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Are you one of those golfers that have too many clubs in their bag that they can’t leave at home because they look too good? Or are you one of those players who doesn’t know what necessary golf clubs to carry, so you just bring all that you can?

Don’t worry, you’re not the only one having the same thoughts. Stick until the end to gather more ideas about what clubs you should have in your bag.

The Types of Club You Should Be Having In Your Golf Bag

A typical golf bag will have a driver, lob wedge, fairway wood, 3-PW, hybrid, putter, and sand wedge. But each golfer has different skill levels and needs, which should be addressed carefully in order to perform better.

The 14-club rule allows every golfer to carry 14 clubs, whether you like it or not. And this includes even handicappers of 3-0 or two. But for all the clubs that you have collected, all won’t fit into your golf bag. And this becomes the tricky part, choosing the clubs that are worthy of space in your bag.

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What Clubs Should I Have in My Golf Bag

For Average Golfers

If you’re a high, low, or mid handicapper, your strengths and weaknesses will vary in your performance. You need to be well familiarized with your level of skill, because a low handicapper and high handicapper may need to carry different types of clubs.

If you’re an average golfer, here are 9 clubs that would be necessary to have in your golf bag:

  • Driver
  • 4 hybrid
  • 3 and 5 wood
  • 5, 6, 7, 8, and 9 iron
  • Gap wedge or approach wedge
  • Lob wedge
  • Pitching wedge
  • Putter
  • Sand wedge

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For High Handicappers

For high handicappers, two things are the most important; distance and forgiveness.

Those players that belong to high handicappers are best recommended to not put long irons in their bag. In times off the tee, they should depend on their fairways woods, rather.

Most golf experts and professionals think that high handicappers don’t need a driver in their golf bag. While some high handicappers transition to becoming mid handicappers. While in the process, they must learn how to properly release the driver, then strike it straight down the fairway. However, removing it from the bag is not allowed.

The majority of the high handicap golfers are often unable to hit a driver, no matter how hard they try. That’s why drivers are not best suitable in the hands of high handicappers because the view of the distance and the quality is all they want off the tee. So they are willing to spend hundreds of dollars just to buy the latest driver that they think is great for them, but would only put them further away from the fairway.

Also, most high handicappers fail to remember how they will provide themselves properly for short games. Because all the scoring shots occurred in short games. And it will never be enough if they only have a pitching wedge in their golf bag. What they need is a forgiving mallet and a wonderful variety of wedges.

If you’re a high handicap golfer, what you need is a driver. And continue practicing with it while you’re at the driving range. You can just leave it at home if you’re heading on the course. A hybrid or 3-wood has a better chance of locating the fairway off the tee. Besides, hybrids are easier to hit compared to long irons.

Below are the types of clubs high handicappers should have:

  • Driver
  • 4, 5, and 6 Hybrid
  • 3 and 5 Wood
  • 7-PW
  • Sand Wedge
  • Gap Wedge

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What Clubs Should I Have in My Golf Bag

For Mid Handicappers

For mid handicappers, they need a combination of scoring clubs and balanced forgiveness. The reason why mid handicappers find the long irons quite difficult to hit is because of the lack of clubhead speed.

A mix of woods, hybrids, and irons is needed for every mid handicapper. And they should be careful while picking their golf shaft options. Sometimes, you can also see players that have stiff shafts in their woods but have typical iron sets. So make sure your shafts will match your skill and ability.

Mid handicappers must carry the same order of wedges too that the lower handicappers have used. And oftentimes, mid handicappers want to switch to the low handicap level too. So if you want this too, you have to choose the clubs that will help you score.

The putters that mid handicappers used are either mallet or blade style. Yet, this will come down to their preference again. Clubs that have more forgiving features and have a cavity back design are what mid handicappers look for since these kinds are much easier to hit.

Below are the types of clubs mid handicappers should have:

  • Driver
  • 4 Hybrid
  • 3 and 5 Wood
  • 5-PW
  • Sand Wedge
  • Lob Wedge
  • Gap Wedge

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For Low Handicappers

For low handicappers, it is best recommended to carry three to four long irons in the bag. And it will take a few swing speeds alongside precision so you can hit long irons properly. And low handicappers are the ones that have the ability to perform this type of shot.

Blade-style clubs are usually the kind of club that low handicappers use. Because this type has stronger spin, precision, and workability. However, lacks forgiveness. They will also need wedges in their bags that are high-performing, in a way that can make them score better.

To top it all, low handicap golfers are going to need more wedges and irons in their bags, compared to mid and high handicappers. Some don’t like hybrids, so they prefer carrying two fairway woods. But it is still considerable and recommendable to at least carry one hybrid in your bag, just in case.

If you’re a low handicap golfer, don’t worry, because, with continuous practicing, you’ll become better. And the better you are, so does your game will become. And in order to be a better layer, your concentration should be on the short games. Because most top players are excellent at hitting the ball far enough, that they don’t need to use long irons anymore. And this can give them the ability to bypass the 2 hybrids or 2 irons to make room for an additional wedge.

