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At a Glance

  • Model: Callaway Mavrik Driver
  • Equipped with Flash Face
  • Cyclone Aero Shape which results to Increased Head Speed
  • Jailbreak Technology
  • Carbon Crown

When it comes to golf clubs, you've probably already heard of Callaway as a top name in the business. AI technology was employed to produce a club that could hit further and straighter than ever before for the Callaway Epic Flash Driver. The Callaway Mavrik driver uses the same technology, but it's designed to help you improve your game by making it simpler to gain greater distance out of every shot.

All golfers who desire to enhance their game should be pleased by this development. Callaway Golf's new Mavrik driver will be examined in depth in this review to help you determine whether or not it is worth the money you will spend on it.

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Callaway Mavrik Driver Review

This club comes with excellent features. Features that would totally blow you off your imagination. But, despite that, I will try to be more critical of its features, whether it is right for you or not.

Let’s start with the technology used.

Technology Used

Jailbreak + Triaxial Carbon Crown

First and foremost, this club's strength is not just derived from its supercomputers. Callaway has been using the Jailbreak technology since the Great Big Bertha, and it has proved to be a valuable addition to every driver they have made since. Jailbreak helps to provide the face a gratifying sensation when it hits by increasing the impact load on the face.

Because of its very light weight, T2C Triaxial Carbon may save a fair bit of weight. Callaway may then shift that weight to other regions of the head, improving MOI, and so providing greater forgiveness.

Cyclone Aero Shape

Callaway has focused a lot of their efforts since 2020 on increasing the speed of their club heads. From the front to the rear, the Cyclone Aero Shape has a flat crown and is fairly shallow in depth. When the club is resting, the rear edge is elevated due to the dramatic upward sweep of the sole. This is an unusual head shape among today's drivers.

Callaway claims that this improves aerodynamics since it reduces the amount of drag. We all agreed that it was a pleasure to swing and that the swing was very smooth.

Callaway Mavrik Driver Review

Flash Face SS20

The Mavrik's Flash Face technology was first launched in the Callaway Epic Flash and has been improved upon. Callaway's supercomputers ran through thousands of face variations as the AI instinctively learnt which design would function best.

Flash Face's initial edition achieved some impressive results, but it was never going to be easy to outperform the Callaway Epic Flash's ball speed. Despite the fact that the Mavrik's club face is state-of-the-art and capable of rapid speeds and ample forgiveness, the overwhelming majority of swing data shows no improvement in performance over the Epic Flash.


In combination with Callaway's well-proven Jailbreak Technology, MAVRIK Drivers feature Callaway's revolutionary Flash Face SS20 architecture, which was created using A.I.

Callaway Mavrik Driver Review

The face of each driver model is tailored to fit the unique characteristics of each head – size, shape, CG placement, footprint, and internal weighting – in order to achieve the greatest possible distance.

If you're going to make a driver with an ultra-thin design like the MAVRIK Flash Face SS20, you're going to need something that can handle the stress of impact. FS2S titanium is the answer.

A.I. wasn't restricted to the clubface by Callaway engineers. For the first time, they incorporated it into a new internal rib system to better manage impact vibration and provide a more enjoyable sound and tactile experience.

A T2C triaxial carbon crown and the Jailbreak technology, both of which have an established track record, are also used by MAVRIK Drivers.

Because of the T2C triaxial carbon crown's reduced weight and the two internal bars that link the sole and crown, Jailbreak's ball speed and forgiving characteristics have both been enhanced.

Feel & Sound

Callaway Mavrik Driver Review

When you use the MAVRIK, it's as if you can't mis-hit it unless you really try.

The MAVRIK's sound is fantastic: a strong "wack" with a feeling that has the ideal blend of solidity and clickiness, according to many individuals who have played it. The "quintessential" driving sound, according to some.

The best way to appreciate the driver's sound and feel is to actually use it. Mis-hits feel wonderful, and although it sounds better (due to less hollow) than it does with the Rogue driver, there is still enough feedback to tell you when you miss the sweet spot.

There is little question in my mind that the MAVRIK's revised head design is definitely effective.

Shaft Options

There are a variety of materials from which to choose for your custom-made shaft. In spite of this, the stock shaft materials are of excellent quality.

Callaway provides the following types of standard shaft materials:

Project X Evenflow Riptide

Even Bend technology is used in this popular material to transfer energy equally throughout the surface.

Using this method, you'll be able to create a lot of clubhead speed and maintain a consistent ball trajectory. Mid-launch, normal flex and mid-spin profile are available in this 50g or 60g shaft.

Aldila Rogue White 130 MSI

The material's strong flex and 60g weight make it ideal for players who hit the ball hard. Consistency and usability are enhanced by the low spin and mid-launch shafts.

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UST Helium Black

The shaft weights just 40 grams, making it ideal for women's hands and providing a fast ball with a flat trajectory.


