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At a Glance

  • Model: Callaway X HOT Irons
  • Awesome forgiveness on off-center strikes
  • Can generate an additional 10 yards with long irons upon fairways
  • Larger than normal sweet spot for exceptional forgiveness
  • Wide soles for improved turf interaction and prevents digging especially in wet conditions

Callaway is known as one of the most prestigious and reliable brands out there in terms of golf equipment. And from them comes the popular Callaway X Hot Irons. These clubs equipes an impeccable distance control, making it a great option from amateurs, and even Tour players.

They also feature a great sweet spot that brings enough forgiveness for off-center strikes, alongside the high-strength speed frame.

And not just that, before we go to the more detailed part, these irons are also proud to present its enhanced feel management, bringing tremendous response upon impact.

On top of that, even though these X Hot Irons are loaded with the most game-improving features and technologies, they won’t hurt your wallet. This is an important factor since clubs depreciate faster, especially if they are worn out due to continuous usage.

Given the affordable price, the technological features and looks of these irons still remain revolutionary, even up to these days.

In this review, we will further discuss to you what makes these irons worth having in your golf bag and how it performs.

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Callaway X HOT Irons Review

Technology Used

Undercut Cavity Back Design

Callaway X HOT Irons Review

At the back of each iron lies the technology undercut cavity back. Callaway’s engineers included this to lower the center of gravity for maximum launch and shot height. With this lowered center of gravity, these clubs are equipped with the high-grade stock shaft for softer shot making and higher lift, which are both essential for smoother lands on the green.

With this technology, the weight is reduced by the undercut, while supplying a tall arc shot shape, which provides high exit velocity. All of these are helpful for players that lack consistency.

The lowered COG makes the face extremely hot too. Which is why when the X Hot Irons first came out, they received the highest. Center of gravity rating than any game improving irons sold on the market.

Large Sweet Spot

Callaway X HOT Irons Review

The Callaway X Hot Irons features an oversized head. It offers a large sweet spot that also contributes to forgiveness and helps maintain the golf balls within the aimed target line. Previous models are not equipped with this much carry yardage as the Callaway X Hot Irons.

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Meaning to say, even for off-center strikes, these clubs will assure you that you are anything near your target. The technology packed in these irons is truly jaw-dropping.

Balanced Feel

Callaway gave the X Hot Irons a wire sole for enhanced turf interaction, giving a more stabilized shot and crisp contact, that also provides tight distribution for greater consistency.

Their lightweight design and production are part of the perks of the balanced feel technology.


During the time of X Hot Irons’ introduction, Callaway has proudly presented the cutting-edge design features and technologies of these clubs.

Callaway X HOT Irons Review

Yes, there are significant advances from the previous X Hot’s models. But it was the continuous innovation of the looks and technologies that makes these irons the future of golfing.

Furthermore, these clubs have a lot of weight on their heads. Although it seems a barrier for some players, the extra weight has its own perks too. Such as the added mass improves the spring-like sensation of the ball against the impact on the face. There’s more Coefficient of Restitution (COR) as well.

If you’re an enthusiast of the earlier lineups of Callaway’s game-improving irons, you will surely like the style of the X Hot Irons. Their offset and confidence-inspiring profile supplies that generous amount of sweet spot.


When the ball comes off the face, the Callaway X Hot Irons will give you a feeling that you’ve never felt like before. The shots really felt downright solid, much like you’re striking a forged club.

Comparing these irons to the latest game-improving irons nowadays, the heads are noticeably larger. And setting any irons behind the ball will provide you that strong confidence that most irons cannot give.

Callaway X HOT Irons Review


If you’re a player who is looking for a game-improving iron set that gives brilliant feel management and outstanding forgiveness, the Callaway X Hot Irons is for you. It offers elevated ball speed that is fueled by the patented speed frame.

The steel shaft and advanced technologies that are also placed on these irons give that increased forgiveness and enhanced distance.

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Sound & Feel

The oversized face or the Callaway X Hot Irons maintains the lighter weight and crisp sound. These two factors make an excellent option for high handicap players and beginners.

