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At a Glance

  • Model: Callaway Mavrik Pro Hybrid
  • Face Cup for increased ball speed
  • A.I.-Designed Flash Face Architecture for topmost ball speed and performance
  • Easy Launch feature to promote high ball launch
  • Jailbreak Technology for more impact load

Looking for a hybrid that performs well on the course and is packed with revolutionary technologies? Well, you’ve come to the right article. Now, we will introduce you to Callaway Mavrik Pro Hybrid. A club that has a more compact profile, shallower face, fair center of gravity, and cambered sole. All of these features show how versatile this club is, making it suitable for better players while taking your game to the next level.

But how well does the Callaway Mavrik Pro perform in the course? What makes it better than the rest? Is it worth purchasing? And would scratch players or low handicap prefer to buy it over other models? Find out the answer as you read more.

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Callaway Mavrik Pro Hybrid Review

Technology Used

The Callaway Pro Mavrik Hybrid is packed with superior technologies that mainly contribute to distance and ball speed. To name them:

The Face Cup that is equipped in the Pro Mavrik helps the face to flex so it can generate more ball speed.

There is also an Artificial Intelligent Flash Face Architecture that is uniquely designed and built from strong steel for each model and loft. Callaway used the Flash Face SS20 for further fine-tuned performance and maximum ball speed.

Callaway Mavrik Pro Hybrid Review

On the other hand, the Easy Launch feature serves as an effective center of gravity placement to provide high launch and boost speed, alongside soft landings and long carry shots.

The Mavrik Pro Hybrid has a shaft made of stock graphite, which is referred to as the KBS Tour Prototype HYB 70/80. While its stock grip is called the Golf Pride Tour Velvet 360.

There are approximately 25 options of custom shafts and over 100 different grips that you can choose from. And the best part about that is you can customize the lie angle and the length of the club. The Mavrik Pro is available from 2H to 4H, with a loft range of 18 degrees to 23 degrees.


The key difference that makes the Mavrik Pro different from other models is its head’s shape and size, its sole type, and where the center of gravity is located.

Since the Mavrik Pro has a smaller profile and shallower face compared to other lineup models, most golfers find it more reliable and preferable.

Callaway Mavrik Pro Hybrid Review

It also has a shape that is slightly similar to the fairway wood and cambered sole. Plus a lie angle that is flatter, thus giving a more neutral ball flight and center of gravity.

And if you have tried the three models of the Mavrik Hybrids, you’ll notice that the Mavrik Pro’s shape stood out from the test. Although smaller, it has a footprint that is incredibly more compact.

It has a resemblance to the Max's variants, but it has a sifter and shallower head.

Some golfers love this style, but others find it too small. But still, it will depend on whether you think of your hybrid as an extension for your words or irons.

The Callaway Mavrik Pro hybrid also has that consistent and aesthetic design. An orange and noticeable white accents, with a sophisticated majority black look. This makes it suitable for different golfer’s preferences.

Overall, the design of Callaway’s Mavrik Pro Hybrid is built by feedback from Tour pros and experienced golfers.


Callaway Mavrik Pro Hybrid Review

Callaway’s MavrikPro Hybrid is known for its combination of impressive carry, launch, distance, and angle. All thanks to the groundbreaking technology of Flash Face SS20.

The neutral center of gravity that this hybrid has helps provide a slightly lower launch, but with a more powerful ball flight.

In usual cases, you will acquire more rollout. But because of the great workability of the Mavrik Pro, you will be able to strike your aim with higher trajectories, while having that stopping power.

Meaning to say, the Mavrik is longer, but is very flexible, making the length more valuable and beneficial to golfers.

Playability & Trajectory

If you’re wondering what the exact ball flight, the Mavrik Pro produces, the answer is quite simple. It will depend on various factors, such as your swing type and shaft. But in general, the trajectory is medium with a less penetrating spin.

Callaway Mavrik Pro Hybrid Review

Compared to the standard editions, the Mavrik Pro Hybrid provides a distinct difference in spin rates. This is beneficial for skilled players that can provide a sufficient amount of clubhead speed.

If you test it out on the course, you will be surprised at how you can easily launch the ball airborne even on any lie.

The smaller profile of Callaway’s Mavrik Pro Hybrid also helps with better control, versatility, and playability. And since the size and shapes are improved, high handicap players will surely enjoy hitting this club compared to other older models.


In an honest opinion, the Mavrik Pro Hybrid doesn’t do well on forgiveness. Although it has a good level of forgiveness, it’s worse compared to the standard model.

So for mishits, you’ll see a significant drop in the ball’s distance and speed. And to some point can be pretty off for far lines too.

Callaway Mavrik Pro Hybrid Review

Although this less forgiveness is said to be expected for players that are experienced. But don’t worry, for this simple drawback is outweighed by the helpful technologies that are equipped with the Mavrik Pro Hybrid.

If you’re a player who has difficulty locating the club’s center of the face, you may struggle a bit in achieving fine results for the Mavrik Pro hybrid.