Below are the types of clubs low handicappers should have:

  • Driver
  • 3 Hybrid
  • 3 Wood
  • 4-PW
  • 52 degree gap wedge
  • 60 degree lob wedge
  • 56 degree sand wedge

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Tips For Carrying Clubs in Your Golf Bag

You have to first sort out your clubs according to your playing needs. As you could only have a number of clubs in your golf bag, you wouldn't want to miscalculate anything. Below are listed some of the tips that you can use to help sort out your clubs further.

Only Carry the Irons You Will Use

In the rules of golf, nothing is stated about what type of club you should be having in your 14-club set. You can carry what you need in your golf cart because 14 clubs are the maximum.

But a convenient and smart move would be, leaving some couple of clubs that you don’t use the most, to make room for beater iron for hardpan off shots and wedges that have different bounce angles.

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Carrying Duplicates Can Be Deceiving

Ditching the clubs you don’t need in order to make room for the more useful ones, are not only convenient but also healthy - physically and mentally. Replacing them with duplicate clubs is a good thing too, and completely beneficial. However, it can hinder your mind’s capability to believe in the ability of your drivers and putters.

If you have missed a putt, the drive to use a different putter could be your first instinct. This will be more difficult to create momentum, since you’re switching from different putts, rather than trusting one. So be sure to only pick one putter and driver before each round, and just leave your duplicates or alternates in your trunk.

Consider Grips and Shafts

Do you bring the same grips in all of your clubs? Now’s the best time to drop them. Some may have a grip that is bigger, while some have almost no taper in terms of shorter clubs. Have you ever felt that your swing wedges are a bit difficult to prevent from decelerating? That’s because your wedge shots may have a higher stiffness rating compared to your other irons.

But this can either be just a theory or an actual fact. There’s no exact answer because it will still depend on the skill of the golfer and if they prefer softer wedge shafts, because this kind has a better feel for the hands.

Scoring Clubs Is a Good Place To Start

Most shots that you will hit can be within the closest range in the green. So opt for the short irons and wedges that you will first need. Then, after you select these, it’s time to choose the drivers, the hybrids, and the fairways. And what you should consider are the ones that have good head shapes, sole grinds, and good bounce angles.

Go With What Works for You

Golfers will play better and have greater performance if they are confident because all they’re carrying in their bag is of great use, not just for vanity’s sake.

There’s nothing wrong with making changes to your sets. Just choose the ones that are legal and will go with the industry standard. Always go with what suits you best. After all, it’s your game.

What Clubs Should I Have in My Golf Bag

Frequently Asked Questions on What Clubs Should You Carry

Should high handicapped golfers use a driver?

Yes. High handicappers must still learn how to hit a driver. Because at the start, high handicappers will feel more comfortable in teeing off with a fairway wood. And that is still acceptable.

But high handicappers should practice more and get comfortable working with a driver as they are on the driving range. And a golf driver is one of those clubs that can either make you or break you. So making extra efforts and time to better hit a driver will soon pay off.

Do you really need a hybrid in your golf bag?

There are golf players that are hesitant to bring a hybrid in their golf bag. Because when you start using a hybrid, it may appear to function similar to a wood or an iron in the beginning. It may take a little while before a player gets used to it, and this may discourage some golfers.

However, a hybrid is a very important club to have in your golf bag because it performs better on the rough compared to other golf clubs in your golf bag.

Some golfers try the fair woods and long irons for long-distance shots out of the rough. The results? Not that good. But by using a hybrid, you can achieve good accuracy and greater distances, even out of a terrible lie.

What type of clubs should beginners carry in their bags?

For a player that is heading out on the course for the first time, it’s not that necessary to carry all the 14 clubs in the bag.

Rather, they should start with some clubs that can assist them to tee off, some clubs that are suitable for long shots from the fairway (usually hybrid is the best option), a putter, a wedge, and three irons. This is good for now until beginners improve their game. Because in the beginning, beginners will almost hit all the clubs at the same distance. Therefore, carrying all fourteen clubs is not that necessary.

Final TakeAway

Deciding on what clubs would earn a spot in your bag is a tough decision to make. Because of the many choices out there and your specific needs, it's difficult to choose just fourteen clubs.

Since low handicappers have different needs from the others, they need clubs that are easier to control. While for high handicappers it would be the best to first keep your focus on the clubs that are easy and convenient to hit. And expert golfers are best at using specialized clubs and playing wider variations of shots.

The lob wedges and gap wedges can boost skilled players’ options when around the green. But the best golfers are those who continuously improve their set of configurations from time to time, so they can respond to different types of challenges on the course.

And no matter what your skill level is, use the clubs in accordance with your skills and the ones that you are most comfortable with hitting.

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