No matter what level your skill is on the course, you will always have to learn new stuff and in some instances relearn what you have already learned, especially the basics. There is always room for improvement and it is necessary so that you will not stagnate on your current level. And you can never learn enough on how to hit a golf ball farther.

You definitely know that as a golf player, a little goes a long way. By just adding a little more distance to your current shot, you can significantly improve your game. For starters, hitting the ball and having a longer distance does not depend solely on how forcefully you swing and hit the ball. Even if you exert all your strength in hitting the ball but you do not have the right position or did not hit the ball on the right spot, it will still not be giving you the outcome that you want. Once you get your positionings right you can increase your distance even with an effortless swing.

Tips on How to Hit a Golf Ball Farther

There will be different skills and moves that you, as a player, need to learn or improve – skills that are as basic as stance to actually putting the ball on the hole. If you are one of the players who need to learn or who just need a refresher note or two when it comes to giving the ball some distance, here is a complete guide on how to hit the ball farther.

Ofcourse, we always have to start with the basics. For the newbies, some of the following terms may be new to you but for those who already have an experience or two, these should already be familiar to you.

Hit a golf ball farther

Start Off With The Right Stance

This may be a very simple, very minimal consideration for many but a real golf player knows that your stance will set your game. Just a few inches different from your supposed position will end your game on a bad note. You have to put in mind that your stance is the foundation of your shot and having a bad one will greatly affect your game.

The stance that you need to make, especially when using a golf driver, is to position your feet wider than your shoulders in line with your target. However, if you are using golf irons, the stance is a little less wider which is only about the width of your shoulders. But if you are making a shot nearer the hole, your stance will even be narrower than your shoulders.

Be Mindful Of Your Grip

Your grip is what connects you with your equipment and finally the ball. The trick is to handle the grip with a firm grip. Now you have to know the difference between having a firm grip and

gripping it tightly. Tightly gripping the club will only cause you to exert more effort without adding substantial value to the shot you will be making so you have to be mindful that your grip is firm and not tight.

If you are right handed, most often than not, your lead hand will be your left hand. In positioning your hand vis a vis your club, you have to place your lead hand just between the shaft and the grip of the club. Then, your other hand should go just over your lead hand. You have to see to it that the angle of your club is correct; make sure that the club is diagonal on your fingers that two of your knuckles on your lead hand can be within your vision.

You have to make sure to maintain a straight lead arm to improve the distance of your ball when making your shot. Maintaining a straight arm before the head of your club hits the ball will create a greater distance thus creating more force at impact to have a longer shot.

Having a straight arm will also help in achieving a more accurate angle for your swing up to its follow through.

Being able to handle your club correctly consistently is already a big step towards having a longer shot distance. This way, you are able to control your swings better to attain your goal distance.

Master The Right Posture

With your stance, you have to bend from your hips. This way your back forms an angle to the ground. You have to make sure that you are bent the right amount – not too far back and not leaning forward as well. In a research study, it was found that the majority of the best golf players in the world have almost the same body bending angle which is around 34 to 38 degrees. You might want to practice to achieve the same angle. If you are a starter, you may not be very consistent with your posture yet but the key is first to bend in a comfortable angle which you can still balance yourself.

Next is to bend your knees. Bend it enough that you can still move comfortably. Too much or too little of it will affect your swinging and possibility is you might not even hit the ball at all. You just really have to bend enough to get the perfect swing but at the same time not too much that you are no longer able to freely move.

Do The Swing

Now that you are all set up for the shot, you can do your swing. Your swinging will largely depend on the game you're playing. However, in general, you do the takeaway first. This is the start of your backswing. And then you continue your backswing, ofcourse, in a backward motion wherein you twist your upper body. During the backswing, you have to be mindful of your arm.

Maintain a straight arm as much as possible. When you reach the peak of your backswing, you immediately swing your arm down to hit the ball. During this movement, you shift your weight to the lead foot moving your hips towards the target. Now the shifting of your weight is actually a critical part of the shot. If you successfully shift your weight between your legs, your shot will surely result in a longer distance.

You then hit the ball. After hitting the ball, you make a follow through wherein you swing your club all the way up on the side of your lead arm, your hips now facing your target, as you see your ball soar up high.

