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At a Glance

  • Model: Callaway Rogue ST Max Draw Driver
  • Address with a look that inspires confidence
  • Sound and sensation are very powerful
  • Allows one to draw a form with ease
  • New A.I. Designed Face

The latest Rogue ST line from Callaway has a tee head that is optimized for players who like to slice the ball off the tee. The Rogue ST Max Draw driver is part of the Rogue ST range of clubs, which has quickly made a name for itself as one of the best golf drivers of 2022.

It shares much of the same technology as the Rogue ST Max, but with a built-in draw bias that is designed to help golfers hit a high draw shape rather than the more common slice.

This driver from Callaway, the Rogue ST MAX Draw, has a heavy draw bias to help players who likes slicing. Extremely forgiving. Very aesthetically and sound pleasing.

If you want to find out more, keep reading!

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Callaway Rogue ST Max Draw Driver Review

Technology Used

The Rogue ST Max Draw driver from Callaway is based on the MAX family of clubs and has a more upright lie and less aggressive face advancement than previous models. The club appears to have a somewhat more stretched-oval form than the MAX does at first glance.

You'll also find a weight-port in the driver's heel, which can be used to slightly alter your swing path from inside to outside.

Callaway Rogue ST Max Draw Driver Review

All the advantages of the MAX driver remain in the Rogue ST MAX Draw, but the player now has the ability to make the greatest possible adjustment to the form of their shots. Can you still slice the ball? Yes, and it's a lot of fun to experiment with, but the ball will take various forms even when hit by a player with a neutral swing.

Except when I was trying to play a slice, all of my swings landed to the left of where I started.

Technically, the Rogue ST MAX Draw uses a 20-gram tungsten speed cartridge instead of the MAX's 26-gram cartridge, but the weight port ensures that this does not significantly alter the club's total weight. When it comes to the mechanics of the game, they perform similarly.

D3 is the pivotal point of stock swings. Fujikura Ventus Blue, Mitsubishi Tensei AV Blue, and Project X Cypher Black are the stock shaft choices.


I'll state up front that I had a lot of trouble with this driver before you make any jokes about my golfing skills. I've spent a lot of time practicing to fix my ball flight and get rid of hooks. This means that the way I swing now goes against everything the MAX Draw was meant to do. In any case, I found evidence that the Rogue ST MAX D is indeed biased toward the draw.

Callaway Rogue ST Max Draw Driver Review

The Rogue ST MAX D driver's draw bias was designed by Callaway's engineers. In addition to the obvious weight port in the heel, there is also some internal weighing that Callaway is keeping under wraps. They claim that the titanium unibody and patented Triaxial Crown design save weight while also increasing forgiveness and draw bias, but they don't go into detail. The 20-gram Tungsten Speed Cartridge used by the Rouge ST MAX D driver is a whole 6 grams lighter than that used by the normal MAX driver.

The MAX D driver from Callaway is more vertical than previous models, creating a tried-and-true setting for attacking slices. Forgiveness, launch, speed, and even stability can all be improved by adjusting the weights and positions of the club.

I haven't even mentioned the tried-and-true Jailbreak Speed Frame or the Flash Face SS22 in all this discussion of technology. Jailbreak technology does more than just improve horizontal and torsional stability; it also uses the impact energy coming from and directed at the face to do useful work.

Once again, Callaway relied on AI to provide maximum forgiveness and uniform spin across the face. In conclusion, the Rogue ST MAX Draw driver incorporates several scientific advancements within its clubhead.

My typical swing consistently resulted in drives that landed to the left of the target. I was able to improve my swing's trajectory and hence its carry by using a fade. It was unfortunate that the fade became a hard push. Although I had a hard time getting along with the driver, I was struck by how forgiving he was as we battled.


Callaway Rogue ST Max Draw Driver Review

It would be tough for the casual observer to tell between two Callaway Rogue ST drivers when they are in the address position. There is a gold pinstripe on the tassel's trailing edge and the crown is a matte black with an exposed window of graphite weave. However, a n experienced observer will see the MAX D head is somewhat longer front to rear and has considerable offset.

When you flip the club over, the MAX D marking reveals the model, but visually, all four heads are the same. The Rogue ST drivers are easily distinguished by the gold Tungsten Speed Cartridge located in the trunk. Callaway drivers often sport the gold-framed Jailbreak Speed Frame, which can be seen at both ends of the club. The MAX D's weight port, right below the lettering, is another way it stands out from the rest of the pack.

Callaway Rogue ST Max Draw Driver Review

Sound & Feel

My best attempt at describing the sounds generated by the Rogue ST MAX D driver is "whump." The baritone timber sound was pleasing to my ears and a good fit with the feel, and it was quieter than most drivers on the market.

The head felt very sturdy, and there was a satisfying pop off the face when there was sufficient impact. My hands had a hard time pinpointing the exact spot of the hit in the middle of the face. Any shots taken at the heel or toe were instantly noticeable, yet the response was gentle.

Pros & Cons


  • Relatively more mass in the draw
  • Longer face for inconsistent hitters who play out of the heel or toe
  • The driver doesn't have a very strong draw bias
  • Maintains forgiveness despite changes of weight and appearance


  • Carry distance might be reduced if sidespin builds up
  • Slightly less forgiving than the MAX


Q. Does the Callaway Rogue ST Draw driver really work?

The Callaway Rogue ST Draw driver does indeed encourage more of a "draw bias" shot form. Those who have been struggling to get that pesky banana slice off the tee will find this to be a game-changer.

Q. What are the adjustments for the Callaway Rogue Draw Driver?

Here are some tweaks you can make to your Callaway Rogue Draw driver:

  • Loft may be altered by 1 degree below or 2 degrees above the indicated loft.
  • Any lie may be changed into a normal lie or a flat lie (2 degrees flatter)

Q. The Rogue ST and the Rogue ST Draw driver—what's difference?

The draw variant of the Rogue ST has a modified weight profile across the driver head to encourage a draw bias ball flight, which is the only noticeable variation between the two models.

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Final Thoughts about Callaway Rogue ST Max Draw Driver

There's a reason why Callaway included four drivers in this Rogue iteration. You may either play a certain shot form with the Rogue ST MAX D Driver, or you can battle your current one.

As it didn't go to any extremes that would make the game unplayable, the Rogue ST MAX D driver won me over.

All ball faders should give this club a go while shopping for a new driver. Draw based drivers haven't been great in the past, but Callaway really nailed it with this one. It sounds and feels sturdy, and the draw technology is functional.

Alternatives to Consider

Cobra Golf Radspeed Draw Driver

The Cobra Radspeed Draw Driver is a great alternative to the Rogue ST Max D. This has a Technology that utilizes a radial distribution of mass in relation to the center of gravity to improve velocity, forgiveness, and trajectory. In addition, the Radspeed XD Draw Driver's frame is larger, and its internal Radial weighting is skewed toward the heel, resulting in the quickest, straightest ball flight and exceptional slice control.

TaylorMade Stealth Draw Driver

This club has a groundbreaking new nanotexture polyurethane cover that protects a 60X Carbon Twist Face. Launch and spin may be fine-tuned with the help of the nanotexture cover to maximize overall distance in any scenario. Furthermore, The Inertia Generator is still the primary driver of improved aerodynamics. This creates a sleek and quick head shape that helps golfers of all skill levels generate more speed on the downswing.

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