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Being a golfer, you have to continuously find ways to improve your game. That includes shooting lower scores and striking the ball better. But the question is, is practicing all enough?

Practice is important, but so is accuracy. You need to spend sufficient hours every week putting greens and practicing on the driving range. But let’s face it, there are days you may groove a flawed swing.

In this case, there are few effective options you can try. You can ask assistance from a pro instructor or coach. However, the cost for these personal lessons is quite high. Not to mention finding the most appropriate time for each party to avoid scheduling conflicts.

So how do PGA tour pros acquire the help they need during the game? They make use of a tracking technology that shows data and remotely shares the necessary details with their coach. This is where golf swing and game analyzer come in. These devices are readily available and suitable for a wide range of golfers, even amateurs.

Our Top Picks

1. Zepp Golf 2 3D Swing Analyzer

First on our list is the Zepp Golf 2 3D Swing Analyzer. We love this product because of its accuracy in collecting the data and ease of use. Pairing it to your device has become easier too because of the Bluetooth LE feature. And since it’s the second generation Zepp Swing Analyzer, it is made to be more compact too with a small sensor.

Zepp Golf 2 3D Swing Analyzer

2. Garmin Approach CT10 Automatic Club Tracking System

Next on the list is the Garmin Approach CT10 Automatic Club Tracking System. We voted for this device due to its affordable price, yet packed with outstanding features. You’ll get one sensor for each club that you can use for recording purposes and assistance to what clubs you need to choose.

Garmin Approach CT10 Club Tracking System

3. Blast Golf Swing and Stroke Analyzer

The final product on our top 3 picks is the Blast Golf Swing and Stroke Analyzer. It works just like the previous two, which have a sensor that can be fastened to the golf club's grip. The good thing about this product is that it gives fast feedback , like the attack angle and tempo.

Blast Golf Swing and Stroke Analyzer

Best Golf Swing and Game Analyzer - Overview

Product Image

Product Name

Check Price

Zepp Golf 2 3D Swing Analyzer

Zepp Golf 2 3D Swing Analyzer

Arccos On Course Tracking System

Arccos On Course Tracking System

Garmin Approach CT10 Club Tracking System

Garmin Approach CT10 Club Tracking System

Golf Pad TAGS Automatic Shot Tracking System

Golf Pad TAGS Automatic Shot Tracking System

Blast Golf Swing and Stroke Analyzer

Blast Golf Swing and Stroke Analyzer

Arccos Caddie Link

Arccos Caddie Link

GAME GOLF Live Tracking System

GAME GOLF Live Tracking System

Arccos Caddie Smart Sensors

Arccos Caddie Smart Sensors

Rapsodo R-Motion Swing Analyzer

Rapsodo R-Motion Swing Analyzer

Best Golf Swing and Game Analyzer - Reviews

Zepp Golf 2 3D Swing Analyzer

Zepp Golf 2 3D Swing Analyzer

When it comes to golf advances, penetrating tablets and smartphones to provide golf data and measurements, the Zepp Golf was one of the companies to make use of the golf swing and game analyzer technology.

The Zepp 2 3D Swing Analyzer is built to become more accurate in collecting the data and easier to use. These two features will definitely add more value and improvement to your game.

The data collection of this device is straightforward and connecting the Bluetooth to your device is easier since it now uses Bluetooth LE. And this second generation Zepp has a more compact shape and the sensor is quite smaller than its previous version.

The Zepp 2 3D Swing Analyzer is also lightweight, with a circular shape that can be charged through its USB cable that comes with the package. You can immediately charge it after being turned on, and will cut out automatically after 15 minutes of idle. If you want to wake up the device again, just simply click the power button and it will reconnect immediately hassle-free.

The Zepp 2 is also placed securely into its mount that is made of black alloy, on which can also be rotated by 90°. There’s also a clip at the back of the device that you can slip to the Velcro closure of the golf glove.

A battery of up to eight hours is what you can expect for the Zepp 2 3D Swing Analyzer, for a single charge. This battery span is enough for you to gain a couple of range sessions comfortably if you’re hitting 100 or more balls out of the device you’re using.

But just a heads up, if you’re using the video-recording features of the Zepp 2 3D or the Smart Coaching, you may have to keep an eye on the battery just in case.


