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At a Glance

  • Model: Cleveland CBX Full-Face Wedge
  • High Toe Shape for smoother short games
  • Half Cavity Design for better feel and consistency
  • Rotex Face Milling for maximum spin and stopping power
  • C-Shaped Sole Grind for greater assistance and versatility

The CBX Full-Face Wedge is an addition to Cleveland’s most well-rounded clubs and is also one of the best wedges in the market that offers brilliant versatility and forgiveness to golfers in search of a club that will help improve their lofted pitch shots.

If you’re the type of player who struggles to get the right shots from a tight lie, with not much of a green to work with, this wedge could be the perfect fit for you. The Cleveland CBX Full-Face will definitely tear your fear of flop shots.

Even so, not all clubs are made equal. For the Cleveland CBX Full-Face Wedge, you’ll notice its uniquely strange look at first. It appears to have a higher toe than normal, with grooves that surround the entire face. The look can be quite comfortable at first, but the performance it brings is truly long-lasting. Know more about it in this review.

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Cleveland CBX Full-Face Wedge Review

Technology Used

Cleveland CBX Full Face Wedge Review

The CBX Full-Face Wedge features a High Toe Shape that is perfect to get that golf ball sliding smoothly, if you’re aiming for a more aggressive shot within your short games.

There’s also a noticeable Half Cavity Design wherein there’s a muscle back located in the club’s toe, and the cavity is near the heel. This design allows the centre of gravity to move away from the heel in order to generate better in-line strikes for those golfers’ typical strike patterns, and for a more enhanced feel & consistency.

The Cleveland’s technology Rotex Face Milling is now being stretched across the club’s whole face to supply more stopping power and maximum spin.

A C-Shaped Sole Grind is also part of the CBX FullFace’s tech to give an additional assistance on the toe and heel for short game versatility. It also brings an impressive level of forgiveness by turning potential duffs into remarkable strikes and adds more confidence to tight lies.

And by the way, the Cleveland CBX Full-Face Wedge is available in 56 to 64 degrees for better preference and suitability of golfers. This also aids golfers to launch the ball quickly in the air smoothly.


At first sight, you’ll already know that Cleveland’s CBX Full-Face Wedge has that satisfying forgiveness. This is because of the generous face that appears to be wide, and the friendly sole that is highly versatile. Both of these designs will help golfers to perform well on tough lies, and even during the middle of the winter or summer.

There is a slightly big footprint down by the ball. Although odd-looking, this design, in fact, brings certain benefits. Plenty of amateur players fall into the myth that if they want to achieve the needed level of versatility and spin around the greens, they need a bladed wedge, even if they already had a better, chunky game-improvement club in their golf bags.

Cleveland CBX Full Face Wedge Review

Just a heads up, the full face grooves may not be preferred by other golfers because they may find it unfitting for the whole look. But this shouldn’t be something to look down on because this contributes to the overall performance too.

Another unique aspect of this wedge is its striking blend of color and texture. The head of the club is just dark grey in color, but almost graphite, which reduces glare. This design also makes the club look sharp upon the address and in the bag. Overall, the look is very handsome and sophisticated.

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When around the greens, this wedge performs brilliantly in all areas. Using this will assuredly give you more confidence for every strike you make. It allows you to execute an aggressive spin, but with excellent quality.

On the rough is where full-face wedges come handy because they are specifically built to perform tremendously on roughs, all thanks to the unusually looking full face grooves that is previously mentioned.

The grooves cover the entire surface of the face for better performance consistency, since golfers most likely struggle from every hit across the face when there’s longer grass.

The sole shape, alongside the grooves, makes a terrific combination to assist the ball in making its way through the grass effortlessly, while keeping the spin rates up.

Cleveland CBX Full Face Wedge Review

When you’re chipping from thick rough, always keep in mind that a bit of guesswork might be needed. But not to worry because the CBX Full-Face Wedge will make everything easy for you to get that ball rolling on to the green.

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In terms of bunkers, the Cleveland CBX Full-Face Wedge’s shape is one reason why the ball can easily pop up and out of the bunkers, with a feel that is very forgiving. So if you’re a player that struggles in bunker play, this wedge is for you.

Sound & Feel

The sound that the Cleveland CBX Full-Face Wedge produces upon impact is more like a ‘tock’ sound that is lower by registry, but not dull. Instead, there is more quality feedback on each strike.

If you open the face, then catch the ball off the toe, you will achieve that solid strike feel, which all came from the half cavity design of the club, that also has a cavity located near the heel, and a solid muscle back on the sole’s side toe.

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If we’re going to conclude everything, the logic behind the unusual grooves of the CBX is for the sound. Amateur golfers clearly don’t hit the middle area on all chips. The extra grooves and the wedge shots can contribute to more protection from poor contacts and more spin on off-centre strikes.

So the appearance is really a no-brainer for the forgiveness, sound, and performance this club offers.

