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At a Glance

  • Model: Callaway Epic Max Driver
  • Jailbreak Speed Frame
  • A.I. Designed Flash Face
  • Flash Face SS21
  • Triaxial Carbon Material
  • Exceptionally high forgiveness

The Callaway Epic Max Driver is said to be the most forgiving driver in the Callaway lineups and has the highest moment of inertia.

It has a seemingly large footprint that bears strong feedback and forgiveness. There are also adjustable hosels like its predecessor and sliding weights.

And not just that, there are plenty of technologies that are equipped in the Epic Max Driver, such as the Flash Face SS21, the Jailbreak Speed Frame, and the lightweight Triaxial Carbon material.

But how does the Epic Max really perform on the course, and how does it differ from the Mavrik Max? Get to know more details about it as you keep reading...

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Callaway Epic Max Driver Review

Technology Used

Flash Face SS21

The Flash Face SS21 is the reduplication of the old Flash Face. But this time, it is made of high-strength titanium and is designed through machine learning. This innovation generates faster ball speed over the face’s larger area, therefore enhancing the spin robustness.

Jailbreak A.I. Speed Frame

The Artificially Designed Jailbreak Speed Frame is also an improvement of the original Jailbreak tech. This new A.I. Speed Frame adds torsional and horizontal stability, which boosts ball speed towards the driver’s toe and heel. And not just that, this feature connects the crown to the sole for greater ball speed.

Triaxial Carbon Material

The Triaxial Carbon Material is one of the major innovations of the Epic Max. The crown is designed to be light in weightdue to the Triaxial Carbon material. It saves 19 grams of weight, lighter than the Epic Speed. With this, the extra weight will be redistributed for an increased moment of inertia and stability. Also, to tighten dispersions, provide good forgiveness, and add more natural draw bias.

Another key innovation is the size. The Epic Max has a flatter sole and larger profile compared with the Epic Speed.

And last on the list is the sole adjustability. The Epic Max driver has a sliding perimeter weight that weighs 16 grams. And with the OptiFit hosel incorporated, this club can provide you up to 20 yards of shot shape correction. With this, you can allocate the weight’s sole towards the heel to maximize forgiveness or add more draw bias.


The first thing most golfers see in the Epic Max Driver is its size. This club has one of the bigger footprints, making the Epic Speed version look smaller.

The reason that makes the Epic Max look big is because of its distance from the front to the back. It is also slightly heavy in the heel when it comes to the shape, alongside the shallower face.

Due to the large canvas, Callaway’s engineers made the sole appear visually busy. The “Epic Max” logo cuts through the centre of the sole, therefore dividing two of the main technology features. Near the face, you can see four dots where the Jailbreak Speed Frame tech is. And near the club’s trailing edge, the sliding weight is there to be found.

In short, the Epic Max Driver looks like the wider model of the Epic Speed. There’s an ‘X’ pattern on the face which indicates the horizontal stability that is being added by the A.I. Speed Frame.

This club has a simple design, but combined with a pear-like shape that sits beautifully squared at the address. The sweet spot and alignment aid are placed closer to the heel.

The crown also wraps beautifully around the club’s edges, but this also takes a larger part of the head.

Putting more details into the sole, the A.I. Jailbreak Frame medallions are very noticeable. This feature is extended right behind the club’s face for increased stability. The weight track is also there, but it is not too long.

The Epic Max is one of the best oversized drivers you can find on the market nowadays. Its design provides players a lot of confidence, especially for those who need assistance with their drivers.


When you test the Epic Max, you can feel a remarkable ball speed on pure strikes. This driver also does an incredible job of retaining the ball speed on those mishits. It also maintains an above average level on maintaining mishits on the golf course.

One of the primary differences of the Epic Max from the Epic Speed is the adjustability. Although both have adjustable hosel for dialling in the lie angles and lofts, the Epic Max has an additional 16 grams of sliding weight.

According to Callaway, the Epic Max has Draw CG + adjustable — wherein the default setting is draw biased. With this, if the weight is moved away from the heel, you can have an easier time swinging.

Heads up, the Epic Max Driver is not as long as the Epic Speed, and there are two reasons for this.

First is because the Epic Max doesn’t have the Cyclone Aero tech that squeezes the club head’s extra speed

Second is the Epic Max Driver has a higher spinning number, no matter how you slice it, due to the center of gravity being placed further back.