Sound & Feel

But how about Mavrik Pro Hybrid’s sound & feel? This club clearly has a more distinct and consistent sound and feel compared to the standard model.

With this, your mishits won’t be too overwhelming because the Mavrik Pro will give you clearer feedback as soon as you make contact with the ball.

The Mavrik Pro Hybrid has a familiar sound and feels to the Callaway Hybrid. You’ll feel a sweet spot with a slightly muted click sound, but with a touch of solidness. Very pleasing and fantastic.

Callaway Mavrik Pro Hybrid Review

Price Point

Although some find Callaway’s Mavrik Pro Hybrid expensive because it lacks forgiveness and the design is too plain, but the performance it offers is still much greater compared to other hybrids in the market of the same price.

Pros & Cons


  • The design looks like a fairway but performs like an iron
  • Gives outstanding turf interaction
  • Feel is superb
  • Very workable on the course
  • Supplies good and consistent distance
  • The ball is easy to launch in the air
  • Pleasing sweet spot feel


  • Some don’t like the look
  • Forgiveness can be slightly underwhelming


Q. How forgiving is the Callaway Mavrik Pro Hybrid?

Frankly, the Mavrik Pro Hybrid is not the most forgiving club among its lineups. But it still shares similar revolutionary technologies to the rest of Callaway’s metal woods creations.

That being said, the Mavrik Pro is built to be reasonably forgiving and high-launching. You’ll also love its Artificial Intelligence, which is the Flash Face SS20 design.

Q. When did Callaway release their hybrid?

Callaway gradually released their hybrids starting in February 2020.

Q. What is the size of Callaway’s Mavrik Pro Hybrid?

For the 18 degrees loft, the standard length is 30.50″. For the 20-degree loft, it’s 40″. And for the 23-degree loft, the standard length is 39.50″.

Q. Is the Callaway’s Mavrik Pro Hybrid durable?

Yes. The Mavrik Pro Hybrid is made of a strong graphite material, making it durable and long-lasting. So you don’t have to worry about it quickly wearing down after a couple of strikes.

Q. What is the primary difference between the standard Callaway Mavrik and Mavrik Pro?

The Mavrik pro has a smaller face with a shallower and more compact design than the standard Mavrik. Most golfers prefer this style compared to the standard model.

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Final Thoughts about Callaway Mavrik Pro Hybrid

Callaway’s Mavrik Pro Hybrid has received a lot of good ratings and feedback from consumers, especially from experienced golfers.

Despite the lack of forgiveness, the Mavrik Pro can still give you great workability and feel without sacrificing performance and distance. Surprisingly, Callaway’s website and Global Golf gave it a 5/5 rating.

This rock-solid hybrid is very workable on turf interactions, has lower spin, and easy launch. Although it can be more forgiving than what other golfers hope for, no clubs are 100% perfect. So don’t overlook too much the advantage of the Mavrik Pro just because of the lack of forgiveness.

This must-try hybrid is perfect for low handicap golfers. But even if you belong to high handicappers who don’t rely on forgiveness too much, Callaway’s Mavrik Pro Hybrid is worth the buy.

Alternatives to Consider

If you’re looking for other dependable hybrids that can also improve your game, here are the best two picks:

Cleveland Launcher Halo Hybrid 

Nowadays, more casual and sleek designs are what golfers want. And of course, they want to get the benefit of playing the sport in a relaxing way, without being too fitted. So if you belong to those golfers, then the Cleveland Launcher Halo Hybrid is for you.

And upon analysis, you can acquire approximately five yards if you use the Cleveland Launcher Halo Hybrid compared to other long hybrids. Many golfers also consider this club highly valued for money due to its versatile performance.

On top of that, it’s handy, friendly, and light to use compared to a standard 3 or 4-iron. And if you’re going to ask players who have used this hybrid, they will tell you that it is a club you can rely on for long-game performance.

The Cleveland Launcher Halo Hybrid is way more affordable and actually serves as an excellent option if you’re looking for a not-so-expensive club but has prominent features and is made from remarkable technologies.

TaylorMade M4 Hybrid

A lot of slow-speed swing golfers stated that they experienced exceptional results when they used the M4 hybrid. Since it is easier to hit, this club will give you improved sound, and a better feel.

However, the M4 hybrid lacks the non-adjustable feature and lacks workability for fade or draw. If you’re a low handicapped player, this hybrid may not work best for you. But other than that, the M4 will be your go-to club, which works great for mid to high handicappers because it can get you out of critical situations smoothly.

If you need help with longer shots, the TaylorMade M4 will be of great use so you can perform in the course more confidently. It is also considered one of the easiest-to-hit hybrids in the market that produces plenty of distance, great forgiveness, and further distance.

If you’re a player who struggles in creating momentum and confidence from a hybrid, a low-profile style and larger footprint will suit you best because these two will do exceptional work for the fairway and the tee. And you’ll all find these on the TaylorMade M4 Hybrid.

The TaylorMade M4 is more expensive than the Callaway Mavrik Pro and other traditional hybrids out there. But with its outstanding features and brilliant design, the price is indeed worth it.

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