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At a Glance

  • Model: Callaway Epic Speed Driver
  • AI Supercomputer for maximum forgiveness and performance
  • Jailbreak with Speedframe for increased distance
  • Flash Face SS22 for spin robustness
  • Cyclone Aero Shape for lesser drag
  • Triaxial Carbon Crown for impressive look and style

In the world of golf, Callaway is known for their vivid colors, excellent performance and innovative technologies through Artificial Intelligence. And this A.I is being utilized by Callaway to evolve their clubs with the latest Jailbreak Speed Frame to improve the distance, performance, and forgiveness for golfers, no matter what their skill level is.

One of their greatest inventions is the Callaway Epic Speed Driver. Which is popular for its excellent design, durability, competitive price, and game-improving features.

Let’s know more about this driver, shall we?

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Callaway Epic Speed Driver Review

Technology Used

Let’s start with the AI Supercomputer. This technology is performed through thousands of innovative designs with the purpose of locating the right setup that will generate better forgiveness and greater ball speed.

The Callaway Epic Speed Driver is also equipped with Flash Face SS21 technology that is individually manufactured for every club’s loft and head, for spin robustness and ball speed improvement. Mavrik Drivers also have this feature.

Callaway Epic Speed Driver Review

The latest Jailbreak Speed Frame that is put into this club helps improve the stability and gives that stiff body. This also maintains the ball speed across the face’s wider area. This new technology is very noticeable on the club’s sole since there are already four framed medallions instead of the current models that only have two.

Golfers are also amazed by this technology because the bars and the design are built for stability, strength, and durability.

This driver is proud to present its latest technology, which is the Cyclone Aero Shape that helps with less drag, together with the Triaxial Carbon Crown, which helps cover toe and the crow’s larger area. These two generate a lighter head compared to the typical titanium head, therefore evenly distributing the weight in the head for an enhanced moment of inertia.


Callaway Epic Speed Driver Review

One of the best things about Callaway’s drivers is they come with Optifit hosels to allow golfers to change the lie angle, lift shape, and lofts for better game playability and swing characteristics. This adjustment feature can be achieved easily without the need to twist the shaft.

There are also bumps and lumps on the Callaway Epic Speed Driver’s face. This indicated the difference of the Flash Face technology to the others.

Manufacturers keep talking about how they want to make clubs lighter through the carbon crown material. And Callaway really put a lot of effort into this to allow players to appreciate how lightweight they really are.

Upon the address, the Epic Speed Driver gives the look of a footprint that is in moderate size at 460cc. Its shape looks somehow traditional, and the toe sits higher because of the face that is slightly deeper. Although it’s not really relied to as a deep-face driver, it’s not too shallow either.

The head shape that has a flatter crown is featured with the Cyclone Aero technology for better aerodynamics. And aside from the previously mentioned that this technology brings lesser drag, it also supplies more distance.

For Callaway’s last generation of drivers, the Epic Speed has a Triaxial Carbon Crown that is color black. It looks impressive on the course and serves a grand purpose. This feature allows Callaway to save weight and locate it to separate areas for enhanced and better forgiveness.

This club also has a carbon toe panel to assist the club in closing quickly and smoothly for a slight draw bias.

Callaway Epic Speed Driver Review

Perhaps the most fascinating look of this driver is its Epic headcover, that looks aesthetically complex and simple. Its rounded shape crown that is glossed and colored black looks so appealing. The trailing edge has a delicate touch of pin striping and the Epic name. Very simple, yet so elegant.

Going back to the sole, Callaway made it visually pleasing. Its front and back are divided with a silver strip that is shiny and surrounded with Epic’s signature emerald green banner for speed.

Parallel to the Epic Speed Driver’s face is the Jailbreak Speed Frame. The half of the sole’s back consists of emerald lap pool, weight port, raised fins, and finally the Callaway’s logo, which is white and large. The shaft, which includes the green-colored HZRDUS Smoke iM10, contributes to better looks and style.

Overall, the Callaway Epic Speed Driver is an impressive and premium-looking club.

Sound & Feel

The sound the Callaway Epic Speed Driver produces is slightly muted, but with a solid ‘crack’, and a consistent sound across the face. All thanks to the carbon fiber and titanium tones. The head’s firm construction helps remove any unwanted ‘pings’, while the carbon fiber serves as a metal ratio. Once you strike a good swing, you’ll get that strong and consistent ‘whap’ upon impact.

Callaway Epic Speed Driver Review

In terms of feel, the Jailbreak technology allows the clubhead to gain that more rigidity so that only less energy will be wasted in order to maintain an excellent shape upon impact.

So, rather than wasting too much energy in returning and forth to form, the energy will be directed and focused into the golf ball for maximum speed.

And with the help of the Jailbreak Frame technology, the Epic Speed Driver generates a firmer feel so that golfers can feel the sensation in their hands for every impact.

The outstanding combination of the AI-designed Flash Face SS21 and the Jailbreak Frame all contributes to pleasing sound and feel. With them, you’ll know easily where you’ve hit the ball in the face and where you’re going to hit it next. Additionally, you can effortlessly feel the ball jump off the ball once you grab it from its sweet spot.