This also gives more golfers a splendid opportunity to experience the best distance on the course. The club’s high launch characteristics best suits slower swing speed players, whilst the sliding sole weight’s added adjustability allows golfers to have more flexibility in looking for their most appropriate optimal configuration.


Compared with the other 2021 drivers, the Callaway Epic Max is worth having in your bag because of its maximum forgiveness. All thanks to the Artificial Intelligence-Designed Flash Face SS21, the deeper center of gravity, and the new Jailbreak Speed Frame. Whereas, the high moment of inertia helps minimize the face twisting at every impact.

Playability & Trajectory

With the sliding weight in the middle, the usual ball flight of the Epic Max Driver will be higher than the Epic Speed, plus the greater draw bias. Moreover, with the weight at the back, the trajectory can be increased slightly.

Depending on the speed and pattern of your swing, you can even generate higher trajectories. Good thing is, you have numerous preferences to do this. You can also adjust the loft down by sliding more weight towards the heel or adjusting via OptiFit Hosel.

The Epic Max Driver is also highly workable, which also benefits greatly if you want to shape some of your tee shots. The stock shaft also serves as a great option since it is well-balanced and comfortable. 

Sound & Feel

Even though the Callaway Epic Max Driver is somewhat quiet upon impact, the sound it provides is a beautifully amplified feedback. The centred shots supply a firm, low-pitched ‘crack’. And from the center of the face, there is a more hollowed sound.

The feel upon impact reflects the sound. There are pure strikes that feel strong and solid. Meaning to say, if you miss the center, your hands will tell you exactly where the impact happened.

Price Point

Packed with exceptional technologies and performance, the Callaway Epic Max Driver is a little on the higher end. But given the features and performance it seem justified.

Pros & Cons


  • Longer compared to other GI drivers
  • Extremely forgiving in terms of tight dispersions
  • Sufficient draw bias to help strengthen slice
  • The sliding weight in the sole makes the driver setting easier to optimize
  • Has pleasing sound and feel
  • Workability and trajectory is great


  • Not that ideal for players that have high swing speeds and skilled golfers
  • Quite expensive


Q. What are the lofts available for the Epic Max Driver?

The Epic Max Driver has 9°, 10.5°, and 12° standard lofts available at 460cc. And it is also available for women at 10.5° and 12° lofts.

The women’s version of Epic Max consists of swing weight, lofts, grips, shafts, and lengths that are designed for maximum performance on the course.

Q. What are the shafts of the Epic Max Driver?

The Epic Max Driver has three stock graphite shafts options. The Project X Cypher (40g) and Project X HZRDUS Smoke IM10 (50g and 60g).

While its stock grip is the Golf Pride Tour Velvet ALIGN.

Q. What is the length of the Epic Max Driver?

45.75 inches is the length of the Epic Max Driver.

Q. When was the Callaway Epic Max Driver released?

The Epic Max Driver came out in February 2021.

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Final Thoughts about Callaway Epic Max Driver

The Callaway Epic Max is a solid choice for golfers that want greater forgiveness off the tee. It allows you to set the face angle, CG, and loft in order to fit your needs on the course.

This driver also performs like a beast when off the tee. It has a brilliant level of forgiveness, excellent distance, higher launch, rock solid feel, and adjustability options to allow a wide range of golfers to find their confidence and success with the club.

So if you’re looking for a driver that has the greatest GI technology and if the budget not a problem, then the Epic Max suits you best.

Alternatives to Consider

Callaway Rogue ST Max Driver

The Callaway Rogue ST Max Driver has excellent looks due to its vivid orange accents and matte black finish. Its sole exposes a lot of technology, with a shape and size that is very traditional.

Describing its sound and feel, just like the Callaway Epic Max, it has a solid sound and a pleasing feel. It is also one of the quietest sounds you can find in the market these days, given its sleek design and size.

On the course, the Rogue ST Max has plenty of roll outs and great carry. Its forgiveness is absolutely amazing too, just like the Epic Max. It has deep low positioning, superb stability and greater launch characteristics.

Callaway Mavrik Subzero Driver

Another Callaway-made driver, the Mavrik Subzero features a symmetrical and compact head, with a tall and round look. It has a great balance of modern and sharp look in order to minimize the distractions at the address.

The Mavrik Subzero is much quieter than the Epic Flash, but louder than the ST Max. There’s a deeper pitch, combined with a great feel.

On the course, like the Epic Max and Rogue ST Max, the SZ supplies greater ball speed and distance. The forgiveness is also good, as well as the workability. 

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