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At a Glance

  • Model: Cobra F9 Speedback Driver
  • Speedback Aero Design for improved airflow and increased aerodynamics
  • CNC Milling for better launch and spin
  • Speedback Weighting for a lower center of gravity, resulting in better shots
  • Cobra Connect Technology for data recording of distance and shots
  • Power Ridges for smoother airflow

A few years ago, Cobra’s drivers were known for their vivid colors and impressive technology. And this year, you can have the best of both worlds in just one driver - the Cobra F9 Speedback Driver.

The F9 Speedback Driver was said to be the first driver to have a low center of gravity and aerodynamic head. These will contribute to more distance, less spin, and faster clubhead.

There are three essential features that make the F9 Speedback Driver stand out from the rest: the high launch, low spinning, and balanced speed. 

Let us tell you more about how this driver performs, its technology, and if it is worth investing in as you read further.

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Cobra F9 Speedback Driver Review

Technology Used

Speedback Aero Design

The yellow areas in the Cobra F9 Speedback Driver are where aerodynamics are for improved airflow. This shows that even though the face is a bit blunt, you can still acquire high wake systems. The process separates the air from the clubhead.

So Cobra came up with the idea that softening and rounding the edges of the front will supply 75% of the aero benefits. The skirt area was also raised a bit at the tail end, which also elevates the crown-making it look like a wing of an airplane.

But, 75 percent of the aerodynamics are gained from the club’s carbon crown that has softer leading edges, which came from the previous model, which is the King F8 driver.

Cobra F9 Speedback Driver Review

CNC Milled Faces

The CNC Milled Face of the Cobra F9 Speedback Driver created a significant level of momentum this year due to a more precise polishing.

The precision milling means that Cobra’s engineers worked harder to accomplish a tighter tolerance and a face that has more precise thickness when compared to traditional drivers that are made from manual hand polishing. This process results in a 3% thinner and 100% lighter face, which generates a better bulge and roll.

Due to the precision of CNC milling, the Cobra F9 Speedback Driver provides a better tune spin and launch that is suitable for attack angles. All thanks to its E9 Speed Tuned Technology, which helps optimize the bottom curvature.

Speedback Weighting

The Cobra F9 Speedback Driver has a multi-material structure that is made of tungsten with a 14g weight. It was designed like this to have a lower center of gravity.

This technology, together with the Speedback Aero, is said to be the two best features of this club. When using this driver, if you raise the skirt, it will also raise the center of gravity. That is why it also has the largest crown that Cobra has ever made.

The titanium crown is 4 grams lighter compared to the competitors in the market that are carbon crowned, and also 13 grams lighter than those traditional titanium crowns. This also saves more weight, which results in better shots.

Cobra Connect App

This club also has the feature of Cobra Connect which is Powered by Arccos. This technology helps golfers of all skill levels to measure or make smarter decisions through a data-driven system. There are electronic sensors that are embedded in the grip of the F9 Speedback, which help record the accuracy and the distance of each player’s shots so they can track their performance round to round. If you use this technology, you can evaluate how to improve your next game.


As previously mentioned, the Cobra F9 Speedback Driver has an Aero Tech. To better give you a clear idea of what it looks like, its crown is made from a polymer material that is lightweight. While its sole trips are titanium-made and are positioned parallel to where the direction of the airflow is, which is around the F9 Speedback’s clubhead. This design works great for reducing drag.

Cobra F9 Speedback Driver Review

The face of this club still has the similar circular Miller CNC pattern of the King F8 driver, but is thinner from one head to the next.

To better make this club’s head launch through the air quickly in a lesser drag motion, Cobra has softened the leading edges. This means the crown becomes flatter and the trailing edge is also moved upward.

The black and yellow coloring of this driver will take your game to the next level. When you use this on the course, it will really gather people’s attention. It had that sophisticated look that is not too much, yet not too plain. There is also a second color which is snowy-white, for that balanced look.

If you’re going to take a closer look at this club, it still has the sloping bulge and roll axis that lines up with the F9 Speedback’s low heel and high toe pattern.

Overall, this driver’s face has three horizontal bulge curvatures, an elliptical, square pattern, two curvatures that are vertically rolled, and variable face thickness.


The Power Ridges that are equipped in the Cobra F9 Speedback Driver’s crown are for improved aerodynamics. It also gives the carbon crown structure rigidity to provide more power and energy to the golf ball for the topmost distance and speed results. Cobra stated that this improvement helps stiffen the carbon structure to better frame the ball. This feature simply acts as the air tripping device for smoother airflow.

Cobra F9 Speedback Driver Review

The King F9 crown now also features ‘Power Ridges’ that act as air-tripping devices to smooth the airflow, so the complete package is quite a departure from what Cobra has done before.

Most golfers observed that they had reasonably good strikes on their first few hits. Their trajectories are said to roll out nicely, which goes a bit further than their usual landing markers. Plus, a sufficient amount of forgiveness on mishits.

