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At a Glance

  • Model: Sun Mountain Speed Cart GX Push Cart
  • Mesh storage suitable for hardcovers
  • Stable breaks
  • Good folding capacity
  • Ease of use
  • Excellent brake mechanisms

Golf push carts are designed and manufactured with different features and benefits of their own. Some are built for speed and performance, others for convenience and compactness.

With the Sun Mountain Speed Cart GX Push Cart, you can expect everything that is mentioned above. It is one of the most durable and best storage push carts in the market.

The Sun Mountain Speed Cart, way back in 1999, is the first durable push cart that has three wheels that hit the market. It has been upgraded and innovated many times, and the GX is now the company’s newest model.

Now, it has been enhanced to provide greater durability, various accessory preferences, and sufficient space for carrying essentials and golf bags.

Its E-Z latch system is made even better to assure the cart has a tighter lock when the cart is being collapsed or even when in use. The company also added a secondary extra mesh for storage, and placed it down the frame. And practically speaking, this push cart is not too complicated when it comes to assemble and instructions for use. Perfect for simple golfers or even newbies.

If you’re an avid golfer who wants to make carrying a golf cart easier, then this model should definitely be on one of your top lists when choosing the best golf push cart. Know more as you read further.

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Sun Mountain Speed Cart GX Push Cart Review

Headcover Storage

Headcovers can sometimes be troublesome if you’re walking on the course, since they are not really necessary to be put on. However, storing them into your bag consumes too much space.

Fortunately, the Sun Mountain Speed Cart GX Cart features a handle that you can use to store the headcover for more convenience and better overall experience on the course. 

Bracket & Latches Security

Brackets play an essential role in holding your bag safely and securely in place. Which is why the company made sure that the brackets are robust enough to accommodate your heavy golf bag in place, but also spacious enough to carry some of your biggest bags.

The rotating latches have easy, adjustable handle so you can customize the settings based on your bag type and personal preference. Because a bag that is in a horizontal position can only cause the cart’s weight to be shifted at the back and awkwardly tipped towards the handle.

This issue can be simply fixed when the bag is moved to a vertical position and when the front wheels are being latched. This will also allow the bags to be transported and stored altogether.


The Sun Mountain Speed Cart GX Push Cart has a high-quality construction that is very noticeable as soon as you take it out of the box. Even though it is heavier compared to other leading golf push carts, you can feel that it is more durable. And even after many rounds and months, it will not rust and still looks new.

Folding Capacity

The folding capacity of the push carts plays an important role too. The Sun Mountain Speed Cart GX Push Cart can be quickly folded, so it won’t take too much of your time and effort. It would only take a few easy steps to fold this cart. You just need a little practice and once you’re used to it, everything’s smooth sailing afterwards. Just make sure you watch the video or read the manual for reference.

Braking Mechanism

The braking mechanism is carefully placed at the handle’s right side, which features a pin lock system. This mechanism will lock the brakes into place.

The brakes are also durable and can endure different seasons. However, since the brakes are fastener to the wheel’s back right area, it is also reacting as an axis if the other two wheels are being stopped on higher ground. Yet, not much of a big deal.

Size & Design

The Sun Mountain Speed Cart GX Push Cart is slightly higher than average push carts, most particularly when folded. And although not the most compact-looking in the market, it brings no issues when fitting into the car’s trunk, as well as finding an appropriate place at the garage. The company made sure that behind the lengthier and heavier design, the convenience is still there.

This cart is also well-designed. The two latching brackets can be rotated in order for the front wheel and handle to be folded. Once collapsed, it provides a compact look.

When fully assembled, the wheels look wide but can still fit through the doorway.


The Sun Mountain Speed Cart GX Push Cart has large wheels that can effortlessly glide even on rough terrain. The angled position also greatly helps in proper weight distribution.

Essentials Storage

This push cart has a mesh bag and a small compartment that you can use your accessories and other golf essentials such as headcovers, snacks, and extra towel. It’s like having perfect spots for anything.

There’s also a cell phone pocket, which holds the phone in an upright position so you can check your phone screen visibility. With this capacity, you check your phone without the need to lift even one single finger. A smart and convenient feature.

A bottle holder is part of the storage too. Although non-adjustable and rigid, it does the job well in holding average size bottled water and a can of soda.

The Sun Mountain Speed Cart GX Push Cart comes with a user friendly and universal umbrella holder. Lastly, you will definitely love the cooler that can be easily attached to the push cart.

A bracket is included in the purchase too, on which you can fasten your seed or sand bottle, as well as the seat.

Lastly, the padded tray serves as extra valuable storage so you can safely keep your earrings, watches, rings, and any accessories that you have to remove once you start your game in the course. The 2-step feature of this push cart is very convenient and roomy, therefore taking all your burdens and stresses out of the course.

Price Point

Usually, one of the drawbacks of some push carts is the overrated price. Luckily, the Sun Mountain Speed Cart GX Push Cart comes at a reasonable price tag. 

It is built with high-quality materials and a great feel that will make you think that you truly get what you pay for.

Pros & Cons


  • Efficient and ergonomically made for speed
  • Handle is newly designed
  • Can be easily collapsed
  • Has built in seed bottle or seat bracket
  • Mesh bag included
  • Plenty of storage capacity


  • Model rarely goes on discount/sale
  • Often pulled to the right direction after tracking has been adjusted


Q. Is a 4-wheel cart better than a 3-wheel?

Not really. A 3-wheel cart is said to be more stable and suitable for uneven terrain. A  4-wheel cart, on the other hand, can be smoothly manoeuvred on narrow spaces.

Q. How useful are push carts?

Push carts provide a good combination of walking around the course easily, while getting exercise, without having to suffer from back pain that are caused by carrying a heavy golf bag.

Q. Who is the Sun Mountain Speed Push Cart GX for?

This cart is for power walker golfers. If you’re in need of extra room for your accessories and want to push through the course conveniently, the Sun Mountain Speed Cart GX Push Cart is for you.

Q. Where are Sun Mountain Push Carts manufactured?

These beautiful push carts are made from Missoula, Montana — from designing, assembling, building, and delivering at premium quality.

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Final Thoughts about Sun Mountain Speed Cart GX Push Cart

The Sun Mountain Speed Cart GX Push Cart is a durable model that is ideal for any golfer. Its brake, latch, and wheel navigation system makes everything easy to manoeuvre on the course.

With this cart, you’ll surely be impressed with its ease of use and robustness. Its three wheel style makes the best aspect for maneuverability, speed, and performance. Its reasonable price is another reason that makes it hard to resist for golfers. Not to mention the sufficient storage it provides for storing all your essentials and sealing your golf bag.

In all, it’s easy-to-navigate mechanism helps all types of golfers to get what they want. Everything is evenly dispersed and the weight of the cart has just the right amount of balance needed to use it efficiently. And since it is robust enough, you won’t have to worry about its quality deteriorating over time, or break your bank when it comes to maintenance.

Lastly, with its modern touches, you’ll enjoy using it on the course more or even brag about it to your friends.

Alternatives to Consider

CaddyTek Caddycruiser One Version 8

The CaddyTek Caddycruiser One Version 8 is just like Sun Mountain Speed Cart GX Push Cart — highly functionable, comfortable, and convenient, all at a competitive price.

Qwik-Fold 360 Swivel 3 Wheel Push Pull Golf Cart

This push cart has a stunning colorway and ergonomic handle. Meaning, not only does it look good, but it is also comfortable to use on the course. Plus, it is sturdy, durable, and lightweight.

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