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One of the most overlooked things in golf is the grip. Most golfers buy new clubs without considering that they also might need to get new grips. If you cringe at the thought of buying golf grips because they can be expensive, the best thing to do is regularly maintain your grips. So, how do you clean your golf grips? Don’t worry, it’s as easy as 1-2-3!

While it’s fun to stay updated with the latest golf equipment, it’s also practical to consider cleaning your gear to keep them good as new. Proper care can help level up your golf game while shooting lower scores. This also helps you save a lot of money from buying new gear that you may not need. That money can be used to buy new golf balls instead, while you enjoy more time on the course.

How to Clean Golf Grips

What Are Golf Grips?

Golf grips are the top part of the club that allows golfers to hold the club. Usually, they are made from a hollow, elongated rubber that covers the top part of the club’s shaft. They eventually become problematic due to wear and tear, but you can replace them easily. However, buying a new golf grip is expensive as well as the installation fee. This is why it’s important to understand how to maintain golf grips and keep them functional in the long run.

Generally, putter grips are the most overlooked, most used, and most touched gear inside the golf bag. They are used not just once or twice, but multiple times per green, so they need your tender loving care to boost your performance. For golfers, good putting needs the confidence to score and ace their game. To achieve good scoring, you need to choose the right grip size, material, and shape.

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Once you’ve finally found the best golf grip, the next thing to do is clean it just likes how you clean other grips in your bag. This is to maintain its tacky feel and give you a better grip while putting in the green. For every golfer, putting is feel-based and unique, so make sure to choose a golf grip that matches your preference. Focus on the grip that gives you 3-putt and find a way to maintain its condition.

Some golfers prefer to grip their clubs on their own to save money. On the other hand, most golfers think that it’s inconvenient and they aren’t sure how to properly do it. Whatever you prefer, make sure to clean your golf grips regularly to prevent grime buildup. Remember, a dirty golf grip can affect your overall performance on the green. The grip is the only part of the club which your hands touch throughout the game. Therefore, keeping it clean will make you feel comfortable while putting and playing.

How to Clean Golf Grips

Best Ways to Clean Golf Grips

There are two key methods to clean golf grips, and that’s what we are going to focus on. If you play golf more frequently, it’s crucial to keep your grips free from dirt, sweat, oils, and other elements. The following are the best ways to make sure your golf grips are well maintained for a hassle-free game experience:

1. Cleaning wipes. A trendy way to clean golf grips is by using cleaning wipes. This is so convenient since you don’t need soap and water to remove dirt. Make sure to buy grip cleaning wipes as they are designed to effectively wipe off excess sweat, oil, and dirt. For any golfers, this is the easiest method to keep golf grips clean all the time.

Another great thing about these cleaning wipes is that they are affordable and available on Amazon and other online stores. They can help extend the life of your golf grips while you don’t need much to clean up your grimy grip. Now you don’t need to work as much as cleaning golf grips with water and soap.

In just a few wipes and your clubs will start to look brand new again. The packaging is also very easy to reseal when not in use. However, you can put them in a Ziploc or any sealed plastic bag to make sure they don’t dry out. It also keeps them in one place so that the wipes are easy to access during your game. You don’t need to spend a lot of money on cleaning wipes to keep your clubs grime-free.

2. Soap and water. Usually, it’s better to use warm water with some soap to remove the filth from your golf grips. This method is cost-efficient and very doable at home when you need to prepare your golf clubs for your next game. This old-fashioned way of cleaning is also tried and tested through the years to keep things spotlessly clean.

However, you need to clean your golf clubs and grips outside your home, particularly in the garage. It’s not advisable to clean them in the sink as the grime may clog your pipes and mess up your kitchen. Also, make sure to use a bucket to mix warm water and dish soap. Get a cleaning pad or washcloth to remove dirt and grime from the golf grips and clubs. If you have a golf scrub brush, you can use it as well.

Some golfers use squishy grips, if you also do, you can use a washcloth to clean them. Never use any abrasive pad as it can permanently damage your golf grips. However, if your golf grips are firmer than the usual ones, you can safely use a cleaning pad to effectively remove dirt with the rougher surface. Dip the pad in the bucket with warm water and soap, then carefully scrub the grips.

Don’t stop scrubbing the surface until the debris is completely gone. Rinse off all the residue and pat the grips and clubs dry with a clean cloth. If you can still see some residue, get another bucket of water or a hose to rinse off the remaining soap. An important reminder is to never let your clubs and grips air dry because the remaining soap residue can damage your gear.

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When Do You Clean Golf Grips?

One of the most critical questions that golfers should answer is how often they should clean their golf grips. Well, the answer depends on some important factors such as grip style, weather conditions, frequency of play, and grip pressure. For grip style, you may need a bit more cleaning depending on your golf grip’s material.

Squishy grips, for example, have a unique material compared to other styles that may stay fresh even for longer games. In terms of hand pressure, adding more tension to the grip can make it hard for you to play and score well while warranting more frequent cleaning. In addition, the frequency of teeing up also affects the cleaning demands of your grips. The more you tee up, the more regular you need to clean your golf grips.

When it comes to weather conditions, this is also important in keeping your golf clubs in their best performance every game. If you’re living in a place with a hot climate, cleaning is required to be done as often as needed as your hands sweat more during play. The key is to never let dirt build up on your grips to avoid the negative impact on your performance in the green.

How to Make Golf Grips Last Long?

How to Clean Golf Grips

If you’re looking for the best cleaning strategies to extend the life of your golf grips and clubs, look no further. In addition to cleaning solutions and wipes, you can also try the spray method as it’s easier to put in your golf bag and carry around the green. Once a month, you can also deep clean your clubs in your garage.

Aside from grips, make sure to include the grooves in the cleaning process. If your club face doesn’t have any trace of dirt or mud, it increases spin while the golf ball uses the grooves in a much better way. More importantly, your clubs won’t get any markings so it stays looking good as new. Always bring a towel with you to keep your clubs dry.

Keeping your clubs clean and dry all the time is helpful in creating more consistent pressure for every round. This is especially true when you become sweaty and anxious on the back nine. Ultimately, to keep your clubs and grips lasting longer, golf gloves are the best strategy for golfers. You can use the same putter grips on your clubs if that’s convenient for you.

The thing with golf grips is that you want to experience the same tacky feel on all your wedges, irons, and woods. Seasoned golfers have matching grips with each club they use. On the other hand, most amateurs prefer having different styles and grips to match their clubs. That is okay since each player has personal preferences when it comes to the feel and grip of their clubs.

Summing It All Up

With all the different strategies for cleaning golf grips, it all boils down to the importance of making golf clubs last longer. Whether you’re using the traditional method of soap and water or using grip cleaning wipes, the ultimate goal is to keep the grips free from sweat, dirt, and oil so that they can increase spin and control while putting. After all, keeping your golf equipment in good condition can help you save money from buying new gear. Remember to clean your golf grips regularly and you can re-grip your clubs if you don’t have the budget.

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