and is also where the graphite-steel composition is being redistributed close to the hands, provides greater tempo, better consistency, and precise impact location.

All of these aspects are what make the Odyssey Eleven Golf a great putter.

Q. Is the Odyssey Eleven Golf Putter better than the Ten?

For players that struggle with the Ten’s putter, pushing the ball to the right and feeling open at impact will definitely find the Eleven model more accurate. The feedback of the Eleven Putter is really great based on the Tour Lined S testing. Thus, also making it the third best overall putters of 2022.

Q. Are Odyssey Putters owned by Callaway?

Some may find this confusing, but yes. Odyssey is part of Callaway too.

Callaway Golf includes five of the most powerful brands: Callaway. Ogio, Toulon Design, Travis Mathew, and Odyssey. These brands provide everything that players need in terms of golf bags, footwear, golf balls, apparel, accessories, and, of course, clubs.

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Final Thoughts about Odyssey Golf Eleven Putter

The Odyssey Eleven Golf Putter bestows a high moment of inertia, with great preferences of hostels, and alignment lines to provide greater consistency for off center strikes.

And although this putter may not be the most ideal shape or color for some players, it is extremely useful and reliable. That’s why you’ll see plenty of winning players that use this similar putter.

Overall, I still prefer the Eleven Golf Putter than the Ten. It has great technologies, brilliant sound & feel, and impressive performance.

Alternatives to Consider

PXG 0211 Hellcat Putter

To better complete the lineups of the PXG 2022 0211 golf clubs, the newest line of 0211 putters was created. Belonging to one of the world’s finest putters that come in the friendliest prices.

The 0211 Hellcat Putter, even though it has a simple design, still provides powerful performance. And just like the Odyssey Eleven, this putter is also equipped with generous technologies and game-improving performance ability.

TaylorMade Spider X Putter

The TaylorMade Spider X Putter has a mid-sized profile that also brings high moment of inertia, like the Odyssey Golf Eleven Putter. It also allows you to hole more putts and experience a decent amount of forgiveness, all thanks to the Tru Path alignment line.

The Spider X has great looks, performance, and features. You won’t be disappointed to have this wonderful putter in your bag.

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