  • Allows you to record your own swings
  • Lightweight
  • Easy to use
  • Price is reasonable
  • Makes good use of video tips
  • Has training plans
  • Great scoring system feature
  • Brilliant in-app interface


  • The backswing emphasis for length and speed may not be ideal for all golfers
  • Syncing and calibrating the device to the phone took 2-3 minutes

Arccos On Course Tracking System

Arccos On Course Tracking System

The screw-in smart sensors that are placed in the Arccos On Course Tracking system can smoothly fit at the end of the grip of your golf clubs. There is also a special sensor intended for the putter.

All sensors are sound and light-activated, and you can deactivate them too once you turn your club upside down or when you place it back to your golf bag.

This device serves as a shot tracker that you can attach to your club, and it will do the job in recording all your data, then sending it to the application.

When you remove the club from your bag, the sensors are automatically activated through light. And when the Bluetooth is connected to your phone and into the Arcoss Caddie app, it also detects the club you picked. Plus, when a golf ball is hit, the sensors spontaneously picked the sound up, therefore activating the tracking feature.

When the next club is chosen, the current distant shot is also recorded. The sensor for the putter is slightly different because it is more sensitive to detecting the sound and stroke of the putt.

The step-by-step procedure of how the Arcoss On Course Tracking system works includes three:

First is that the device will track every single shot you make, then will show you how far you struck the ball, and will also keep track of how far you hit each of your clubs.

Second is that it will work as a golf GPS by showing you different hazards and distances to the green.

Third is after you have tracked some rounds, the AI (Artificial Intelligence) will show you the general course situation like wind conditions and temperature. It will also allow you to view the yardages that you adjusted.


  • Includes excellent analytics
  • Doesn’t need additional devices for setup
  • Highly accurate
  • Has top-notch feature-pack units


  • Needs phone data
  • Needs subscription
  • The putting sensors sometimes struggles in tracking

Garmin Approach CT10 Club Tracking System

Garmin Approach CT10 Club Tracking System

The Garmin Approach CT10 Tracking System has a reasonable price, but is packed with outstanding features.

Just like the other golf swing and game analyzer, this you can attach it to your grips and collect all your necessary data.

For each club, you’ll get one sensor to record how far you strike each club. This will also assist you, so you won’t have to guess what club you should need to pick. A factor that will greatly benefit in terms of hitting more greens and distance control.

With the Garmin Approach CT10 Tracking System, you’ll be able to know how accurate the club is when on the green, in the fairway, and off the tee. As well as how far you hit each club normally. Through this approach, you can effectively think of a strategy to improve your game and analyze the areas that still need improvement.

After your round, you can go to your app to check the status and adjust your play accordingly.

Regarding the accuracy, the Garmin Approach CT10 is one of the best products in relation to GPS data. Most of the distance it shows is highly accurate, especially within 5 yards’ range.

The only drawback to this device is that sometimes it counts a shot that did not really happen. There are also times that it missed a score and detected the wrong club.

But overall, after a few rounds, the Garmin Approach CT10 Tracking System will show you different information and status, such as what percent you hit left or right, or what percent have you hit the green or fairway.


  • The data shown for each distance are fairly accurate
  • No need to repeatedly record the club you have hit with
  • Shows common errors during the game, that helps you improve your shots
  • Easy to use


  • Sometimes got confused in inputting the wrong data
  • Only pairs with an S20 or S60 GPS
  • Putting sometimes shows inaccurate data compared to other units

Golf Pad TAGS Automatic Shot Tracking System

Golf Pad TAGS Automatic Shot Tracking System

The Golf Pad has always been around for a long time but has recently gone unnoticed for quite a while. Despite that, the reputation precedes.

The Golf Pad TAGS Automatic Shot Tracking System features a sensor for 15 sets of clubs. When you purchase one, you’ll also get prominent features such as club recommendations, Golf Pad’s wearable application, and advanced analytics. This device is said to be way cheaper and very affordable compared to the Shot Scope V3, Arccos, and Garmin’s CT10 sensors. This being said, Golf Pad TAGS is a good value for money.

You might think, how can a cheaper device generate accurate data? Don’t worry because the Golf Pad TAGS Automatic Shot Tracking System is an accurate and sleek mobile app. In fact, many golfers stated that the price exceeds their expectations. But of course, it’s not as intuitive as the premium-priced devices that make use of highly advanced features.

The tag itself uses a technology called NFC that you can pair with your Android or iOS device. Its design is simple, all black and flat. But unlike the usual golf swing and game analyzer devices, the Golf Pad TAGS need to be assigned and paired individually to each of your clubs. That is one thing that makes it different from other products.

