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At a Glance

  • Model: Cobra King RADSPEED Driver
  • Forward Biased Radial Weighting
  • CNC Milled Infinity Face
  • Thin-Ply Carbon Wrap Crown
  • T-Bar Chassis
  • Radspeed Driver
  • Sleek Design, Sound, and Feel

Have you been thinking about getting a new driver? Cobra's RADspeed products are an upgraded take on the company's SpeedZone range. You'll be grinning after every shot thanks to the big dog's superior acoustics and improved feel and weight balance over its predecessor.

By moving the split wing-weights closer to the clubface, Cobra improves comfort and control on off-center strokes and increases the likelihood of sending the ball in the intended direction.

The SpeedZone driver line is well-known for its exceptional ball flight, and the RADspeed driver range improves upon that by giving you even more shot consistency while maintaining the SpeedZone's remarkable ball flight.

With that, without further ado, we will take a close look at the Cobra RADspeed and evaluate its features and functionality.

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Cobra King RADSPEED Driver Review

Technology Used

Cobra's RADspeed driver represents the company's cutting edge of technological development. Even though each of the three drivers in the set has a 460cc head, the RAD doesn't make you feel like you're using a monster club. In comparison to previous Cobra big drivers, this one seems more compact, yet it still has the brand's signature enlarged sweet spot.

Cobra Golf King RADSPEED Driver Review

The RADspeed's sound and feel come from the 28 grams of RADial tungsten in the clubface and the 10 grams in the back of the clubhead, respectively. Cobra moves the front weights as far forward as they can go without restricting the infinite clubface's flex.

The RADspeed driver outperforms the RADspeed XB because it utilizes "forward-biased radial weighting" instead of "back-biased radial weighting."

Cobra claims that their new RADspeed driver design is the most versatile in its lineup, allowing for high swing speeds, low launch and spin, and a wide variety of shot striking options. When it comes to spin rate and ball speed, the Cobra RADspeed is among the finest in the business.

With the forward-weighting, you can expect fast ball speeds and low spin rates. The club's forward-weighted design has one major downside, however: it is not as forgiving. On the other hand, when you switch it to the rear, your results will start to change.

Small variations in the results are to be expected with the spin, and they will depend on how you swing the club. Because of its radial weighting, the RADspeed driver feels more balanced in your hands and produces a more solid impact with the ball.


Cobra Golf King RADSPEED Driver Review

I cannot overstate how much I like the Speedzone driver, but I believe the Radspeed looks even better behind the ball. Despite my lack of technical understanding, I find the Radpseed driver's "grounding itself" feature to be quite appealing. It seats itself in the address position with a moderate neutral to open face posture, which I know is a little detail and not something everyone seeks for in a driver.

The topline of the Cobra is wrapped by the CNC milled Infinity face, which improves the club's appearance when addressed. As you examine the clubhouse from the outside, there is one more noteworthy detail to mention.

From the topline to the rear of the crown, there is a thin "T" of black paint. This is due to the fact that Cobra strengthened the driver head by using their metal "T-Bar Speed Chassis" to increase the efficiency with which the club transfers the player's swing's energy onto the ball.

By maintaining its form upon contact, this chassis ensures that the club's kinetic energy is redirected into the ball rather than the club's head.

There is also a stylish red, white, and blue version of the Radspeed available from Cobra.

Sound & Feel

The Radspeed is the first driver from Cobra that I can recall feeling as sturdy and powerful as it does. A CNC-milled Infinity Face is the first step. Cobra claims that milling a single face takes only 25 minutes, allowing them to be far more exact with their tolerances and produce at maximum speed within legal constraints. You can feel the ball exploding off the face, even on fair mishits, and the results are better strokes than you would imagine.

Cobra Golf King RADSPEED Driver Review

Let me now demonstrate the T-Bar I spoke about before. This stiffness across the head contributes to a stronger, more confident feel when striking the ball and provides more nuanced input from the club. In my experience with Cobra clubs, this one immediately stood out as having the most robust and dependable feel. Getting the ball to the sweet spot causes it to have a lot of snap, and once you do, you can feel it really start to go.

Cobra has had front and rear weight adjustments in previous models, but this was the first time I really noticed a change in the club's feel and performance. Cobra's designers put a lot of thought on the placement of the two weights and the movement of the CG to maximize the sense of playability differences between them. It was obvious to me in the way it felt. When I added the 12 gram weight forward to the 16 gram fixed front weight, my performance metrics dropped across the board, including launch and feel, and the club felt very front heavy through impact. Overall, I found that the club performed better for me when I put the 12g weight in the rear.

The sound of the Cobra Radspeed driver is quite similar to the sensation it provides, as would be anticipated. In most cases, a "snap" may be heard from wherever you make contact on its face. It's not the quietest driver in the bunch, but neither is it the loudest, and I won't waste your time trying to convince you otherwise.