Price Point

Considering the price of Callaway X Hot Irons, the performance, technologies, and game-improving experience they provide, there’s not much else to compare.

Pros & Cons


  • Promotes high launch conditions in order for shots to land softly on the greens
  • The clubhead design fosters explosive ball speed and topmost forgiveness
  • Increased distance
  • Best price point value on the market
  • The undercut cavity back design provides a power center of gravity for greater launch


  • The complete sets can be difficult to find
  • The loft and lie’s lack of adjustability can be troublesome for some players


Q. What are the stock shafts of the Callaway X Hot Irons?

These irons both come in right and left-handed options. With stock shafts made of graphite and steel.

Q. In what year did the Callaway X Hot Irons launched?

Callaway has launched the X Hot Irons in the year 2013. They were referred to as the successor of the RAZR range. Back in 2014, Callaway released the X2 Hot Irons as an improvement to the original version. Yet, the two have few dissimilarities. But even so, both are built to generate straight and high long shots that will help newbies to average players.

Q. Which is better between steel shaft and graphite shaft?

Steel shafts in particular are more durable, much heavier, and cheaper compared to graphite counterparts. They are not built from stainless steel and their weight ranges from 90 to 120g.

Whilst the lateral twisting (or torque) that is found in graphite shots are lower than steel irons. But to conclude, the majority stated that steel shafts are better than graphites.

Q. How long can Callaway X Hot Irons last?

Callaway are known for their robust and high-quality materials. That’s why their X Hot Irons can last between 9 to 12 years. Depending on how well you take care of them, and how often you use them. Their lifespan will most likely allow you to play 300 to 400 rounds.

Wiping them clean and storing them in a moist-free place will make them last longer.

Q. What makes Callaway X Hot Irons good for beginners? 

The Callaway X Hot Irons are good for beginners since they are affordable but very forgiving. The lowered center of gravity and oversized head results in a greater moment of inertia, making these irons feel like they can swing by themselves. These are the factors that are very important for beginners, as they’re still new to golfing.

Q. How forgiving are the Callaway Hot X Irons?

When the Callaway X Hot Irons are being tested, the face indeed feels quite hotter, yet the face was still surprisingly good. The generous offset hosel and cavity back design greatly help too in terms of forgiveness and overall performance.

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Final Thoughts about Callaway X Hot Irons

Promoting maximum distance, the Callaway X Hot Irons give a superb hit quality, combined with their firm stock shafts, which also helps produce that astonishing ball speed.

For high handicap players and newbies, these generate consistent ball shots. This means that it doesn’t matter whether you are using a wedge or long iron, these clubs provide reliable production for the whole club range.

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These low price cavity back irons make a great preference for budget-conscious players. It provides an extra 10 yards with long irons for fairways, plus amazing forgiveness on off-center shots.

All in all, the Callaway X Hot Irons are well suitable for players that need more speed and distance from their shots. And since they are available in graphite or steel shots, golfers can increase their swing speed to create more accurate and longer shot making.

Alternatives to Consider

These alternatives are the closest to the performance and technologies of the Callaway X Hot Irons. But still, bear in mind that the three irons have a unique and different performance to each. And on top of it all, the X Hot irons are the cheapest, that’s why as previously mentioned, it’s an iron that’s incomparable to anything out there.

TaylorMade SIM 2 MAX OS Irons

The TaylorMade SIM MAX 2 OS Irons makes a brilliant luxury alternative for players in need of better sound and more pleasing feel, much more than a standard iron set offers.

Impressively forgiving and low-priced, these clubs are unparalleled in regards to the consistency and quality they provide to lowering your scores.

Callaway Mavrik Irons

The CallaWay Mavrik Irons make a great first-rate alternative too. They work astonishingly in increasing the carry and expanding the ball flight.

The Mavrik’s set of irons also comes with graphite or steel shaft for customized ball striking. Moreover, this feature boosts the quality of hits from a wide scope of distances.

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