Another thing is, you need to tap your phone with the club you’ll be using before each shot. Other detailed instructions are written in the manual.

Once you’ve successfully tapped it, you will hear an ultra modern and audible sound that dictates the location and shot club that has been tagged.

The Golf Pad TAGS’ mobile app can be impressively used with or without the tags. And when talking about the advanced analytics, you can receive an accurate shot-by-shot stroke analysis. Additionally, it also shows an organized feature on where you can precisely see your good and bad shots.

These features can assuredly assist you with the surfacing or even see a theme that will helpfully guide you in your practices. You can also review the figures of the shot dispersion of the club you used.


  • Easy to use
  • Calculates and display the stats in real time
  • Records the distance and clubs for every shot
  • Battery-free
  • Very affordable
  • Ultra lightweight
  • Durable
  • Has free feature updates


  • May take some time to learn how to use
  • The sound the device reads is not that clear
  • The tags sometimes has issues with pairing

Blast Golf Swing and Stroke Analyzers

Blast Golf Swing and Stroke Analyzer

The Blast Golf Swing and Stroke Analyzer features a sensor that can be attached to the grip of any golf club, which also gets data on each swing you make.

There’s also a free app that comes with the purchase, alongside the swing analyzer that gathers an impressive amount of data about your hits. After that, it promptly provides feedback information so you can improve different areas of your game, such as the attack angle and tempo to execute a better swing.

However, the only way to attach the small sensor to your club is through a grip accessory and may take a while before you get used to this process. You may also struggle a bit in getting it to firmly attach in the grip of your putter since it doesn’t have a large grip. Something most golfers find quite time-consuming and inconvenient.

Now, moving forward to how the device’s data information and accuracy is, the Blast Golf Swing and Stroke Analyzer provides a remarkable depth and breadth info. If you’re already well acquainted with the usual statistics like swing tempo rations, angle of attack, and hand speed, this device will feed you more significant data to better improve your golf swing.

In terms of feedback, this device provides a quick, accurate, and intuitive data. When you’re swinging, an amber with red and green banner will signal you if you’re already in the right area of a certain metric, which will assist you to practice better.

The impressive accuracy and data the Blast Golf Swing and Stroke Analyzer gives is extremely helpful to master the distance you need to control your wedges and improve your tempo. It will also give you more confidence to speed your stroke and drill your short games.

Another drawback to this app is the lack of option to register the hybrid club and to change the km/h to a mph output. But overall, it is a brilliant device, most particularly for players who hope to improve their tempo and strikes.

 The Blast Golf Swing and Stroke Analyzer also offers a decent price, considering the durability and great features it offers that will last in the long run.


  • Supplies instant feedback through the app
  • Calculates a wide and accurate amount of metrics
  • Can be utilized both indoors and outdoors
  • Provides meaningful session for focused practice


  • Beginners may struggle to understand the data
  • Takes time to set up
  • The sensor sometimes attached to the club awkwardly due to the small grip

Arccos Caddie Link

Arccos Caddie Link

The Arccos Caddie Link device can be easily clipped onto your trouser pocket or belt for easy carry. And once it is paired on your phone via Bluetooth, you can now store your phone away because the device will do all the work in displaying yardages and data.

This tool is also lightweight and compact, so it won’t be an eyesore during play. Once you turn it on, it will automatically synchronise to the clubs you will use and the app without needing to touch the device itself. And if you want to mark the flag position, just press the main button to make your putting and approach data more accurately.

Also, keep in mind to turn off the device when charging and storing it. Because unlike the other golf swing and game analyzer device that is light activated, the Arccos Cadie Link will still stay on standby unless you manually turn it off.

The battery life is said to last up to 10 hours. But those players who played 36 or more holes a day said that the device needs to be charged between rounds for it to last as needed.

The Arccos technology has become much better because of the updated free Strokes Gained Analytics, which gives users an impeccable insight level for benchmarkings. You can view this data in your game in a simple and engaging way.


  • Provides convenience for pin positions that are marked
  • Lightweight and compact
  • Syncs easily
  • Has significant features


  • Requires additional charge when using for two rounds play

GAME GOLF Live Tracking System

GAME GOLF Live Tracking System

The GAME GOLF Live Tracking System is an easy-to-use golf swing and game analyzer that easily pairs and syncs to your phone to make the data more readable.

