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At a Glance

  • Model: Callaway X HOT Driver
  • Variable Face Thickness Technology
  • Project X Velocity Shaft
  • Easy Distance
  • Forgiving Speed Frame face
  • Opti-fit hosel

Golfers, especially recreational players who are interested in maximizing their distance off the tee, have a similar objective, which is to hit the ball as far as they possibly can.

The Callaway X Hot Driver, which lives up to the expectations set by its name, boosts ball speed, which in turn results in increased distance.

When I hear the term "hot," my mind immediately jumps to the notion of distance, and more specifically, straight-line distance and ball speed. Callaway's X Hot offers a good deal of both speed and forgiveness, and all of this at a very reasonable price.

The X Hot Driver has the VFT technology that the company has perfected over the previous several years. The huge sweet area may have a variety of different face thicknesses thanks to this new technology.

It's a good thing if the face provides you more forgiveness in the bad spots and less forgiveness and greater performance in the sweet spot.

After reading this review, you will be better equipped to determine whether the Callaway X Hot Driver is the right club for you by having a thorough understanding of all of its features.

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Callaway X HOT Driver Review

Technology Used

Few firms are as innovative as Callaway when it comes to discovering minor margins and percentage increases in the clubs they create. Callaway is one of such companies. The use of Variable Face Thickness (VFT) Technology has been standard practice for drivers over the course of the last several years.

Callaway X HOT Driver Review

The Variable Face Thickness Technology found in the Callaway X Hot Driver provides golfers with the maximum value for their strokes by improving forgiveness in the areas of the club face that are less solid while simultaneously boosting performance in the areas of the club face that contain a larger sweet spot.

Callaway's cutting-edge technology, which is now available in their new X Hot Driver, has shown to be very beneficial for golfers from a diverse range of backgrounds and skill levels.

It is not the only example of Callaway's thoughtfulness when it comes to the creation of golf clubs, but the Callaway X Hot Driver is the most recent and most prominent one.

Project X Velocity Shaft

Although it is not Callaway's most expensive driver, the shaft that is used in it is of an exceptionally high quality in comparison to other shafts available on the market.

This shaft is precisely what you would anticipate from a more affordable offering from Callaway in terms of weight, launch, and spin. Despite this, it is not accurate to say that the Project X Shaft is of poor quality.

The Project X Velocity Shaft provides a lightweight alternative, which is in keeping with the trend and aesthetic established by Callaway.

The major objective of the Callaway X Hot driver was to increase speed and distance, and Project X Velocity Shaft was designed to make it possible for all golfers to hit the ball farther.

Player Handicap

Callaway X HOT Driver Review

High-handicap golfers are more likely to choose a driver that is simpler to use. This is particularly true for the Callaway X Hot, which is known for its generous forgiving nature.

This driver's sweet spot is quite wide, resulting in fewer mishits. You have the ability to make the same kind of shot repeatedly. Because of its ease of use, anybody who switches from an older driver to the X Hot will have no problems getting it to work properly.

The X Hot has a fast ball speed and a long distance. This driver has the potential to enhance the average shot's distance by a significant amount, and with perfect technique and application, the distance may be increased further. The driver's hot clubface and cutting-edge technologies also contribute to a high ball speed.

Additionally, the amount of ball spin is decreased. Many golfers will find this to be a lifesaver since ball spin is one of the most difficult aspects of a stroke to regulate. It has a medium amount of spin, so the ball doesn't abruptly nosedive or balloon in the air.

This all results in a driver that is very forgiving, making it ideal for golfers with high handicaps.


In this day and age, adjustability is an incredibly crucial skill for every driver to have. The Callaway X Hot does not disappoint when it comes to that.

However, unlike some other Callaway models, the X Hot Driver can be fine-tuned. The Lie may be converted from an open to a closed position. Setting it closer to the address would result in a little draw bias.

The hosel is adjustable. If you want to lower loft, you may open the face up to 2.5 degrees, or you can close it down by 1.5 degrees.

The X Hot's adaptability is enhanced by these settings. Despite the fact that they may seem little, they have a significant influence on how well and how much fun you have using this driver.

But unlike other Callaway drivers, this one does not have an adjustable weight. The hosel is the limit of adjustment. This may not seem impressive at first, but bear in mind that this is not a high-end driver.

Callaway has chosen to forego some of the more luxurious features in order to keep the pricing as cheap as possible. But, they should have included loft adjustment. This is because loft adjustments may be beneficial to a player who is trying to improve their skills.

Callaway X HOT Driver Review


Compared to the other available choices, the X Hot is one of the finest when going long distances. Grabbing this club will nearly always result in an increase in the average distance of your strikes. This is because this club has a larger head.

In order to reach this goal, the driver's design has undergone a number of iterations of revision. As you would have imagined, the reduced overall body mass makes it easier to swing and apply more pressure, which ultimately results in a discernible increase in driving distance.

It is uncommon to make a poor contact with the ball while using this club since the sweet spot is so large, and when you do, the ball goes a considerable distance.

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The user has the ability to alter the loft of the hosel to better fit their own needs and preferences. With that, there is a correlation between increased loft and increased ball distance.

In order to increase the speed of the ball, the face of the club is heated up to a high level. The high ball velocity that is produced by using this driver contributes to the enhanced ball distance that is achieved.


