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At a Glance

  • Model: Cleveland Launcher Turbo Driver
  • Turbocharged Cup Face for better and more accurate distance
  • Deep Weighting for impressive forgiveness, increased MOI, and greater speed
  • HiBore Crown for greater aerodynamics
  • Miyazaki Shaft to help maintain the center of gravity

Golfing is a fun sport. But if you want to be better at it, you need to choose your most powerful weapons. In this case, golf balls and clubs are your allies.

For the past few years, golf club manufacturers have been trying their best to make clubs that are geared towards golfers who cannot practice everyday, those who are looking for a ‘quick fix’ club to handle their swing faults, and those who don’t want to pay for lessons.

Great news is, here is where the Cleveland Launcher Turbo Driver comes in. This driver is built to be fast, lightweight, and forgiving enough to make ball flight consistent.

But just a heads up, scratch golfers may not be on their best game if they use this driver (I will explain this later on). But for average golfers, this club could be what they need.

Know more about the technology this driver has, its feel, performance, sound, and more, as you read further.

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Cleveland Launcher Turbo Driver Review

Technology Used

The Cleveland Launcher Turbo Driver has four primary technologies, which assists the driver to have more speed and easy launch to generate straighter drives and higher results.

The Launcher lineups have been in the industry for a few years now. And they are best known for their game-improving features. The previous Launcher Turbo Driver was released in the market a few years ago and fans are really thrilled of its suitability to help a wide range of golfers. Meaning to say, this new version brings a lot of good news too.

Cleveland Launcher Turbo Driver Review

A new Turbocharged Cup Face is equipped in this driver for greater consistency on off-center hits. Cleveland engineers raised the COR across the larger areas of the clubs  for impressive distance and better ball speed across the face.

There is also a newly innovated HiBore Crown that boasts a step closer to the face and impressive aerodynamic strikes which run down at the back of the driver’s head. This therefore allows the center of gravity to be moved across down by 2.2mm.

Launcher Turbo is also provided with an Ultralight Hosel but without adjustability. Few golfers think that this might be a disadvantage, but it really isn’t. Because the weight will maintain deep and low to give way to greater forgiveness and higher launching capability. This feature is truly the holy grail of golfers who are looking for a club that will enhance when off the tee.

The Deep Weighting  was accomplished when the weight in other areas were removed for even redistribution. This is also distinguished by the chunky sole found at the sole’s back part, which is also responsible for improved forgiveness, increased moment of inertia, and greater speed.

And last but not the least is the marvellously designed Miyazaki Shaft. Its center of gravity is located a bit higher in the grip. Meaning to say, the additional mass can be attached to the head without sacrificing the entire center of gravity.


Cleveland Launcher Turbo Driver Review

First impression of this driver, it  has a huge resemblance to the Ping models due to the looks of the crown. There are three lines that run  horizontally to the back of the Launcher Turbo’s head. It works like turbulators which are responsible for better aerodynamics and dimpling effects.

Upon the address, the club sits a little shut. Because of this, some players find it a little bit distracting. However, it has an advantage too. If you ever struggle with a slice, this design may assist you to slightly straighten your ball flight. 

If I’m going to describe this club in one word, I would stay ‘stealthy’. It has a matte black finish with a smoky grey touch on the head, which blends smoothly with the Miyazaki Shaft. The HiBore Crown label (HB) is subtly displayed together with the formed pockets that are placed on the back edges of the club. The crown also has the plethora of micro nubs with three ridges to complete the whole look of the aerodynamic at address.

The head is not the only part of the club that looks stealthy, but the sole too. It has plenty of angular levels that adds to the sleek look. There are noticeable red accent lines to add more characteristic to the club, and to compliment the red dashes of the club’s face.

Cleveland Launcher Turbo Driver Review

Overall, the revamped look of the Cleveland Launcher Turbo driver is very high-tech, aesthetic, and appealing. It has a premium-like design, with a price that is highly affordable.


When out in the course, the Cleveland Launcher Turbo driver is known for its high ball flight. It has the ability to easily launch ip in the air with consistency and excellent distance. If you’re a player that struggles in this area, this club will work for you espediaply during winter months. It will give you more carry so you don’t have to depend on roll-outs just to gain the distance you want.

The consistency of this driver is really amazing. The Turbocharged Cup Face technology did an amazing job in keeping a tremendous performance and forgiveness when it comes to heel strikes, without affecting the accuracy of the distance. This feature is also very modern, with a fair amount of thickness across the face that contributes to every player’s desirable coefficient of restitution.

Cleveland Launcher Turbo Driver Review

Meaning to say, the Cleveland Launcher Turbo is best for golfers with a swing speed around 95 miles per hour or less. This is a really good option for players who are in need of launch assistance.

Its slightly closed address position will assist golfers who struggle with a slice due to the draw option, wherein the bias is more evident.

In terms of performance, your confidence on the course is what breeds speed and your target numerical results. And with the onset carry right and ball flight, you’ll never go wrong with the Cleveland Launcher Turbo driver.

Sound & Feel

In terms of sound and feel, the first thing you’ll notice when you hit the Launcher Turbo is its sound. It gives a pleasing sound that’s too difficult to ignore. And even if there are white noises and loud equipment sounds on the course, this club’s sound is really a head-turner and will bring anybody’s attention.