Setting up this device is pretty simple. Charge the unit first, then, as you wait, download the GAME GOLF app and set up an account. Once the device is fully charged, pair it to your phone via Bluetooth. Then carefully screw the tags into the clubs’ grips.

One of the most highlighted upgrades of the GAME GOLF Live is the quick synchronisation of the data after each shot. You can review this information anytime you want without having to go back to your computer from time to time. The device also has an added GPS feature that you can also access to the app.

The GAME GOLF Live Tracking System is also said to be the easiest to set up compared to other shot trackers. There are 18 tags available, giving golfers enough room to get each club uniquely set up, swapped to other club, or loosen a tag of necessary.

Most importantly, this device does a superb job in showing the data. Meaning to day, in the four major aspects of the game: iron, driving, putting, and short game. With this, you can compare your play to a 5 handicap or scratch player to assess how good or bad your strokes are.

Tagging each shot can cause a major hang up for some players. The tagging is a common task, however the GAME GOLF Live has less tag shot tracker. The device also needs to be on your hip while you use it. So if you need to charge it, it could cause another hassle.

The app is almost nearly perfect, but has minor problems with round editing. But the company stated that they have released an update to fix the issue. The strokes are also not included within the application.

But overall, the GAME GOLF Live Tracking System is worth purchasing, especially for golfers who are into stats tracking. The device’s capability to sync the data, alongside the easy usage, makes the device one of the best options to track your every shots.


  • Provides real-time data
  • Easy to use
  • Plenty of tags are available for each club
  • Durable


  • Takes some time to get used to
  • Needs to be tapped occasionally

Arccos Caddie Smart Sensors

Arccos Caddie Smart Sensors

Arccos is one of the most reliable companies in terms of golf tools. The Arccos Cadie Smart Sensors are their bread and butter, which, of course, provide excellent performance and easy usage. This device can be easily attached to the top of your clubs. You can also try their Arccos Smart Grips, to which the sensors are already embedded.

Setting your Arccos account and pairing the device to your smartphone is pretty easy. Just download the Arccos app, pair it to your device, then choose the course you want to play.

For the sensors to work, you will need to place your phone in your pocket. But you can also alternatively buy the Arccos Caddie link if you don’t want this method. That device can be clipped onto your belt if the idea of keeping your phone inside your pocket at all times makes you feel uncomfortable.

Going back to the Arccos Caddie Smart Sensors, once you’ve logged a couple of rounds, you’ll have access to the Arccos Caddie rangefinder. This feature is the application’s Artificial Intelligence-power tool. It will provide you with the essential data and information so you can make the right decisions and shots on the course.

The interface is also simple, and the system will give you useful information on how far you have hit each club. Wind speed, temperature, altitude, humidity, and real-time yardages taking slope are also part of the data provided. This golf swing and game analyzer device mostly shows the recommended club and outcome of each shot based on your previous hit.

In conclusion, you’ll gain access to the most important and interesting stats. It also shows you how many strokes you have gained, so you can compare it to the usual performance with the same handicap.


  • Consists of passive system that is shown in an easy to digest interface
  • Loaded with a wide range of useful insights, data, stats, and information
  • Simply to use
  • Easy to set up


  • Sensors are quite big (not so compact looking)
  • Shots sometimes experience different in detecting

Rapsodo R-Motion Swing Analyzer

Rapsodo R-Motion Swing Analyzer

The Rapsodo R-Motion Swing Analyzer is one of the most affordable golf swing and game analyzers in the market nowadays. It gives impressive accurate data given its low price.

The device makes use of a photometric technology that calculated each swing you make and provides data that is suitable for both indoor and outdoor use. An instant feedback is also given from ball statistics and the clubs you used. The golf ball and clubhead contact data is being measured and analyzed using a high-speed camera, whilst the device’s software measures the distance and ball trajectory.

The ball flight’s trajectory is illustrative enough to show all the directions you need on the course, such as the pushes, slices, fades, hooks, and draws.

The unit itself is attached to the club’s shaft so you can use it easily to be fasted to your golf clubs. No additional equipment is required to do this, meaning it’s convenient and hassle-free. You can also pre-load the data on all the clubs inside your golf bag for easy club selection when you’ll take measurements.

You can use the Rapsodo R-Motion Swing Analyzer outdoors with no worry. It has a rechargeable battery that you can use for 4 hours uninterruptedly. Its auto rewind feature lets you hit the same shot consecutively, which allows you to practice a different ball trajectory and shot shapes.