If I had to choose between the distance and forgiveness offered by the X Hot, I would go with the former option.

Despite the fact that titanium clubheads and adjustable hosels that provide a significant amount of launch are available, this club has a sweet spot that is both quite large and consistently effective.

When taking into account the difficulties of swinging a driver at over one hundred miles per hour and striking it in a dime-sized space, a club that aids with that is absolutely something that should be taken into consideration.

Look, Sound, and Feel

Callaway X HOT Driver Review

The X Hot has a luxurious appearance and feel to it. As soon as you glance at and pick up a driver from Callaway, the experience starts. As a result, they didn't skimp on anything when it came to designing the X Hot.

All surfaces of the X Hot are finished in a sophisticated grey. The polish makes the driver seem pricey and like an art piece as if Callaway were an artist rather than a producer of golf products.

A loud "thwack" may be heard everytime the ball is correctly connected, which is likely most of the time due to the big sweet spot.

Mishits, on the other hand, produce a duller and less responsive sound, but they let you know just how far off you were from hitting the target.

Because of the risks Callaway made with the design, the driver's feel is exceptional. When held in one's palm, the driver is almost weightless. The Hot X features a subtle appearance and a quality feel thanks to the aforementioned grey finish.

Its titanium face and well-built shaft make it a long-lasting piece of equipment. The Callaway X Hot immediately demonstrates this when you take your first swing with it.

As the name suggests, the clubface is also incredibly seductive. Using it for a short period of time quickly reveals this. The clubface resembles the original hot-faced titanium clubfaces produced by Callaway.

Price Point

The Callaway X Hot's most essential selling point is the value it provides for the price it commands. The cost of this driver is acceptable in light of all the features and advantages you may get.

It provides a lot of advantages for newbies and novices alike. It's rare to find a driver that's as accommodating as this one, much alone as simple to use.

In addition to being very long-lasting, the body is constructed from high-quality materials like titanium. Because of this, the X Hot won't be easily damaged or scratched. Many golfers see it as a long-term investment because of how well it will hold up over time.

If you want to push your game to the next level, the X Hot is a solid investment that will last for years. Even if you're just starting out, you may keep using this driver as you become better and better. To cater to lower handicap players, it has a limited number of adjustment possibilities.

Even if the X Hot isn't the cheapest driver on the market, it's still a great deal.

Pros & Cons


  • Lightweight Shaft
  • Increased Length off the Tee
  • Good pricing


  • Sound when hitting is not the best


Q. Are there any head covers included with the Callaway X Hot Driver?

Yes! With a headcover included, you can keep your Callaway Hot Driver protected and spotless at all times.

Q. What is the weight of the Callaway X Hot driver?

The shaft weight of the Callaway X Hot Driver may vary from 53 to 58 grams depending on your own preferences.

Q. Is my Callaway X Hot driver-adjustable?

In fact, the Callaway X Hot Driver allows you to customize everything from the hosel placement, to the shaft, weight, to the launch angle, and grip size.

Q. How long does the Callaway X Hot Driver have?

The usual length of the Callaway X Hot driver is 46 inches, but it may be altered to suit your individual preferences.

Q. What's the club head volume of the Callaway X Hot Driver?

The Callaway X Hot driver has 460 cubic centimeters, making it one of the largest drivers in its price range and category.

Clubhead lengths of 460 centimeters (the maximum permitted now) are being produced by most major manufacturers, including Callaway.

Q. Is it simple to use the Callaway X Hot Driver?

The Callaway X Hot Driver is a driver that was launched in 2013. In addition to offering a high degree of forgivingness, this driver is also very user-friendly.

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Final Thoughts about Callaway X HOT Driver

The Callaway X Hot Driver is the ideal club for recreational golfers aiming to enhance their driving distances. Few golfing manufacturers can match with Callaway's extensive line of golf clubs.

An adjustable club that can be customized to meet your individual requirements is one of the best features of the Callaway X Hot Driver thanks to its lightweight shaft, unique Variable Face Thickness technology, and changeable clubhead.

Although the X-Hot driver from Callaway isn't necessarily the most visually appealing of the company's products, its purpose isn't to be the most visually appealing of the Callaway lineup. Its ball-striking sound isn't as resounding as that of some of the other drivers out there.

But overall, the Callaway X Hot Driver is the best driver in its pricing range for enhancing accuracy, distance, and confidence off the tee.

Alternatives to Consider

Callaway Epic Flash Sub Zero Driver

A new driver from Callaway, the Epic Flash Sub Zero, was well received by the general public. In the year it was released, this driver was one of the most popular drivers on the market.

It's less forgiving than the X Hot, but it's cheaper and offers more customization options. There are a variety of choices for adjusting the weight and shaft.

More experienced golfers may be interested in this driver since it is more complicated and has a larger range of applications than the X Hot.

TaylorMade M2 Driver

In terms of pricing, TaylorMade's driver is comparable to others on the market. High forgiveness, fast ball speed, and long ball distances are all features it shares with the X Hot.

When pitted against one other, it's tough to determine who performs better. The X Hot would be our choice, just because it has a better-established name and a more robust feel in the hands.

Instead, the M2 features a distinctive design with a black body and lime green accents. This vehicle has the appearance of being costly. You could be persuaded by the M2's looks alone, depending on your own preferences.

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