Some players love the loud sound because they feel their strike is powerful. While some prefer a quieter and more subtle sound. The Cleveland Launcher Turbo driver produces a loud ‘thud’ sound, but not clinku. Most likely a piercing and metallic crack noise.

Cleveland Launcher Turbo Driver Review

And even though the engineers overhauled the look of this club, the sound still remains powerfully loud and consistent in any decent contact.

The weight-saving feature and the Miyazaki Shaft both work in counterbalance, making this driver lightweight. Because of this, the club feels comfortable enough to allow you to swing it faster and with more ease. And with the shaft weight being transferred towards the grip, the Launch Turbo driver feels fluid.

Price Point

The Cleveland Launcher Turbo driver comes at an identical price range. Launcher Turbo stands out really well in comparision to other drivers of the same price range.

Some golfers even stated that the price they paid for this club exceeds their expectation.

Pros & Cons


  • Has a friendly and lightweight head
  • Very easy to swing and use
  • Suitable for those who are struggling with a slice
  • Premium-looking club


  • Produces a very loud noise which can be distracting to some golfers
  • The offset address may not be good for sime
  • Not recommended for players that have high swing speeds


Q. Is the Cleveland Launcher Turbo Driver any good?

With a price point under $400, plus the awesome feel, pleasing sound, and remarkable performance, the Cleveland Launcher Turbo Driver is a great preference for golfers who are looking for a club that will make their game more fun, but at the same time provides decent performance. Even pros will appreciate the smart progressive looks this driver offers.

Q. Who is the Cleveland Launcher Turbo Driver best for?

As soon as Cleveland enters the market, players are impressed by the technologies each club has, and the competitive price they offer.

If you aim to hit more fairways, with a ball flight that is consistent, and a fair distance, the Turbo Driver is definitely a must-try.

Q. How forgiving is the Cleveland Launcher Turbo Driver?

The Cleveland Launcher Turbo Driver is impressively lightweight. You know what that means, it is faster, easier to swing, and very forgiving. All the features you need to help straighten your ball flights.

Q. Who are the pros that use the Cleveland clubs?

Cleveland is one of the most reputable companies that makes the most innovative golf equipment. And their clubs are highly recommended by some professionals around the world and are being used by golf tour pros sich as Hideki Matsuya, Ernie Els, Brooks Koepka, and Shane Lowry.

Q. What year did the Cleveland Launcher Turbo Driver come out?

The Cleveland Launcher Turbo driver’s UK launch was in September 2019.

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Final Thoughts about Cleveland Launcher Turbo Driver

If you’re a budget-conscious type of golfer, but are also seeking for a club that has impressive design and performance, the Cleveland Launcher Turbo is your best find. Especially if you want more forgiveness and launch to your game.

The look of this club upon the address and the sound may not be agreeable to everyone. But it makes a remarkable preference for players who are new to the game. Or even for golfers that struggle in performing great amounts of speed.

Given the outstanding technologies of the Launcher Turbo driver, it still feels a bit simple. Simple in a way that it doesn’t have adjustable hosels or movable weights. This club is just simply designed to launch high and be a fun driver to golfers.

Alternatives to Consider

Callaway Epic Speed Driver

The Callaway Epic Speed Driver has a clubhead that is more rigid than its previous lineups and a stronger ball speed.

It is packed with awesome technologies too like the Jailbreak Speed Frame. This feature provides powerful strike and better control for players. Players who have used it stated that they experienced faster ball speeds in different areas of the club where they need it the most.

The Epic Speed’s aerodynamics are also of the highlights. It was innovated to be faster and to have better forgiveness.

But just to give you a little heads up, the Jailbreak Speed Frame sometimes hinders the quality of the feedback. But this is just a minor flaw that is saved by the club’s overall forgiving, feel, and performance.

The price of the Callaway Epic Speed Driver is higher compared to the Cleveland Launcher Turbo. Well, the Epic Speed is one of Callaway’s amazing works. And with the brilliant technologies equipped in it, it is surely worth having in your bag.

Cobra F9 Speedback Driver

The Cobra F9 Speedback Driver is undoubtedly one of the most solid and game-improving clubs in the market nowadays. It is specifically made to be both forgiving and low spinning. It too has a fine look at the address due to its vividly-colored crown, combined with excellent sound and feel. And not just that, this driver is one of the least expensive clubs in the 2019 premium lineups.

If you’re a fan of Cobra’s, you’ll observe that since 2012, engineers have been innovating their clubs with vivid colors and impressive technologies. The F9 Speedback is one of their works of art that is equipped with sophistication and style.

The forgiveness is also something worth noticing. The F9 Speedback has an extra ball speed that is resulted from the sole’s reconstructed design and aerodynamic crown. This combination generates stability and lightness that every golfer would appreciate.

Furthermore, it has the proper loft feature you’ll need to maximize your performance and game. You can choose between the initial head loft or the adjustable hosel.

Everything about this driver produces tremendous results that will help you with your scores. So if you’re looking for a competitively-priced club that has reliable performance, the Cobra F9 Speedback Driver is what you need. The price is more expensive than the Cleveland Launcher Turbo, but cheaper than the Cobra F9 Speedback Driver.

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