  • Accurate
  • Suitable with any golf clubs
  • Easy to use set up
  • Has good auto rewind feature
  • Includes gaming features including driving range, 15 courses to play, and multiplayer selection
  • Affordable
  • Has excellent graphics and interface
  • Can be run optimally on smartphones and even PC
  • Has lightweight sensor clips


  • Not compatible with MacOS
  • Doesn’t have customized settings for multiplayer
  • Reading short chips is sometimes inconsistent
  • Sometimes cause problems in connecting to the dongle
  • Needs an impact net or hitting mat for greater stimulation


How can golf swing and game analyzers help improve your game?

Golf swing and game analyzers simply assist golfers to be aware of the strengths and issues of their game. Since plenty of golfers don’t know what are the areas they need to improve, this device will give them a much clearer answer.

And if you used the best golf swing and game analyzer, you can easily collect useful data that you can share with your golf coach to make your sessions more direct, better, and effective.

Is it really recommended for me to use a golf swing analyzer device?

If you’re only playing golf for fun and shooting a 92 or 102 score doesn’t bother you, then you don’t need this device. But if you want to get better improvement, golf analyzers will greatly help you since it provides and collect a substantial amount of data that is essential for your game.

How much does a golf swing and game analyzer cost?

Generally, golf swing and game analyzer costs around $10 for basic features and apps. And up to $150 for high-ends ones that are loaded with plenty of courses, features, and more advanced technology.

How to care for the golf swing and game analyzer?

Since the golf swing and game analyzer comes with sensors, screens, and batteries, you need to keep it away from water, or else it will malfunction. Keep it away from dust too and have it regularly checked for screen maintenance. Since these devices don’t come cheap, it’s better to care for them than buy one again.

Things to Consider before Buying the Best Golf Swing and Game Analyzer

Now that we have given you 10 of the best golf swing and game analyzers, it’s time to review the major factors to consider before you buy one. After all, it boils down to what features are most significant to you and how much you’re willing to spend.

Data or Swing Motion

Is it more important for you to know your swing motion? Or data? Or both? If you go back to reviews of each product mentioned above, you’ll realize that most of them focus on data. Because that’s the proper use of golf swing and game analyzer. But there are also devices that highlight the swing motion.


Golf swing and game analyzer are just like other golf equipment. The features and specifications will depend on how much you’re willing to pay. Most of the devices mentioned in this review range from $100 to $1,000. That’s why they are considered to be the best. So you have to be prepared for your budget before shopping.

Play or Practice only?

Know the reason why you’re really planning on purchasing a golf swing and game analyzer device. Do you want to use it during practice sessions only? Or while you play? Because if you’re rooting for a decision that will gather and measure data on every round, make sure you pick a device that you can take on the course for long hours. Not the one that has short battery life.

Kind of Sensor

Golf swing and game analyzer have different sensor types. One that goes on the shaft, one that can be attached at the end of your grip, and one that can be fastened onto the glove of your belt. Think about this one carefully because this relates to your convenience.


Golf swing and game analyzers have distinct features. Some prefer the simpler ones, while others want more inclusions which are a bit complicated, especially if you’re not a techy person. GPS features are also important if you want to take your game to a higher level.

What is the Use of Golf Swing and Game Analyzer?

Golf swing and game analyzers make use of sensors and smartphones to provide players accurate feedback, data, and even coaching.

Plenty of strategies are used to provide users with this device. Yet, it will still depend on you to get more familiarized with the golf swing and game analyzer in order to improve your game.

Some of the key factors to get better at golf are gaining enough confidence and knowledge. You need to get a better grasp of your strengths, understand your swings, and to not let your weaknesses intimidate your game. Golf swing and game analyzers will give you the essential data you’ll need so you can monitor if you’re performing better or worse.

Thus being said, finding the best device will give you proper and instant feedback. There are plenty of golf swings and game analyzers in the market. But finding the best ones will give you immediate information a couple of seconds after a shot, as to whether you carried out a successful hit or not.

In this article, we will give you ten of the best golf swing and game analyzers, alongside their pros and cons.

Final Thoughts

There’s no doubt that golf swing and game analyzers can surely improve your score and game because of the useful data and statistics they provide. You just need to find the best product that will suit your needs and that includes your budget, the features you need, the type of sensor, and the reason why you’ll buy it (for course or practice only).

There are thousands of devices sold in the market. They mostly considered the products we have reviewed the best.

The top 3 picks we mentioned are for your reference only. You can still try the others, whichever you feel will work for you best.

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