Another tip when it comes to swing. The faster you swing, the greater the impact is the shot on the ball, the more distance it will yield. So if you are a newbie, you have to really practice on your stance, posture, and swing so that swinging faster will just be easy for you. You can also use rangefinders to help you get exact distances.

Work On Having Your Shaft Lean

This can be real work for some players however, it is important to note that leaning your shaft to the right direction will help increase the distance of your shot. You should try to have your shaft lean more forward compared to how you handled it during the start. This will improve the impact when you hit the ball and consequently will deliver a longer distance than when you have your shaft leaning back. If you can perfectly achieve this skill, you may be able to increase your distance even by only swinging moderately.

Other Tips to Help You Hit the Golf Ball Farther

Other than your posture there are some other factors involved in hitting your golf ball farther. Right posture is of course the number one thing that counts bit does not stop there.

Consider the following factors in order to really help you get your golf ball cover that extra yardage. 

Hit a golf ball farther

Check Your Ball

Yes I know this is the most obvious thing to use a good golf ball. But there is always more to story, right?

To really get those dream shots you have been obsessing about, use the distance golf balls. These golf balls are designed to specifically help golfers to hit the golf ball farther and achieve greater distances.

The golf ball you are using can also be the reason why you still haven’t improved on your distance. Different golf balls are made of different kinds of materials and it is already a known fact that some balls work better than the others. There are balls that are easier to compress than others. Different ball types are fitted for different players and games.

There are always available resources to know which ball works perfectly for your skill and game. Once you have that ball, you can try changing the ball you are using and if you can see some improvement, even if it is just a one or two mph on the speed, that will translate in a significant increase on your yardage already.

Know Where To Hit The Ball

Another common mistake especially for new golf players is where to hit the ball. Some cannot even hit the ball at all. It may seem effortless for others, more experienced, players and hitting the ball has probably become their second nature but it is noteworthy that the ball should be hit at the center.

You may not be aware that you have been hitting the ball on the wrong spot since the goal is just to hit the ball, anyway. However, this is a common and a repeated mistake in many players. Hitting the ball at its center will give the ball a fairly distributed force at impact. The impact the ball gets when it is hit at the center will then give you a better and longer distance compared to when it is hit on the other parts.

Also, clean your golf balls regularly. Dirt and grime could also be an hindrance in getting the ball farther.

Upgrade Your Equipment

Golf clubs to hit the golf ball farther

As a player, there are factors that affect your game and it is not only about your personal skill. There is also a need to check on the equipment that you are using since this also contributes to your overall performance. Having the correct weight, height, material, design, to name a few, of your equipment will definitely better your distance.

With this, you are expected to spend some time comparing and contrasting equipment from one shop to another, and from one brand to the other. Since there are tons of options in the market, it is best to read reviews first so that you can trim down your options and only then will you go to the actual shop to test or see it for yourself.

However, if shop hopping is not your kind of thing, you can always have your equipment customized and fitted for you. This may just cost you a bit more compared to just buying the store - ready equipment but if you want it perfectly the way you want it, you always have the option to do so. There are already a lot of golf shops that are offering custom fitted golf equipment depending on your need. Also, this is probably one of the best ways to go about equipment problems. It will give you a boost, not just on your distance but on your general performance.

Consider Having A Body Work Up

Aiming for that longer distance and better play will surely have to require you to have your body in perfect shape. If you think there is a need for you to have those muscles worked up, you can always consider hitting the gyms. You can get a trainer and have a personalized program depending on what needs to be improved.

There is no use having all the best equipment you can possibly have if you can barely even handle the club for a backswing. If you are not comfortable with going to the gym, there are other alternatives that you can try to work those bodies up. There are yoga, pilates, and even DIY training, although the latter is not really advisable.

If you haven’t taken into account your body built as a factor for your performance on the field, this is the time you should. You’d be surprised how much you will improve on your game once you have also improved your body.

Wrapping it Up

All these things can be a bit overwhelming especially if you are just starting to explore the sport. You just have to know that you need not master all these in one blow. Improving on something is a process and process takes time. The important thing is that you have to start somewhere.

As you can see from the guide, there are two (2) major factors that play a major role in hitting your golf ball farther: your skill and body movements, and the equipment you use. You just have to gradually follow and you’ll be surprised how much you have improved on your shot. In all these processes, just do not forget to enjoy every step of it. Not only will your distance increase but also your fondness for the game.

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