Price Point

The Cleveland CBX Full-Face Wedge comes at a price which sits in the mid-range category. A very competitive price for a wedge that is packed with brilliant technology, great feel, and outstanding performance.

Pros & Cons


  • Has a great level of forgiveness
  • All overspin
  • Versatile sole style


  • The overall look and the grooves may take some time for golfers to get used to


Q. What are the available lofts for the Cleveland CBX Full-Face Wedge?

The Cleveland CBX Full-Face Wedge is available in 56°, 58°, 60° and 64° lofts.

Q. What is the length size of the Cleveland CBX Full-Face Wedge?

The Cleveland CBX Full-Face Wedge measures 35 to 35.25 inches.

Q. What is the stock shaft of the Cleveland CBX Full-Face Wedge?

The Cleveland CBX Full-Face Wedge’s stock shaft is Dynamic Gold 115 steel, with a graphite Rotex Precision.

Q. What is the purpose of full-face wedges?

Full-face wedges are designed to be highly versatile and forgiving. They are also built specifically for extreme open-face shots on the greens. The Cleveland’s CBX Full-Face Wedge specifically has an expanded wedge lineup feature that provides all the versatility and forgiveness you need for your short games.

Q. Are full-face wedges more forgiving?

Although not the most forgiving, but generally speaking, full-face wedges are built to be more versatile and forgiving. Cleveland knows what golfers need to improve their game, particularly those who struggle in open-faced shots or tough lies, and this is where full-face wedges come in.

Q. Why are the latest Cleveland full-face wedges so good?

The latest Cleveland full-face wedges (CBX belongs to the list too), are made to have sharper, narrower, deeper grooves than before. They’re also more robust, with various sole designs, allowing players to find their most suitable swing type in any playing conditions.

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Final Thoughts about Cleveland CBX Full-Face Wedge

The Cleveland CBX Full-Face Wedge is a club that will surely make every golfer’s play easier around the greens by allowing the ball to get up in the air easier and quicker.

Its wide sole has the ability to provide excellent forgiveness and confidence so you can swing freely, while assisting you on those off-center strikes.

With the performance the CBX provides from the bunkers, you can proudly brag this to your friends who also struggle on this part of the game.

For an honest opinion, the black face may mark up after testing within a couple of hours, especially when being hit from bunker shots. And that’s something every golfer should keep in mind, since this club doesn’t have a chrome material option.

To conclude, the Cleveland CBX Full-Face Wedge is worth having in your golf bag, particularly if you struggle with gaining confidence in short games. The grooves of the full-face will provide accuracy and versatility for golfers that cannot produce consistent levels of spin when approaching greens.

Alternatives to Consider

If you’re looking for other alternatives to consider that matches the performance, feel, and sound of the Cleveland CBX Full-Face Wedge, here are the top two options:

Wilson Golf Harmonized Wedge

If you belong to the mid-high handicappers who are also aiming for a good, budget-friendly wedge, but with brilliant performance and reliable technologies, then the Wilson Golf Harmonized Wedge is one of the best options you can try.

If you’re well comfortable in using premium and high-performing clubs like Cleveland, Titleist, and Callaway, the Wilson Harmonized may still give you a similar experience, plus the feel that you’re used to.

Even though mid to high handicap golfers are the best match for this club, amateurs can still try it since it is versatile enough to handle all types of shots.

For the Wilson Golf Harmonized wedge, you’ll be surprised more of what it offers, given the affordable price. And this is why players love it more, especially to those who are conscious shoppers.

In all, if you’re looking for one of the wedges that’s not too painful on the wallet, but has quite everything you need around the greens, this club will surely win your price category.

The looks, the forgiveness, the tech, and the performance it provides are all worth the penny and effort. And oh, the price? Only $94. So yes, it’s quite lower than the Cleveland CBX Full-Face Wedge. But if you have understood carefully, the performance of the two differs.

TaylorMade Milled Grind Wedge

Here comes TaylorMade. One of the signature brands in the world of golf equipment, which are also being used by pro golfers like Dustin Johnson, Justin Rose, and Jason Day.

The TaylorMade Milled Grind Wedge is built using the feedback from the top players around the world, to create one of the best scoring clubs.

Golf Digest has even recognized the remarkable technologies that are packed in this wedge, giving them credits to the Hot List Gold Rating of 2018.

Rest assured that with the TaylorMade Milled Grind Wedge on your hands, you’ll be having the same experience and performance as what the best players have. This club will provide you the confidence like you’re playing the similar wedge as Tiger does.

If you’re rooting for an outstanding club that is high-spinning, that also has great feel, better control, awesome consistency, and right versatility, the TaylorMade Milled Grind Wedge is for you. Not to mention it has a classic and sophisticated look that every golfer loves.

The two alternatives, together with the Cleveland CBX Full-Face Wedge, have different prices, but have almost the same performances. Of course, the most obvious difference is the technology, followed by the sound. But in terms of forgiveness, accuracy, and feel, all have game-improving capabilities.

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