In short, upon impact, the balls feel very explosive and complemented well with the sound. But honestly, some golfers said that the feedback in their hands is limited for poor strikes. Yet, this isn’t really much of a big deal because the clubhead provides stability through the hitting zone.

That being said, you can count on the Callaway Epic Speed Driver as a reliable club with tremendous precision and outstanding feel.

Callaway Epic Speed Driver Review


Even though the Callaway Epic Speed Driver is relied to be one of the best mid to launch spin options, most golfers observe that it is more low side. But this might work for you if you are able to control the ball through a strong launch flight.

For an interesting thought, if the OptiFit feature offers a bit of adjustment, or maybe a different kind of shaft alternative, players may have sufficient spin to generate more carry and launch.

But the limitless sweet spot that is supported by the flight biased and consistent distance makes the club very forgiving.

Price Point

The price of the Epic Speed Driver is higher compared to other clubs in the market. But with the performance it offers and the amazing technologies, it is surely worth the buck.

Pros & Cons


  • Has a firm sound
  • Extremely robust
  • Offers game-improving features
  • Suitable for low handicappers


  • A bit expensive
  • Limited feedback


Q. Is the Callaway Epic Speed Driver worth the buy?

Even though the Callaway Epic Speed Driver comes at a quite higher price, it is worth the buy. The technology equipped results in better performance, sound, feel, and distance, which will truly improve your game.

Q. Who are the pro golfers that are seen using the Callaway Epic Speed Driver?

The Callaway Epic Speed Driver is seen being used by the PGA tour players like John Rahm, Xander Schauffele, and Phil Mickelson.

Q. How forgiving is Callaway’s Epic Speed Driver?

The Callaway Epic Speed Driver is super forgiving. Its smash factors were consistently high, belonging to the range of 1.48 to 1.50, making it suitable for golfers of all skilled levels.

Q. In what year did the Epic Speed Driver come out?

Callaway has been known to improving their clubs for many years and their driver is no different. But the most significant change that happened is during the year 2016, when the first Epic Flash Driver was born. And then followed by the Epic Speed driver, which was first released in the year 2021, with more ball speed, better aerodynamics, less wasted energy, and a deeper center of gravity.

Q. Is the Callaway Epic Speed Driver good for low handicappers?

The features that the Epic Speed Driver has are aimed for low to mid handicappers. So if you’re a golfer who is rooting for more workability and lower spin, then this driver is best for you!

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Final Thoughts about Callaway Epic Speed Driver

The clubhead of the Callaway Epic Speed Driver is more rigid compared to the previous models. The ball speeds are also said to be stronger.

The Jailbreak Speed Frame allows better control and power to the golfers, making it a next level upgrade for Callaway. So expect to have a faster ball speed across different areas where it is needed the most.

The aerodynamics that are equipped in this club make it the fastest Epic driver head and the one that has better forgiveness compared to the previous models of Mavrik.

Although the Jailbreak Speed Frame sometimes impedes the feedback, this minor issue is being pulled off by the club’s feel, forgiveness, and performance.

Alternatives to Consider

Looking for other options or clubs to try? Here are two of the best finds:

Cobra F9 Speedback Driver

The Cobra F9 Speedback Driver is provides that authentic and impressive performance, with a feature that delivers both a low spin and forgiving driver. It looks striking upon the address with its vivid-colored crown, which also has an impressive sound & feel.

It’s also astonishingly the most low-cost price on the line of 2019 premium drivers, making it highly valued for your money.

Since 2012, Cobra has been trying out with bright hues on the club’s heads. And the F9 brings out the appropriate balance of vivid colors and sophistication, but with a more classier look.

The additional ball speed and the forgiveness is really impressive, which all came from the aerodynamic crown and redesigned sole. The balance consists of the stability, consistency, and lightness that all golfers would love to have. 

Let’s not also forget that having the most proper and suitable kind of loft will really unleash the best of your performance. Even if you chose to utilize the initial headl loft or the adjustable hosel.

Everything about the F9 Speedback Driver supplies marvelous results. So if you’re looking for a well founded club with a reasonable, this club is undoubtedly worth purchasing.

Callaway Mavrik Max Driver

Mavrik Max provides a whole new level of fine tuned feel and firm sound. The head is also individually manufactured and made delicately to look beautiful with every hit of the ball.

The shape is more oversized than other models which definitely gathers more attention - all in a good way. Everything in this club, all the way from the forgiveness, performance, sound and feel, is incredible. Mavrik Max is specifically buil for players who are rooting for an easier hit and with an added level of forgiveness.

This club is also the best find and suggestion if you are looking for another choice to Mavrik Standard for high handicappers. Because it almost has the closest resemblance to features, but with more enhanced design, weight, better performance, great forgiveness, and more.

Undoubtedly, the Callaway Mavrik Max Driver will look striking in your bag and will supply you with top level performance. It is worth investing in a club because it can produce impressive ball speed that is better than other drivers.

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