The "snap" you hear is exactly what the ball makes when it hits the face, and it's a solid sound. If you locate the Infinity Face's ample sweet spot, you'll get a more mellow tone and a pleasing "whap" from the instrument.


We think Cobra has accomplished its goals with the RADspeed diver. By redistributing your weight forward in your swing, the RADspeed improves your shot accuracy. The launch trajectory is low and the spin is drastically reduced in comparison to other popular driver types.

In fact, you'll discover that it's next to impossible to make a bad shot with the RADspeed, no matter how hard you try. If you want your shot to have more loft, you may need to tee off from a higher position.

Cobra Golf King RADSPEED Driver Review

Whatever your preference, the RADspeed will result in a flatter trajectory for your shot. With this driver, you can always expect a high degree of accuracy and a beautiful arc in the ball's flight. As far as Cobra is concerned, it will be difficult to hit the target with more than 2,500 RPMs of backspin.

Even if you hit the ball off center on the clubface, you still receive a solid, satisfying sensation of contact, which is a big plus in our opinion. Although this provides very little feel across the shaft, which may be troublesome for more experienced players, it is great for beginners who value reliability.

Moreover, the RADspeed allows for incredible velocity on the ball. Cobra says that the typical intermediate who currently achieves a ball speed of 150 mph off the tee can raise this to 165 mph with a fitting setup and some practice with the RADspeed.

In a windy environment, tee shots are more likely to have a harsh descent angle and little roll-out. From the tee, the RAD will allow you to hit the ball faster on average, increasing your carry distance. Experienced golfers should expect 300-plus yards with the RAD.

In the sweet spot, the Cobra RADspeed driver outperforms all others.

Pros & Cons


  • A larger club head provides more forgiveness.
  • Incredibly lightweight carbon fiber halo
  • CNC face with infinite milling for distance and low spin
  • Rear weights that can be changed
  • Forward-biased front and rear weights to increase launch angle


  • Ball control becomes more difficult in all directions
  • You'll want a fast swing speed to get the most out of this club


Q. How Forgiving is Cobra Radspeed?

You'll have to judge the Cobra Radspeed against your own standards to see whether it's lenient or not. The Radspeed is one of the most forgiving low spin drivers available. Both the XB and XD versions are particularly susceptible to this issue. While they might improve your game, they are not as forgiving as high-spin drives.

Q. When did the first version of Cobra Radspeed appear?

In 2021's first month, the Cobra Radspeed was released. Although the Cobra LTDx drivers are more up to date, the Radspeed holds up fairly well.

Q. Does the Cobra Radspeed Perform Well?

When it debuted in 2021, the Cobra Radspeed was miles ahead of the competition. There are better low spin drivers out there today, but this is still a great alternative for the price. It holds its own against the majority of the more costly alternatives.

Q. How is Cobra Radspeed adjusted?

Cobra Radspeed drivers allow for fine-tuning through the interchange of radial weights. You may swap them out to alter the spin rate or make up for a larger draw bias. Replacement weights often include the appropriate tool for removing the old ones.

Similarly, the lofts of the Radspeed may be altered to suit your needs.

Q. Which Cobra Driver offers the most distance?

If you're looking for extra distance, the F-Max is the finest Cobra driver to choose. This driver has a big, lightweight head that allows the golfer to really pound the ball.

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A longer shaft is included to increase the radius of your swing. To give your ball even more momentum, the weights have been moved as far back as they will go.

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Final Thoughts about Cobra King RADSPEED Driver

Overall, we think the Cobra RADspeed is a monster off the tee. With this club, you can count on high levels of consistency, a longer carry, higher ball speeds, and lower launch angles. When you find the sweet spot for your club's speed, you'll routinely nail drives with a 300-yard carry.

Cobra really stepped it up with this model, and if you like the way it looks, it would be a fantastic addition to any beginner's bag or even an option for certain expert players.

Cobra's excellent default setting gives you a lot of room for personalization. The aggressive aesthetic and potentially problematic angle of launch might be off-putting to some. Your shot may not be perfect at first, but with consistent practice, you'll soon be able to iron out any remaining flaws.

Alternatives to Consider

TaylorMade Stealth Driver

One of the greatest drivers available is the TaylorMade Stealth. The innovative Carbon Twist face design provides unprecedented levels of grace under pressure. In contrast to other clubs, this one's face is specifically designed to counteract any errant wrist motions in the closing seconds.

The face is protected with a nano texture polyurethane coating that generates the ideal amount of launch and spin in any weather.

Cobra LTDx Driver

The Cobra LTDx, made by the same company as the Radspeed, is their latest low spin driver. The LTDx improves upon the Radspeed in every way, thanks to the exponential growth of golf club technology.

Radspeed has a driver that will work with your swing. If your golfing handicap is really high, we suggest going with the MAX model. The large clubhead and the additional mass in the back contribute to a high degree of forgiveness and some additional carry.

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