As you make contact with the ball, the F9 Speedback launches the ball high and straight; high in the face and straight in the heel. Eventually, the ball will work its way back to the target line. This is made possible due to the CNC Miller Face and Dual Roll technology. These two are simply designed for consistent and straighter ball flights.

All in all, the excellent performance of this is because of the two elements: the low center of gravity and the max clubhead speed.


Cobra F9 Speedback Driver Review

The Cobra F9 Speedback Driver also has a Dual Roll feature. The upper face has a curvature design for less spin and higher launch. At the same time, the lower face that has less curvature serves the opposite for balance. This contributes to greater forgiveness since there’s a lower center of gravity and a faster head shape.

Sound & Feel

The sound and feel of the F9 Speedback Driver are way better than other previous models. It will give you a pleasing feel and a stable sound. These are all because of the innovative technologies and flexible options of excellent shafts.   

Cobra F9 Speedback Driver Review

The helium shaft of this club gives that discreet feedback on its head for each swing. No matter what the impact point was, the contact felt stable. The sound has that deep tone crack with a medium volume.

Shaft Options

The head lofts are available in 9 degrees, 10.5 degrees, and 12 degrees. Meanwhile, the options for the adjustable hosel will show you the variance through the window depending on if you prefer the + or - 1.5 degrees.

You can also freely swap the weights on the sole of the Cobra’s F9 Speedback Driver so you can adjust the launch conditions. The previously mentioned 14 grams steel weight can be swapped with the 2 grams black plastic version, allowing you to transfer the center of gravity a little further backward and forward.

Cobra F9 Speedback Driver Review

If you’re wondering what’s the benefits of this, playing around with the adjustable shaft options will help improve your performance. If you move the heavier weight to the front, the spin will drop slightly. This can give a change in better balance, as well as the sound and feel.

For a better way to drop the spin if you want to, just reduce the loft by turning the hosel down by -1 degrees, from the original 9.5 degrees. Then took it off by the spin of 200 rpm.

Price Point

The Cobra’s F9 Speedback Driver offers a great value and a competitive price.

Pros & Cons


  • The club’s head is easy to adjust
  • Impressive sound and feel
  • Comes at a fair price
  • Comes at quality golf shaft selections
  • Has higher ball speed
  • Works from 5 to 25 handicappers


  • Golfers may have a bit of difficulty adjusting to the new Speedback Shaping


Q. Is the Cobra F9 Speedback Driver suitable for high handicappers?

One of the best things about the Cobra F9 Speedback Driver is that it’s highly versatile for different golfers. Even if you’re a low handicap or a high handicap, this club will still give you that high-performing experience. There are plenty of technologies, distance, and forgiveness to make this driver a splendid choice for high handicappers.

Q. Is the Cobra F9 Speedback Driver forgiving?

Yes, the Cobra F9 Speedback Driver is very forgiving. If you ever miss the center of its face, you can still straighten your drives out.

Moreover, its clubhead, which holds a high level of adjustability, will help golfers adjust their club depending on their needs and comfortability.

Q. When was the Cobra F9 Speedback Driver released?

The Cobra F9 Speedback Driver was released in the year of 2019. Before the F9, there were other models under the Speedzone that now belong to Radspeed. That’s why more models were equipped with the same technology that the F9 Speedback established way back in 2019.

Q. What is the main difference between the Cobra Speedzone vs. the Cobra Speedback?

The Speedzone has a 95% more expanded milled area for leading-edge thickness and better control.

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Final Thoughts about Cobra F9 Speedback Driver

The Cobra F9 Speedback Driver is genuinely a solid performer and game-improvement club as both a forgiving driver and low spin. It looks fantastic upon the address with its bright-colored crown and fantastic sound & feel.

It’s also surprisingly the least expensive on the line of 2019 premium drivers, making it valued for money.

Since 2012, Cobra has been experimenting with vivid colors on the club’s heads. And the F9 brings out the right balance of bright hue and sophistication - classy but with style.

The forgiveness is excellent and the extra ball speed came from the reconstructed sole and aerodynamic crown. The balance comprises the lightness and stability that all golfers would love to have.

Let’s not also forget that having the right and proper loft will really unlock the most out of your performance. May it be if you prefer to use the adjustable hosel or the initial head loft.

Everything about the F9 Speedback Driver breeds excellent results. So if you’re looking for a reliable club with a dependable price, this club is undoubtedly worth purchasing.

Alternatives to Consider

Scouting for other options? Here are the two best picks:

Callaway Epic Max Driver

Callaway’s Epic Max is also easy to use because of its sliding rear weights that are also good for adjustability. They have made impressive advancements in this club that players will benefit highly, even those who are new to the world of golf.

The price is higher than the F9, but its ball speed is tremendous.

TaylorMade SIM Max Driver

The TaylorMade SIM Max is very easy to use and provides increased distance. This driver is more expensive than the F9, but given the performance, you won’t regret buying it.

So if the budget is not a question, you should definitely try these two alternatives.

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