Callaway Mavrik Driver Review

My testing with the MAVRIK revealed that it's a little bit longer than the Rogue, but not quite as long as the Epic Flash when struck precisely.

This doesn't come as much of a shock, when you think about it. Compared to the Epic Flash, the MAVRIK is designed to be more forgiving and have more spin. As a result of the greater ball speed zone on the Flash Face, off-center strikes are as long as, if not longer.

It's not a short driver by any means, but once you have the ball flight locked in, you'll be quite pleased.

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According to statistics from my launch monitor, I was able to confirm my impression that the revised head shape resulted in a modest increase in clubhead speed.


The MAVRIK excels at this, and it's one of its best features. This Callaway driver has the finest ball speed preservation I've ever seen in a Callaway driver thanks to the new FS2S titanium material and the combination of the Jailbreak technology, T2C triaxial carbon, and the new Flash Face SS20.

When compared to the Epic Flash, this forgiveness is noticeably better. Also much better than the Rogue. This also means that the findings are very reproducible and consistent.

Callaway Mavrik Driver Review


Callaway's drivers seem to be getting better and better each year. One of these advantages is an increase in driver distance, as well as an increase in the number of fairways hit.

Callaway  Mavrik Driver has traveled great distances in order to enhance a player's performance. As a novice golfer, you'll love this driver.

With a variety of shaft materials, the driver's Ball trajectory may vary from low to high. Flash Face SS20, an artificially intelligent design, is developed to increase ball speed. With lots of forgiveness and spin strength, you’ll be well taken care of. In order to increase MOI, two internal Jailbreak bars are used.

The driver now performs better than ever before thanks to the improved design and freshly developed materials. It's also stronger and more lasting because of the innovative building techniques used.

Pros & Cons


  • Consistent Efficiency
  • Outstanding Accuracy
  • Increase the speed of the ball
  • Enhanced Forgiveness
  • Stunning Appearance
  • Exceptionally Easy to Play


  • A little pricey. Other than that, it's fantastic


Q. What is the primary difference between the Mavrik drivers?

Each of the three types of Mavrik has its own unique features. Mid-launch and mid-spin levels are best served by the Mavrik Standard driver. When using the Mavrik Max driver, you'll get excellent takeoff and good mid-spin. The Mavrik Sub Zero, on the other hand, has a low launch and low spin.

Q. What's the Point of a Golf Driver With Artificial Intelligence?

In the world of golf, artificial intelligence (AI) is a tool used to assist improve a player's swing speed. In comparison to human intellect, it is distinct and innovative. So Callaway may tweak the head to provide a richer, fuller sound quality.

Q. What Mavrik Shaft Options are Available?

There are three shaft variations to choose from when purchasing the Mavrik:

  • UST Helium Black - 40g Class
  • Project X Evenflow Riptide - 40g/50g/60g Class
  • Aladila Rogue White 130 MSI - 60g/70g Class

Q. Which club offers the fastest swing speed?

The Mavrik Sub Zero has the fastest swing speed of the three models from Mavrik, making it the most powerful.

Q. Is The Callaway Mavrik Driver Forgiving?

The Mavrik line is a step forward from the previous generation in terms of forgivingness. With its bigger head and adjustable weights, the Mavrik max driver is the most forgiving driver in the range.

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Final Thoughts about Callaway Mavrik Driver

Any golfer in the market for a new driver will be happy with the Callaway Mavrik. There's a model for every requirement and ability level, thanks to the variety of options available.

With adjustable weight and a unique head shape that lowers drag, the Mavrik drivers make it simpler to hit the ball straighter and precise shots every time.

The Callaway Mavrik Driver is worth a look if you're seeking for a driver that will endure a long time and provide the greatest performance.

Alternatives to Consider

TaylorMade SIM Driver

TaylorMade's SIM drivers, like the Callaway Mavrik, are created with club head speed in mind. TaylorMade has been able to achieve improved aerodynamics without losing impact because to the creative manipulation of the unique weighted sole.

Technology-packed SIM drivers, notably the Speed Injected Twist Face, are capable of hitting some of the best sounding, best-feeling, and longest-reaching drives on the market.

Both the SIM and the Max D include a sliding weight to help reduce slicing resistance.

Mizuno ST200 Driver

Mizuno's ST190 family of 2019 won the PGA Tour, and now they've returned with more power, flexibility, and forgiveness.

In order to accommodate off-center strikes, the ST200 drivers use beta-titanium alloy from racing-bike gears.

The ST200 has the broadest body and is thus the most forgiving model in its class. The ST200G has two movable weights in the sole, making it more adjustable than the Mavrik from Callaway.

The ST200X weighs less than a pound and has anti-slice construction. The lightweight carbon-composite crowns on all three versions make them stand out other driver creations.

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